We have found some difficulties of getting Robux to our Roblox account. We have a great method for you who want to earn free Robux. So, you do not need to buy it with your own money. How could we do that?

Do you ever hear about game passes? Do you know that there are many Roblox game when you are signed in into Roblox? Have you ever seen a game that requires you to purchase before playing?

Now let us talk about game passes, it is something which looks like a ticket before playing its game. Usually, we have to pay with our Robux and the developer earn free Robux. However, there are some criteria for profit sharing that is implemented by Roblox.

Roblox Profit Sharing (Robux)

Builder Club Member: Earn 70% of the profit, of course, you need to spend your money to upgrade yourself into Builder Club Member.

Non-Builder Club Member: Earn 10% of the profit, this one is a regular player who buys the membership package.

Example Profit Sharing

Let’s say, you are creating a game then you should the access for 50 Robux. We have about 100 players who purchase the ticket.

Gross Sales: 50 Robux x 100 players = 5,000 Robux

Your profit would be

Builder Club: 5,000 Robux x 70% = 3,500 Robux

Non-Builder club: 5,000 Robux x 10% = 500 Robux

We know it is really hard to realize that builder club member can earn 7x times than the regular member but do not worry about it. At least, we can earn 500 Robux to buy cool avatar.

However, for some of you who serious to earn Robux from Roblox. You can buy Builder club from us. Classic package come at $57.95 per year.

How to Create Game Passes?

Roblox Studio

First of all, you have to create your own game. You can download Roblox Studio. Then you have to install it on your own computer. After you have done, you need to do brainstorming about what game would you like to create. You have to make a creative game in order to get sales.

Do not worry, the software is really easy to learn but you have to read the basic usage at first as it is really recommended for a newcomer to understand how it works.

How to Promote Our Game Passes?

This is the crucial step that you have to pass. To sell our game passes is not easy to do as we have to do huge promotion to our friends but do not do SPAM on Roblox forum. They could ban you immediately due to abusing their rules. Do not worry, we have a golden method for you to do that.

  1. Play a popular game that it can load many players
  2. Chat them that you have a recommended game to play and ask them to play it together. Usually, you can get 5 % conversion. If there are 100 players in the room. 5 players could purchase your game pass.
  3. Create a thread on a forum about your game tutorial. How to do that, this is the brilliant step to do as many pro Roblox players could buy your game then provide the game tutorial.

Note: Please keep in mind, you should create a creative game. Do not scam them by making a crap game then you sell the game pass.

Alright, that is the end of our share. We really hope this content could be helpful for you. Do not think for many times. You need to do action in order to earn Roblox free Robux . We will create a guide on creating a Roblox game on the next section but we demand you to make your comment. If you need it then do comment below. If we got many comments. Of course, the tutorial would be faster than the wind.


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