Coin Master is one of the fun slot machines which give you a unique gameplay experience. We are sure all of you who play this game feel the same way. Even though at the surface the gameplay looks really simple, but when you try this game it will make you confused for the first time. That already becomes a common thing in the gaming world. To solve all your problem regarding this one, we created Coin Master Guide which can help you understand the game mechanism even more.

Starter Guide

As for the beginning of the guide, we will explain to you about the Slot Machine and the way to advance to the next village. Because this is the core of the game. You need to understand this one better.

About the Slot Machine

coin master slot machine

For the player who recently started the game must be confused why suddenly you need to spin a slot machine. For you who do not know, this is the main gameplay of Coin Master. Before you do something, you must spin your Slot Machine in order to know what you need to do next. Below are the things which you can do with it.


When you get this icon, it means you can attack another village. If you success to do it, you will get coins as the rewards. You can attack either NPC village or your friend’s village. The choice is depending on you. If your village gets attacked by another player, you need to wait for a while until your village recover before you can attack another one.


This one will protect you from any harm. Another player cannot attack your village for three times. This is a great chance to plan your strategy and attack another village without worrying about your own village safety because it will be protected.

Pig Face

This is what we like the most. After you know the function, we are sure you will love it too. If you get this one, you can steal another coin in your friend’s village. The amount you get is random, but if you get a higher amount it can make your friend the poorest person in the game. If you want to revenge against your friend after they attacked your village, just get the pig face to silent them.

About Another Village

coin master village complete

You will start in a small village for the first time. But, you can move to the better one after you collected 20 items. In order to get the item, you need to spin the slot machine. Per spin, you will get a random item (It is not always though). There are many benefits when moving to another village such as you can expand your chance to spin the slot machine and build a new barrack to gain additional status buff when attacking the village.

Facebook Account

This game support facebook account as the save data. Be sure to take advantage of it. You will get many benefits such as 50 extra spins and 100.000 Gold. You can also take a look at your friend’s village. If you do not have it, just create it immediately to claim all the great reward.

Intermediate Guide

After you know the basic information of the game, we will tell you the intermediate guide which can help you to make you become the champion quickly. Is there a way to do it? Of course, it is.

Free Spins

Per day you only get 5 chance to spin the slot machine. We are sure some of you do not satisfied with it. Here, we will show you the guide how to get the free spins right away.

  • If you open the game, just close it either by restarting your smartphone or kill it in the task manager. If you do not close your game, it will not work perfectly.
  • After that go to the date setting. You need to advance one day. For example, you play the game on Thursday, just skip to the next day which is Friday to obtain free spin slots.
  • Open the game and you will notice you can spin the slot machine again.
  • Of course, you can do it again and again. If you cannot believe it, just try it by yourself.

Do not Waste Your Time When Stealing Another Village

coin master guide attack

If you get pig icon when spinning the slot machine, you can steal a lot of coins from another village. Remember, you have a time limit to steal it. That is why do not waste by doing a useless thing. For example like you touch the hole which you already dig. Usually, all player tend to touch randomly because of they afraid of the time limit. But, it is not wise if you do it like that, just look around and touch the perfect spot to obtain the coins.

Check Your Coins Before Spin the Slot Machine

Before you spin the slot machine. You must check your coins amount. There is a case when you attack another village, your village also will be attacked. If you do not have any coins, you will stay on the same island for quite a long time. Of course, you do not want that to happen, right? That is why you need to restock your coins first.

Finish a Mini-Game

You can assume this one as a side quest. You can play a mini-game in your village. To play it, you need to sacrifice the gold. We recommend you do this one immediately to get free coins. In order to get more coins, it all depends on your performance. The mini-games use score system. That is why the more score you can achieve, the better the reward you get in the end.

Final Words

Coin Master indeed is one of the interesting game out there. You can do many fun things to make your friends angry. For the beginner player, you do not need to worry anymore. Our guide ready to help you anytime. Before we end it, do not forget to visit Coin Master review to see amazing features of the game.


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