Foodpia Tycoon is a fun game which everyone can enjoy in their free time. Probably some of you do not know the main objective in this game. Here, we will tell you about it directly. The purpose of this game is you need to make your restaurant or foodpia become the famous one in the world. There are a lot of works which you need to do actually to make it come true. In Foodpia Tycoon guide, we will tell you everything you have to know how to increase your restaurant popularity.

The Things You Should Know First

foodpia tycoon restaurant

The Reason Why You Need to Increase Your Restaurant Popularity

Surely many people ask about this questions a lot. The answer is pretty simple. It will increase your profit and become the richest person in this game. So, what will you do after get all the money? You will not do anything. In this kind of game, you only compete with other to open a great restaurant and earn tons of profit.

It will Take a lot of Time

If you decide to read this guide, you need to prepare to waste half your time to focus on this game. If you are seriously want to become the number one, you need to sacrifice some of your time. Remember, you will not get anything if you do not prepare for the risk. Because you need to login numerous time to manage your own restaurant.

There Are 21 Cities in this Game

For you who do not know about this, there are 21 cities which you encounter in Foodpia. Here, you need to apply your best strategy in each city to make your restaurant popular. That is why we tell you this game required a lot of time if you want to play it seriously.

Be Patient All The Time

foodpia tycoon upgrade

When you upgrade your food cart or restaurant, there is a cooldown (Wait Time) which you need to wait to finish the upgrade. Of course, you can use Crystals. That is the main currency of this game. But, we do not recommend to waste all your precious Crystals. If you upgrade for the first time, just wait for it because it will not take too long to complete. Later on, you can use the main currency instead to make the upgrade quicker.

Restaurant Guide

Now, we will begin our guide to help your restaurant becomes really popular. We provide you the best way to make your restaurant famous and as the result, more income will come quickly.

Open Up A New Branch

foodpia tycoon restaurant food

When you visit a new city, you can open a new branch. But, you must remember, open the branch which already well known. For example, in your previous city, you have a restaurant which really famous. You can open that one to increase the popularity even more. In this game, you can take advantages of your previous restaurant, so you do not need to start from zero. We almost forgot to tell you, there is a chance your new one will fail, but the chance is quite slim to happen.

Recruit a Chef

The next step which you have to do is recruit a chef to cook in your restaurant. Some of you already know the importance of it. We recommend you recruit the chef which have a good rarity. Do not hire the one who has a cheap price but the rarity is really low. It will affect your restaurant in the future. It does not matter you spend a lot of gold, the most important thing you have a top-notch chef in your restaurant. Because of that, it will attract all customer to come to your place.

About the Recipe

Sometimes, in the home screen menu, you will see either a box or a piece of paper. Do not forget to take it in order to obtain a new recipe for your restaurant. There is a rarity of the recipe from common until rare. The rarer food you can serve for your customer, it will increase your restaurant popularity along with good profits come along in your pocket. If you want to get the rare recipe you need to open it from the mystery box. The chance is higher rather. For your information, there is a level of food. If the level exceeds your chef level, your chef will not be able to cook it.

Food Cart or Mini Restaurant

Food Cart is a support unit which gives an enhancement to the main restaurant. That is why you need to open 2-3 cart. Even though your restaurant is really famous, if you do not open up a food cart, your effort is futile. One of the best ways to increase your restaurant fame or popularity is through this. To make it more perfect, you must upgrade it regularly. If you forget to do that, you will not get a good result from it.

Expand Your Restaurant

Add a decoration or any related stuff which can make your restaurant looks attractive is a must. This is the simplest thing which people tend to forget or they do not want to waste all their money. Mostly, all of you think is futile to upgrade your restaurant looks, of course, we do not blame you for think like that. We will tell you a good reason why you must add a decoration. It can attract your customer, increase your food price and the last one increase your profit percentage depends on the stuff which you attach on the restaurant.

Final Words

Open a restaurant in this game is relatively easy. The hardest one is to manage it. If you do not have enough skill to manage your own restaurant, you will fail to play this game. But, our guide can help you to overcome your problem. Before we say goodbye, we also created Foodpia game review which you can see in order to know all the information you need about this. Now, open your greatest restaurant right away!


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