Risk Global Domination is a board strategy game which brought to you by SMG Studio and is available on Android platform. This game can be played by 2 until 6 players and we will play on a board that contains the world map which has a lot of territories. Our main goal is to eliminate all players and take control of their territories in a turn-based system.

risk global domination gameplay

Game Phases

Each player’s turn has three different phases, Draft, Attack, and Fortification. Pay a great attention to those phases as they are really important to our success in conquering all of the territories.

Draft Phase

This is the first phase before we launch our attack. At the beginning, we will be awarded a number of troops based on the number of territories that we have taken. The troops can be placed wherever on the territories that we have take control and commonly people will place them in the territories that will launch an attack.

Attack Phase

risk global domination attack

After we have finished in placing the new troops in our territories, this is the time to launch an attack on the opponent’s territories. We can choose a territory to be attacked as long as it is close to our current territory. Both sides will have to roll the dices and the number of dice depends on how many troops involved. The player who gets the highest number from the roll will win the battle and the winner is deserved to take control the loser’s territory. In this phase, we can launch an attack as many as we like. So, we can do it again and again before we move the end of the phase.

Fortification Phase

When we finished our attack phase, we can change our troops’ position from one territory to another. This move can only be used once per turn so after we have to make up our mind in choosing the troops that we want to move, the phase will be ended and start for the other players to run. But, before the turn ended, we will receive a card on each turn and when we have collected three cards with the same type, we can trade it with some additional troops.

Game Modes

In this game, there are exactly four different modes that we can play such as Single Player, Pass and Play, Global Domination, and Play Friends.

Single Player

This mode allows us to play alone where we are just accompanied by the computers as our opponents. There are some maps that we can choose to play but, some of them are still locked when we start this game for the first time. We have to buy them first by using real money in order to unlock them all. So, the only available maps are just the tutorial map which is free so we can play there anytime and classic map where we have to spend one token to play there.

Pass and Play

Pass and Play modeĀ is quite similar to the single-player mode, the rules, the maps, everything is the same. The difference is that we can play start from 2 up to 6 players in one device. So, we can play this game with our friends although there is only one device who have this game installed.

Global Domination

Risk Global Domination can be played online through the Global Domination mode. In this mode, we can battle the other players worldwide to show who is the best strategist in this game. So, we will play this game with the unknown players in the real-time battle which would be very exciting.

Play Friends

This is the last mode in this strategy game called Play Friends. Here, we also play online, similar to the Global Domination mode. But, one thing that makes this one different is that we can play with our friends. If the Global Domination gives us opponents randomly, in Play Friends mode, we can invite our friends to battle us on the same map.


There are a lot of great features that are implemented in this game. And now, we will share the kinds of features which available here.

Play It on a Big Screen

play risk global domination on tv

When we say play it on a big screen, we really mean it. Risk Global Domination can be played on a bigger screen by connecting our smartphone device to the smartTV which has Chromecast and of course, a good Wi-fi connection. Playing on a TV which has a far bigger screen than our smartphone would be more exciting. This is the feature that we like the most from this game since there is not much game has a feature like this.

Lots of Avatar to Select

When we play this game, we have to choose an avatar to be our profile picture alike. But, we do not need to worry about choosing the avatar since there is a great selection of cool avatars to choose and we can change it anytime we want. Besides, we can also change our profile name that can be generated through settings.


We have tons of achievements to clear when we play this one. The achievements are different from one to another, as an example conquering 5 territories in a single turn, turning in 10 sets of territory cards, defeating 25 computer or human players, and much more.


What we have achieved while playing this game will be accumulated and used as the comparison to the other players. If we are really good at improving our rank, we can top the summit of the leaderboard and become the best player in this game.


The semi 3D graphics is quite impressive although it is just a simple game which not too accentuate on the graphics aspect. The details of the maps and the others are really good as well. We can really enjoy the game since this game also uses colorful colors that make the graphics more interesting. Well done for the developers.


If you are looking for a strategy game, this game will make you get addicted to its great gameplay and modes. Moreover, it also has a lot of features that make it more interesting to play. Now, after you have gained lots of information from our Risk Global Domination review, let us download this game immediately and start to play it.


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