Super Mechs is one of the exciting robot game on the smartphone. This one available on Android and iOS. So, you can play it on any device you like. One of the reason what makes this game interesting because of the robot itself. Especially when you want to create the new one. It is really hard to decide which one is the suitable parts. For that reason, we made Super Mechs guide to help all of you.

Robot Guide 1 (Beginning)

Here, we will give you brief information what you have to know before creating the mech. We are sure it will help you to create the best one. There are three things you should know before we begin.

Choose the Robot Type

After you buy the parts and combine all the parts, you need to choose which type your robot is. There are three types of robot, the first one is short range, medium range, and long range. Below is the explanation for each type.

Short Range

In order to attack when using this type, you must go near the enemy in order to execute the attack command. Of course, it is quite risky. But, the damage which you deal with the opponent is really huge for sure. We recommend you use this type when fighting against the long-range type. Because when you go near them, they will not be able to counter your attack.

Medium Range

The most balanced robot. If you want to play safe, choose this one is the right choice. The range limit of this type around 300 M. If you exceed that amount, you will not be able to launch your attack. That is why is quite dangerous. For your information, most players use this one to play safe.

Long Range

This is only for expert players who already become a pro in this game. It is really hard to control this robot type. This one is quite heavy because of the armaments. What makes we amaze from this type is the range reach 700-1100 M. You need to know robot weight in Super Mechs is really important. If you bring more weapon and it is quite heavy, your robot movement will slow down. It will make you hard to avoid the enemy attack. That is why you need to think twice to take this to the battlefield.

Do not Buy All the Heavy Parts

super mechs parts

Many players tend to buy parts which have a greater status. But, the cost is the weight of the part will increase. We do not prohibit you to buy the best one but do not exceed your robot weight. The side effect your firepower will decrease by half and your robot will move slowly. For the leg part, we recommend you choose the light one. And for the body part, choose which have the best status to increase your robot HP even more (The weight it does not matter). For the weapon and arm parts, it is up to you.

Train Your Robot After Your Purchased It

super mechs practice

After you purchased the robot part, it is the right time to begin your training to have a better control over your new robot, especially the weapon. It is really important to master you the weapon. If you do not know the right time to use it, you will be doomed for sure. As for the movement is not really important.

Robot Guide 2 (Advanced)

Now, this is the real guide to create your own best robot. We will give all of the lists what you must do.

super mechs top weapon copy

Choose The Best weapon

Choose the weapon is the first thing you should do. What kind of weapon which suitable for your robot? It all depends on your robot type. We already try some of the weapon which suitable for each type.

For Short Range

Cheddar: The best weapon for the short-range robot. It also has a knockback effects which move back your opponent (1 Step). The firepower is quite tremendous, we are sure it is enough to kill your opponent.

A-Ray: The laser gun which you can use to prevent your opponent from countering your attack.

For Medium Range

XR18: The weapon which specializes for medium range type. It also has a knockback effects (2 steps). This is quite useful to push back short range type robot. For the medium range user, you need to have this weapon at all cost.

Moon / Sun: Choose one of them because it is practically the same weapon with a different name. The weight of the weapon is quite heavy, but the damage inflicted to the opponent is really huge.

For Long Range

Physical Orb Cannon: The heaviest gun in this game. You really need a lot of practice in order to master this weapon. Before you can fire the weapon, there is a delay which makes you vulnerable to the opponent. You need to think a way to match out your timing with your opponent.

Apocalypse Mark II: This one basically like a machine gun which can fire a bullet repeatedly without any recoil. This is the suitable weapon if you fight against the short-range type. Before they get closer, you can fire this gun to them.

Equip a Special Item

super mechs special item

A special item is really helpful in the battle. It will help your robot a lot. As for the special one, we recommend you choose a shield to protect yours from damage. It will reduce the damage significantly if you equip it. There are two types of them, Heat shield and Energy Shield. Unfortunately, you can only choose one of them.

Heat Shield 

This one only works with a physical weapon (The one who have an ammo in it).

Energy Shield

This is specialized for laser weapon and another weapon which using an energy power.

Module is Important

super mechs module

The last one is choosing a module. This one like an additional part which you can attach to your robot. There are many types of the module such as explosive resistance module, regeneration module, heat module, and Physical resistance module. But, you can only choose two of them. If you asked us, we choose the regeneration module which regenerates your HP for 30 seconds. And the last one we choose is the physical resistance module which lowers the damage inflicted by your opponent.

Final Words

You can relax while playing this game. Our guide is ready to help you create the best robot in this game. We almost forgot, we have a special present for you which is Super Mechs review. If you really like this game, see the review is a must!


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