Reality Games LTD did really well when bringing this game to the public. This is a good game which turns you into a landlord of your own city. So, what kind of game this one? We are sure you curious to see it, right? C’mon guys, let us check Landlord Real Estate tycoon review to know more about it.

About Landlord Real Estate Tycoon

If you ever played a tycoon game, you do not need to be confused anymore. This game is similar like that. You will manage your own property and sell it to others people. From the sound of it, you think is really simple, right? But on the surface, it is not. This game uses GPS function in order to know your city and the property which you can sell or rent to the customer. This game uses a real location of your city to make it even more interesting.


First, we will explain the gameplay. Bear with it because the gameplay is really complicated if you do not know about the world of business.

In the Beginning

For the first time you play the game, you need to give a name to your character. Unfortunately, you cannot write choose another icon other than the old man face. After that, you need to activate the GPS function on your smartphone. If you do not turn it on, you cannot play the game. It will scan your city and you will begin to build your empire on it.

About Character Level

landlord real estate tycoon character level

In order to level up your character, it depends on a property value you already gained. You can see on the character status screen, you need to reach a certain amount of property value to level up. So, what is the benefit of character level in this game? Of course to get a new skill or power of the old one. This one is really useful, keep leveling up your character to obtain an awesome skill.

Buy a Property

landlord real estate tycoon buy property

The main objective of this game is only one. You need to buy a property. After there, you can choose either sell it to gain profit or rent to another customer. Of course, it all depends on your choice. There is a thing you need to know before you can buy the property. You need to make a bid first because not only you who want the property. The one who makes the highest bid will obtain the property. Of course, for the first time you play, just choose the cheapest property. And then you can rent it to increase your profit.

Rent Your Property

landlord real estate tycoon rent

If you get a great property, you can rent it to other people. That is why you can connect to Facebook to invite your friends who played the game to your own empire. Of course, if you do not have any friends, you can let the NPC rent your property because the price is not really great, to be honest. That is why real players are needed to make you become the richest person in this game.


Check out the best features what makes this game more entertaining.

Character Skill

Before, we mentioned a character skill in the gameplay section. But, what is it anyway? We are sure some of you curious about it. Character skill will help you to increase your profit and make your properties well known if you want to rent it. In order to get it, just level up your character. If you reach a certain level, it will get the skill automatically.

Bid System

This is the system which you need to master to buy the properties. Before you can get it, you need to make a bid. If you can offer a higher bit, of course, the property already yours. You need to aware, if you increase the bid, your money will be in a crisis state. That is why you need to consider the risk. Also, when people rent your apartment, they also need to make a bid. Of course, you can set the amount of price for your property. Remember if you set it too high, all people will think twice to rent it. That is why you need to have a good strategy how to manage it properly.


  • For people who really like a simulation game, this is the greatest which you should try right away.
  • It is like a dream you can sell a real property even though it is a game.
  • A fun game which let you become a landlord in your own country. This is what makes all people attracted to this game.
  • You will know how the business world works through this game.


  • Some of the game mechanism really complex. It takes a time to understand all of it. If you are a type of people who lazy to read, this is a bad game for you.
  • If you do not know how to manage a property, you will be doomed for sure.
  • Sometimes, this game is quite boring because you do not have anything to do except buy a property and rent it. Because that is the only thing which you can do in the game.



“Personally, we think this is a good game to play. Especially if you like a simulation game like this one. But, this only happens when the first time you play the game. Later on, you will think this one will make you bored”

Final Thoughts

That is all about Landlord game review. So, are you interested to try this game? If so, just download it on the Play Store for free. Do not forget, there is an in-app-purchase which you can use to speed up your progress in the game. Do not let our negative comments above changed your mind to play this game. Honestly, all people have a different opinion regarding this matter. So, just give it a try if you are curious about it. See you all again for the next game review guys!


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