The newest entry of Nihon Falcom action RPG. This game provides the similar gameplay like YS series. But, this one focus on dungeon exploration rather than you journey through each fantasy world. Here, we will provide you Tokyo Xanadu Walkthrough how to beat the boss in each chapter. Pay attention if you have difficulty to beat them. Just follow our instructions to fight them easily.

Chapter 1

Forgotten Ruins

You will encounter your first boss in this dungeon. We recommend you prepare everything. Especially a healing item. It is quite important because your character still weak. After you arrive at the boss room, you will fight against…..

Menance Ogre

tokyo xanadu menance ogre

Finally, the first boss which you have to face in order to progress to the next chapter. Remember, you only have two characters, Kou and Asuka. Unfortunately, Kou is really useless right now even though he is the protagonist in this game. We will switch to Asuka instead. She is very useful because of the long-range attack. Keep your distance from this monster because it can shoot a laser of light and punch the field to unleash an aura which can damage your character. Just use Asuka long-range attack from afar to damage it. For the first boss, this one is quite easy to beat.

Chapter II

Moonlight Garden

The second dungeon and the boss will get a lot stronger than before. Level up your character before you go ahead to fight it. Do not forget Level up your characters because this is really crucial.

Glare Phantom

tokyo xanadu glare phantom

This one does an annoying move such as dig inside the underground. For the last few seconds, you cannot attack it. But, Glare Phantom can appear anywhere from the underground, so do not only stand around. You need to move around, do not ever stop once. For your information, if you manage to deal a certain amount of damage on its core (The orb which on the body), Glare Phantom will fall to the ground. This is your great chance to unleash your combo and use the X-strike.

Chapter III

In this chapter, you will fight against two powerful bosses. Prepare all the stuff you need such as upgrade your equipment and skill.

Fairy Treasure

This dungeon has a lot of rare item in a treasure chest. Be sure to pick all of them. Now, let us fight the annoying boss.

Haze Fairy

tokyo xanadu haze fairy

At the first glance, this one is really weak. But, forget that thought already. This one is really strong compared to the previous boss. Do not forget, if you see a column of water on the field, do not walk through it or you will be poisoned. Haze Fairy always summons their minion even though you already beat it. That is why just focus attack her instead destroy her minion. The hardest one in this fight is the limited movement of your character because of the poison water. Once again, Asuka is really useful because of her Long Range attack or you can switch to Aoi which has the most stronger attack damage.

The Second Reico Barrier

The naming of the dungeon is really weird. There are two floors which you need to pass before meeting the boss.

Astral Widow

tokyo xanadu astral widow

The first one you must do is destroy all the six switch on the field. If you cannot destroy it and the boss manage to get it, be ready to face the game over screen. Astral Widow will recover their HP and unleash a powerful move to your character if its already connected to the switch. Actually, Astral Widow is not really hard, the only problem is about the Huge HP. It takes a long time to completely destroy it.

Chapter IV

Pale Ruins

Here we go, the fourth dungeon. And for the first time, you can switch the master core for Kou only. As for the rest of the gang, you need to wait later on.

Dark Delphinium

tokyo xanadu dark delphinium

You will notice there are two worms which accompany the boss. We recommend you destroy it rather than the boss. If you ignore them, they will shoot a poison spray to your character. Of course, you will get a poison status (50% chance). This one weak against fire attack. You can choose Kou or Shio to deal a huge damage. Its arm can slam your character right away if you cannot dodge it. The weak point of the boss is the head itself. Just use a jump attack to make the boss down.

Chapter V

Scarlet Maze

For this dungeon, you will fight against three bosses. We only explain you two of them. Because the first one is really easy. Just use Mitsuki and you will only how easy it can be.

Chaos Raven

tokyo xanadu chaos raven

It can summon a hurricane which can inflict a tremendous amount of damage. But that attack is really easy to avoid. The second attack is the main problem. The projectile shoot which can follow you anywhere, but it will disappear if it missed the target. This boss movement is really fast. If you attack it, Chaos Raven will use a quick movement sometimes to avoid it. What you need in this fight is patience and a lot of healing item.

Mist Witch

tokyo xanadu misty witch

A strong boss finally appeared. This one is really different from the boss you fight before. Be cautious if you go near her, she will summon a wind-shield which can damage you. Of course, it is not always but it will surprise you for sure. Also, she can create a duplicate when the HP bar below 50%. And she will cast her powerful magic to blast off the entire field. Do not try to learn the pattern of the boss because it is really hard to read. Just focus inflict the damage on the boss and heal if it necessary.

Chapter VI

Temple of The Wing God

A long journey before you faces the boss in this dungeon. Make sure you get the item in this place because it is really useful. it is really worth the effort for doing so.

Seraph of Despair

tokyo xanadu seraph od despair

This one is really hard for sure. You need to be cautious when this boss summons a cage. Be ready you will get trapped in there. You cannot avoid it, so just let yourself to be caught. Here, you need to smash the cage to get out. If you do not do anything, the boss will launch an attack on you. The damage is really powerful if you use a character with a weak defense. Seraph od Despair can turn all the field into a spike. Thanks to that, you will get a damage each time you step on it. There is no other way to avoid it. Just use your X-attack repeatedly to kill the boss before she decreases your HP to zero.

Chapter VII

Fortress of The False God

Here, you will divide your team into two groups. Now, it is the right time to level up your party member before the fight against the powerful boss.

Breed of Dawn

tokyo xanadu breed of dawn

This one has tons of health. If it is not enough, you need to destroy Breed of Dawn armor in order to inflict a damage. If you cannot do that, your damage will be 0. The fastest way is to use X-Strike to beat the armor immediately. After you destroyed the armor, you will notice a yellow collar. Attack that spot will inflict a huge amount of damage. When the boss opens their mouth, it will use a breath attack called dark gas which deals blind status and damages your character. Just cure your blind status immediately because it is really annoying. Your PS Vita screen will turn into a black color and it is really hard to identify the boss attack. If the boss HP around 35%, it will become really aggressive and move faster.

Last Chapter

Final Corridor

The last dungeon. Be sure to prepare all your character because you will use them to fight against the last boss. Upgrade your character skill and max out the level if you can.

Princess of Doom

tokyo xanadu princess of dawn

This is it guys, the last boss in the game. You need to prepare for the risk and do not shame if you need to restart your PS Vita to fight against it. You cannot choose which character you want to use, instead, you will use all of them. That is why if you do not level up all character regularly, this is a doom for you. The most powerful attack is called Elemental Blast. It will be hard to dodge because it is an AOE (Area of Effect) attack. After you get hit by that attack heal your character immediately. Sometimes, it will create a barrier which makes Princess of Doom invincible for a short period of time. We are sure you think while she is in the invincible mode you can relax. Do not think so, she can attack with a laser and hard to predict where it is come from. Last but not least, the teleport attack which can arrive on your back or front to attack you immediately. Just use all your skill which you already learn in this game to beat this hardest boss in Tokyo Xanadu.


You must notice we do not list all the boss in this game. For your information, we only give you the hardest boss which hard to beat. Hopefully, this mini walkthrough can help you to beat the boss and now the pattern of it. Do not forget to check out Tokyo Xanadu review to see more information about this game.


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