Open a restaurant already becomes a dream of many people around the world. In order to open it, you need to have a lot of budgets to support your restaurant. But, we found a unique game which similar like your dream. You can play right away for free without any cost. The named is Foodpia Tycoon. Do you ever hear of this one? Mostly the answer must be no. So, what kind of game is this? Find out the review on our website.


The simulation game which all the players become a restaurant manager, it is published by STROMX. This game just launched in 2017. It got many positive responses from the users all over the world in Play Store. We also write down the comments of this game on the store because it is really interesting to play. Foodpia Tycoon combines two genres of game, idle clicker and simulation.


Here, we will explain all the gameplay of this game. What kind of adventures that await you? Keep reading to find out the answer.

Manage Your Own Restaurant

foodpia tycoon restaurant

In the beginning, you will get your own restaurant. There is nothing special in your first restaurant. You need to build it from scratch to gain a profit. Of course, the task will not that easy. You can upgrade your own restaurant to increase the profit. In order to collect the money, you need to tap it. Do not to worry, you will see a floating notification. It is a signal to collect your money. Later on the game, you can build another restaurant if you can complete a specific task.

Recruit a Chef

foodpia tycoon chef

It is a shame you do not handle the cooking part. All the chef which you hired will do all the cooking part. More importantly, if you success to recruit a chef which have a good skill, your restaurant will become famous quickly along with the great income.

Party Time

This is your alternative to get money. Sometimes a guitarist will appear in your restaurant. And you need to play a mini-game with them. It is not really hard, you just need to tap repeatedly to get much money from it. There is a time limit, that is why you need to hurry up complete the mini-game. Do not let go this chance as soon you find it.

Travel to 21 Beautiful Cities

foodpia tycoon city

Each time you completed a mission in each city you can travel to another one. For example, in Seoul you already made all the customer satisfied with your food. After that, a new objective will appear. Choose any country which you like the most. For your information, there are 21 cities which you can explore. This is a great chance to introduce your awesome restaurant to the world.


What makes people keep playing a game because of the features which make them addicted. So, what about this game? Is it have an interesting feature? Let us see right away.

The Business Still Goes On

This is one of the great features indeed. We are sure you agree with us. Although you cannot play the game on your busy day, this game still goes on to collect all the profit. Remember what we said before? This is a clicker game, so you need to collect the profit manually. But, it all thanks to the game system which let the system collect it automatically when you close the game.

Your Restaurant Have a Different Looks

When you upgrade the restaurant, the appearance of it also changes. Not only that but also you can see new decorations which attach on your new restaurant. This is a plus point to attract more customer. Some of you must think it will waste all your money. But, we think differently about this. We can say for sure you will not regret it any single bit.

Secret Recipes

foodpia secret recipes

The next feature is about secret recipes which you can find scattered around the field in mystery boxes. If you ever get one, it will reduce the price of upgrading your restaurant (It is quite ridiculous why a recipe has this kind of effect). This is really beneficial actually. Especially if you have multiple restaurants. There is another function from the secret recipes which you do not know. Give it to your chef and they will create a unique food based on the recipe. After that, you can sell it to increase your profit even more.

Food Stalls

The last one is about food stalls. If you want to make more money and becomes the richest player in this game, it is required for you to build food stalls. It is like a mini restaurant. This is a great idea to build it because the cost is not really expensive. Also, the profit you obtain from this one is not really bad. When you go to a different city, you will also build a different food stalls. Choose the best one for you to increase your profit dramatically.


  • For people who like simulation and clicker games, this is a great game which you have to try right away.
  • It is really fun to manage your own restaurant.
  • Manage your own money in this game is not really complex. You can easily make tons of it right away.
  • There is a great feature¬†which let the system collect all the money even though you do not play the game.
  • The graphics design is really cute. It attracts everyone to play it.


  • It is kinda repetitive. What you have to do is click, click and click. We do not recommend this one for the hardcore gamer.
  • The ads are really annoying when you play this. A pop-up appears when you click your restaurant the first time you log-in.


Rating 7.5

This game actually has a good potential. It will shine even more if the developer takes good care of it. Up until now, we still play this one. We do not why it is really attractive. It makes us keep coming back to this game. If you curious about it, just download the game for free on Play Store. That is all about Foodpia Tycoon review, let us know if you have any question about this game.


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