Lately, MMORPG becomes really popular on a smartphone. NetEase, the new developer of gaming world created a new online RPG called Crusaders of Light. We are sure only some of you who ever heard this one. It is no wonder because this game recently published. Do not need to worry, we will give you Crusaders of Light review to offer you all the information you need about this.


Crusader of Light indeed is an interesting game which every gamer can enjoy. This one is similar like MMORPG on PC. So, for a veteran player who see this one for the first time will know the similarity.

Battle System

crusaders of light gameplay

There is no big different like another MMORPG. There is six active skill panel which you can unleash to destroy your enemy instantly. After you used the skill, it will be in a cool-down state. In this case, you can fight use your basic attack. Tap repeatedly to execute a combo. The bigger the combo chain, you will get an awesome reward in the end of the stage. You can also lock onto the enemy. So, wherever they go, you can follow it instantly. The battle in this game is really crowded, many monsters will gather to attack you all at once. Sometimes is quite disturbing and your focus will get distracted. It is required to plan your strategy before you meet many monsters.


crusaders of light dungeon

For the dungeon gameplay, you need to gather 4 players to enter this one. Usually, your objective in this place is to gather resources items and hunt the rare one. Of course, you can enter this place alone but it is quite dangerous. Remember, this is a MMORPG, you need to take this chance to invite your friends to accompany your journey to make it easier. There are many varieties of the dungeon which you can explore with your friends. At the end of it, you will face against a powerful boss. Sometimes, the boss will drop a rare item or material. Do not forget to bring a healing item before you enter this creepy place.


crusaders of light raid

The raid mode in this game is insane. It features up to 40 players can join the war at once. Raid is the best place for players to get a lot of EXP and rare item from each boss. In order to play this mode, the minimal players are 8 including the host. Do not feel surprised when you see the huge HP of the monsters. Teamwork is really important in the raid. You must explain to other members their own role. For example, some player uses a buff and healing the injured characters. As for the rest, they focus on attacking the monster. You can also toggle the double speed animation to make the animation run quicker than normal. We almost forgot, there are two types of difficulties you can choose, normal and heroic. Choose the higher difficulty to earn a better reward.


You can fight against a real player when you touch this in the main menu. If you want to test your skill this is the best place to do that. Because you fight against the real player, not an NPC which have a similar pattern. What we do not like this mode is a time limit. So, when both players are still standing and the time is over. The one who has a higher HP will become the winner. This is quite annoying if you find a player who always running away after they attack you.

Features of the Game

There are many interesting features in this game like class evolution, pets system, and much more. What kind of awesomeness this one offer you? We have the answer below.

Class Evolution

For the first time you begin the game, you need to choose three basic class in order to proceed to the world of light. The class which you can choose are Warrior, Ranger, or Mystic. You can evolve each class to get a better status and unique skill. It is not easy to acquire the advanced class. You need to level up your hero and acquired a special item to evolve the class.

Pet System

crusaders of light pet

MMORPG without any pet system is futile. You will not get the pet for the first time you play this game. You need to reach a certain level of your character in order to unlock this great features. Believe it or not, the pet is really useful. It will buff your entire teammates and give you a regen skill (Not all pet have this kind of effect). Upgrade your pet to make it stronger. This game allows you to make your pet become a vehicle. This is a great way to escape from the enemy’s attack. Only a certain pet which can do that.

Gear Up

This is a great feature which allows you to implement a gem into your gear. It will boost your gear performance to the max. The gems also have the rarity from common until legendary. It is really hard to get the gems. You need to finish an special objective which only appears suddenly on the stage or you can finish it through the daily quest. But, you have to remember, the gem you get from the daily quest is not really great. It is just the common one.

Timed Events

This is the special quest for the player who wants to get better resources. Because of this limited time event, you need to complete it as soon as possible after you found it. the reward which you get from this quest is really great. Try this one immediately guys to make your characters become stronger right away.


Crusaders of Light is the best MMORPG out there. Many players satisfied when playing this. We also do not have any regret while trying this one. The first time, we also doubt this game. But, as a good gamer do not think like that. Play this game and decide this one is good or bad.


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