Today, Yourgameinfo provides the best MMO on the smartphone. What makes this game popular because of the open world features which let all the players explore the map freely. Okay, guys, that is enough for the chit-chat. Our objective today is to give you Crusaders of Light guide. For beginners player or veteran, this is the great chance to know more about it.

Class Guide

There are three types of class in this game, Warrior, Mystical, and Ranger class. Each of them has a unique power which can help you in this game. Just use our help to decide which class suitable for you.

Warrior Class

crusaders of light guide class warrior

The best melee class in this game. If you want to depend on brute strength, this is the best choice. You need to be cautious when choosing this class, the magical defense of this one is really weak. Be sure to avoid magic class user when you find it on the battlefield. You can also enhance this class to make it more powerful. There are three types which you can choose from Executioner, Gladiator, and Fang of Titanus.

Ranger Class

crusaders of light guide class ranger

The class which excels both in support and combo attack. There is also a special skill which called Animal Tamer. This skill will let you tame one animal. The function of it to become a helper in the battle. We are sure some of you confused when another player has an animal accompany them and you are not. Now, you already know the mystery, right?

Mystic Class

crusaders of light guide class mystic

a healer is the best one for a support role. That is why you can choose the mystic class to do the job. This class also have an ultimate magic skill which can destroy all the enemies instantly. Usually, the magic attack will inflict the damage to all enemy within range. We choose this when playing this game. This is a great class to support another character and give huge damage to all enemy. The annoying thing about this class only the low defense status.

Leveling Guide

We will tell you about how to level up quickly in this game. We are sure you want to level up your character quickly to beat another opponent. Do not need to worry we already provide you the best way to make your dream come true.

Main Quest

When the first time you play this game, the best place to level up your hero is the main quest mode. Not only offer you a huge amount of EXP but also reward you with a rare equipment. Just kill weak enemies at least 3-4 are enough to level up your character. What makes it more perfect, it is really easy to kill. Also, you can invite your friends to slay the monster together. When you invite them, the number of enemies respawns in the stage will increase. Because of that, you will earn EXP easily.


For you who do not want to waste your time in the main quest, this is the mode which suitable for you. In this mode, you will battle against a real player. If you manage to win, you will get a lot of EXP. And if you lost the battle, you will get half of the EXP. You can choose your opponent or let the system choose it for you. We recommend for you to choose the one which has the same level as you to make the battle easier. If you do it randomly, there is a chance you will find a strong opponent.


After you unlock a raid mode, you can forget about the Main Quest. It is no longer effective if you still insist to level up on the main quest. We know the raid is really hard especially when you a solo player. That is why invite all your friends is required. This is a team battle, it is futile if you charge alone to fight the boss. Within a seconds your character’s HP will reduce to zero before you know it.

Equipment Guide

crusaders of light equipment

For all of you who still confuse what you need to do with your equipment, just check out our guide to learn more about this.

Use the Embed Feature

crusaders of light embed gem

This is the best feature which presents in this game right now. You can attach a gem on your equipment. The first slot will be opened at level 20 and the second one will open after you reached level 30. You have to remember, the drop rate of gem in this game is really low. In order to find it, just go to all modes except the PvE. Even though the drop rate is really low it is really worth to hunt it down. One of the greatest effects is your character status will increase even more.

Recast Your Equipment

It is the same like reforge your equipment to increase the status of it. Before that, you need a stone which called Regalian’s Magic Stone. For the first time, you only need one stone. Later on, the amount increase depends on your weapon level. This stone is really easy to get, just go to the Raid to obtain it. This is the best place to get the tons of it.

Do not Upgrade Normal Weapon

You must read this one at all cost carefully. Do not upgrade your normal weapon even though you need the better one. Each weapon has a rarity color. A purple color is the legendary one. In other words, the best weapon in this game. If you want to increase the attack of your normal weapon, just do the recast. It is not worth your stone to upgrade the low rarity weapon.


Our guide will cover all the important information you need to know about this game. Hopefully, it will help everybody who does not understand about this at all. For an expert player, you can also see it to increase your knowledge. It is really sad we need to say goodbye now. Before that, we have a special present for you which is Crusaders of Light review.


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