Do you love playing Warframe? Are you in lack of platinum at this time? Do not worry, we have a great guide for you where you can farm platinum into your Warframe account. All you need to do is to follow our method then you have to spend your time to get platinum.

There are many methods that we can approach to get platinum but we will share a great method that you can follow easily. It is very suitable for new players who want to get platinum.

How to Get Free Platinum?

Firstly, you need to increase your level and playing ability because it can help us to do this faster. Then, you also need some requirements in order to do this mission. We have sorted it and you can see them below.

  1. A Stealth frame
  2. An AoE passive damaging frame
  3. A radar mod (optional)

Make sure you have the list above in order to do this mission. After you have all of these then you can go to the steps below.

  1. Go to daily mission, and you can finish all the mission
  2. Play solo in Stealth mission. This one will give you extra platinum
  3. Sell weapon for 30 platinum, you can do this repeatedly every 3-4 days.

By doing this method, at least you can earn 100-200 platinum every week. It is better to earn a little than nothing. Right? If you want to earn huge platinum amount then you have to buy it from their store and it will suck all your money from your pocket. Hopefully, this guide can help you a lot to earn platinum to your account.

If you need another guide at Warframe, feel free to visit IGOGAM. There also have the other guides.


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