Risk Global Domination is one of the good strategy gameĀ released on a smartphone. Before that, This one comes to the PlayStation console. The only difference with the predecessor only in the online feature and the graphics enhancement. Right now in this game you can battle with your friends or beat undefeatable foe together. Now, let us go to the main topic. We will tell you the best way how to obtain all medals in this game. To help you, we already prepared Risk Global Domination guide.

What is Medal?

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For you who never played the PlayStation version must confuse about this one. Of course, we do not blame you for that. Medal in this game is some sort of achievement which you can get after you fulfill some hidden requirements within the game. Also, if you already collected certain medals, it can power-up your unit temporarily in battle. It is really handy, that is why all people begin their medal hunting.

Medal Guide

Below is the list of special stages which you can find in the story campaign. Total of 12 stages which you must complete in order to obtain the medals. We recommend you set the difficulty to easy.

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Stage I Master of Medals

Your objective here is to kill the enemy general on the final turn. If you killed it before the final turn you cannot get the medals. First of all, just take out the enemy territory, leave the general alone before you reach the final turn. If you set the difficulty to easy, this battle is piece of cake.

Medals Rewards

  • Fist of Tamerlans
  • Cross of Storms
  • Order of the Eagles
  • Heart of Genghis
  • Medal of Orestes

Stage II March of the Light Brigade

You will face off against many enemies on this map. Actually, you do not need to kill all the troops, just kill some of them is enough. The important one you beat the troop to open up a way to the enemy general. Do not think to beat all the troops, this game is really annoying to use a dice system. Before you begin the attack, you need to throw up a dice. If your luck sucks, please kindly avoid unnecessary battle.

Medal Reward

Order of the Light Brigade

Stage III Breaching the Iron Stonewall

Actually, this one is quite similar to stage II. We are sure you know what you must do at this stage. The general in this stage have a formidable defense power, bring three or four of your troops to increase your damage.

Medal Reward

Iron Stonewall

Stage IV Kicking Ass

You only have three turns to get the medal by defeating the general. You need to move quickly in this case. Ignore all the enemy troops, just charge on to the general immediately to end the fight. Choose your troops which has the highest movement.

Medal Reward

Reunification Medal

Stage V Battling Cleanup

This is one on one battle. You must send out your best general to defeat the enemy. There is no time limit or any weird rules. Just charge on to the enemy right away to beat it immediately. This stage is really simple as that.

Medals Rewards

  • Order of Steel
  • Order of the Conqueror

Stage VI Source of the South

You will face up against general Simon Bolivar. Once again this is one on one battle. Prepare everything in this battle. One of the annoying thing in this general is the attack power and movement. So, it is no use to run away because he can still catch you quickly.

Medal Reward

Lion of Bolivia

Stage VII Can You Pronounce it?

One on one battle. This general seems like a joke from the developer. It is really weak compared to the previous general. If you cannot believe us, try it right away to beat it immediately.

Medal Reward

Medal of Manado

Stage VIII Would You Hit a Woman?

A woman general is quite rare. The general Lakshmi Bai is really fearsome. Do not insult her, if you are not careful you will get destroy immediately. For your information, this stage also one on one battle. We recommend you to run away if your HP is low to restore it. This general is quite slow, she will not catch you.

Medals Rewards

  • Jade Mongoose
  • Silver Sword Medallion

Stage IX Excellent

The next general you must face is Napoleon Bonaparte. Finally, you will not face him alone. You can bring all your troops in this battle. We recommend you select Chain Fortification formation to increase all allies attack power. If you are lucky, you can beat it quickly.

Medal Reward

Order of San Dimas

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Stage X Custer’s Last Stand

You have a time limit in this battle to obtain the medal. If you failed, you need to retry once more. Three turns are the limit. Plan your strategy first before you engage one on one battle with the general. We are sure you can do it without any problem.

Medals Rewards

  • The FireBird
  • Medal of Jasonic Merit

Stage XI Getting Boered

Shaka Zulu is quite a formidable general especially the attack and high defense power. You can bring some of your troops but not all of them. Just choose the one who has the highest defense to act as a decoy to protect your general. Choose the best formation for your troops. If you think cannot manage it, just surrender and come back again with a new strategy.

MedalsĀ  Rewards

  • Order of the Boer
  • Crown of Augustus

Stage XII Capital Punishment

The last stage to get the medals. Here, you need to fully prepare. From your troops, strategy, and formation, that are the important factors whether you win the battle or not. You will face off against 5 generals at once. What kind of strategy do you need to apply? Actually, this depends on you. As for us, we lure the general one by one, as the result, our troops mostly died when the battle end.

Medal Reward



All of you already know where the medals location and how to beat the enemy general. If you really like the game, we are sure you will collect all the medals even though it is really hard to get. To make it more perfect, we also prepared Risk Global Domination review for all people who want to know more about this game.


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