Landlord Real Estate Tycoon is an interesting game to play. You can become a landlord in your city through this game. This is the best experience for you who want to become one. Here, we will talk about the basic information in this game. We are sure all people confused when playing this game. That is why a guide like this is really helpful for all of you.

Basic Guide

We will tell you the useful information which can help you to understand the mechanism of the game. If you curious, scroll down your mouse below to see the answer.

Do not Waste Your Time From the Start

In the beginning of the game, all players received $50,000. You need to manage this money properly or your precious money will go away. Unfortunately, you will not get a free property. Because of that, you need to buy it first. But, you have to remember with that money it is really hard to get a great property. You need to think the best way to spend your money properly. We recommend you choose the cheapest one. It cost you around $15,000- $25,000. After you obtained it, you can rent that apartment to make more money from it.

Do a Business to Introduce Your Property

This game detects a real-life business in the GPS. The famous restaurant like your local gas Station, A&W, and McDonald’s. You can take advantages of doing a business in that place to earn a little profit and advertise your property to the public. All players who played the game can see your advertisement and if they interested, they will come to your place to look at it. Not only that but also you can see another player property which you want to buy. Rather than you look at the huge map, the business place is the right one to search for the best property.

Character’s Level Is Really Important

landlord real estate tycoon character level

For you who do not know, character’s level in this game is quite important. There is some property which you can buy after reached a certain level. So, keep leveling up by selling and buying it. To get the EXP to level up, it all depends on your property prestige. There are many ways to level up in this so you do not need to worry about it. You need to regularly play this game in order to increase your character’s level faster. If you seriously play it, you can do it.

Compete Each Other

Your Main Objective in this game is to compete with other players. The one who has a lot of money, business and property is the winner. This is best aspects of the game itself. In order to achieve that, you need to have a lot of strategies. Of course, you can play this game alone. But, it is more fun if you do it with someone else. If you play it with your friend, we recommend you always check their activity and plan your strategy after that. Do not only buy the property but also rent it.

Intermediate Guide

landlord real estate tycoon intermediate guide

Now, we will show you the intermediate guide. This is really helpful for the advanced player who already has a huge amount of money in this game. For beginner player, you can also look at it to know the information.

Trade Your Apartment With Property

A good player will trade their own property with others. This is the perfect method if you want to rent it. In order for all people rent your apartment, you need to check out the popularity first. What kind of property do they want? And about the cost itself. If you do not know that two aspects it will be hard to progress in this game. That is why you can trade your property with your friends. Who knows your friend’s property is more popular than yours. Believe it or not, trade system is really useful if you use it correctly.

About The Skill System

We are sure not all people notice this one. If you level up your character to a certain level. You will get a support skill as the reward. This one is really useful. You can use the skill to negotiate before you buy the property or increase your income. Of course, there are many skills which can help you. Sometimes, you will see a player who has a lot of money and great property. Do not think they are using a cheat. This is all thanks to the skill system that implemented in the game. 

Buy a Property in a Big City

landlord real estate tycoon property

If you live a big city, consider yourself the luckiest person in the world. Because this game uses a real-life location, this is the great chance for all of you. The property which you sell from the big city is higher. As the compensation, it will cost a lot of money to buy it. Actually, it does not matter, the important one you can sell the property at a high price. For the player who does not live in a big city, you can buy it from your friends though.

There is a Cash Limit

You cannot hold more money if your property prestige is not high enough. In order to increase the prestige either you rent it or make it popular. This is what makes us hate the game, you cannot hold a lot of money because of the property prestige. Keep this one in your mind. Last but not least, do not sell your property if you already reached the cash limit. If you keep insisting on that, your money will go away and you cannot take it back.


Landlord game is quite tricky if you do not know how to play the game. For all people who have a trouble when playing this game, we ensure with our Landlord Real Estate Tycoon Guide all your problem will go away. If you really like the game, do not forget to check out the game review. You will know the pros and cons of it.


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