Rockstars, the publisher of GTA game really push the console hardware to its limit. Because of that, we can see the stunning graphics and dynamic action from it. We are sure the loyal player of GTA game recognize the difference between the previous game and this one. To make it more awesome, we also created GTA V guide to help all of you play the game especially the beginner player who recently started to know about this.

Basic Guide

As for the first one, we will tell you what you need to do to understand the game mechanism better. Check the list below to know further information.

Get to Know the City

On your first mission, you will arrive in Los Santos. This is your first city and the main one because you will travel back to this city frequently. You can see the map, right? For the first time you play it, just explore all the important area. There are many important areas like weapon shop, item shop, and the place which you can use to hide if your situation in danger. You can also place a marker to remember the important location.

Characters Skill

grand theft auto 5 character skill

Unlike previous GTA game, you will play as three main characters. All of them have different stories which you can enjoy to the fullest. There is Michael who good at shooting, Franklin the best racer in the street, and Trevor the most balanced character from the two. In order to increase the status of your character is not from beating the opponent but you need to some activity. For example, if you want to increase your driving ability, you need to do a lot of race in the street. If you want to increase your stamina, you can do cycling. There are many more unique activities to increase your character’s status.

Blue Dots on the Map

We are sure you notice the blue dots sometimes appeared on the map. You can head there to trigger side mission. Do not forget to complete it immediately before it goes away completely. Each side quest has a time limit, if you do not finish it on time, you cannot do it again. We recommend you do the side quest first before going to the main mission. We do not know why the reward from side quest is much better than the main one. If you want to reach 100% completion in the game, you need to do this at all cost.

Phone is Quite Important

gta 5 phone

You can register a certain number of someone (GTA Characters, not a real player) you already met in the game. So, what is the function of it? Of course, you can hang out with them and trigger the side story for each of them. Sometimes, they will also call you to accompany them somewhere to undergo a secret mission. If you get tired after a mission, just call your friend to hang out with them.

Advanced Guide

Now, it is time to get serious in the game. After you know the basic information, we will present you the advanced guide which really helpful for you.

Dom a Legend Man

We do not know why he is being called a legend in the game. But, if you success to locate his whereabouts, you can begin a challenge mission. Do not need to worry about the reward, you will get awesome weapon and lot of cash from it. The difficulty of the mission is quite hard. If you do not prepare well, you will face game over screen immediately. The most annoying one is the mission when you rescuing people from bad guys. You need to protect them while the enemy shoots with their gun.

Best Way to Get a Lot of Cash

We know very well how hard to get money in this game. Probably the easiest one is complete a mission. Actually, there is another way to get it. The first one you must do is find packages scatters around in Lost Santos. You cannnot find it easily, that is why you need to take a look at your surroundings carefully. Usually, you will get around $5000-$25000. The last method is by stealing from someone after they take the money from ATM. Indeed this is a criminal act but remembers you play GTA game, you can do an illegal thing without getting caught by the cop.

Remodel Your House

gta 5 house

After you get a mass amount of cash, this is the right time to remodel your house. You can make it bigger and add a garage. So, if there is a car you love very much, you can park it in your garage. For the first time you play the game it is not wise to steal an awesome car right away. Even though you park it in front of your house, the next morning it will go away. Not only that, you can buy more clothes if your house already remodeled.

iFruit App

gta 5 ifruit

This is an exclusive app from Rockstar which you can use on a smartphone. The function is to keep track on your game progress. You can see all the important information which you need to know about your three characters. There is a mini-game which you can play right away. The first mini-game you can create virtual pets to play with it. If you do not want to do that, you can take care of your in-game dog. Give them food and monitor its health. The dog will love you even more if you can do that. Last but not least, you can see new updates on the game (If available) and DLC.

Final Words

This game is quite hard if you do not know what you need to do. Rest assured, with our guide we ready to enrich you all the important about this. For the new users who do not know the game very well, we also prepared a review which you can see directly to know better about GTA.


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