Playing War Robots is extremely hard if you do not know the mechanism behind it. We are sure you have difficulties when the first time playing this game. Do not need to worry, we already made a simple guide for this game to speed up your progress. For beginners player or veteran, you can follow this to know more about it.

Robots Guide

In the beginning of the game, it will be hard to choose the suitable robot for the first time. We will tell you the most suitable one for you right now.

Choose Light Robots

war robots light robots

The first robot which suitable for beginners player is the light one. It will move quite faster and easy to control. The negative effects you will not do much damage using this. We think this is not a big problem. There are three types of robot in this game, light, medium, and heavy. Just master the control to move the robot because it becomes your greatest assets in action game like this.

Weapon is the Top Priority

war robots weapon

Do not upgrade any part of your robot for the first time. Focus on the weapon part in the beginning. Remember, you use the light robot which inflicts a small amount of damage. That is why the weapon upgrade is your top priority.

Combat Guide

The battle in this game is quite harsh. If you cannot adapt really well in the battlefield, you will get destroy immediately.

Check Your Opponent Status

When the battle begins, you can check out the opponent’s robot status. From the attack power and weapon. This is really helpful to know what type your opponent’s robot. If you find the robot is quite strong, avoid it immediately. Plan your countermeasure after seeing the enemy status.

Regarding Your Ammo

Each weapon has their own ammo. Do not fire up randomly, it will waste all your ammo resources for sure. We know you feel surprised when seeing an enemy in front of you. When you meet them do not shoot. Lure the enemy to the place which can cover your robot. After that, this is the right time to launch a counter-attack to save up your ammo.

Avoid Stronger Enemy

We will tell you beforehand, avoid stronger enemy is a must. It does not matter if you have a perfect skill to avoid the attack. The important one is your weapon power. If your power is not enough, we do not need to tell you what will happen to your robot. Keep a safe distance from your opponent is the best method you can do. Do not feel shame while you run away. There is some battle which required you to run away rather than face the enemy.

Do a Sneak Attack

war robots sneak attack

This strategy only applies when you use the light robot. Because when you want to do this kind of attack, speed becomes the top priority. If you cannot move quickly, you are the one who will face the rain of bullets from the enemy. If you enter a stage where you can see a building, it will become your base camp to execute a sneak attack. Order your teammate to lure the enemy into your position and shoot it down from behind.

Stage Guide

When you enter the battle stage, there are some aspects which you need to know before you can launch an attack. Follow our method to get the perfect result.


Before you go to the battlefield. There is a session called pre-battle. Here, you can manage your robot before going out. Remember to upgrade your robot parts while you have enough gold. Especially the weapon part, this is the most important one to inflict more damage. We all know how hard to get the gold in this game but upgrading your robot weapon is a must. Even though you need to sacrifice your main currency a lot in the end.

Spawn Point

When you died in the battlefield, your robot will spawn to the specific point of the area. You will notice a countdown on your robot head. At this state, you cannot do anything except to move your camera to look around. We really recommend you to take advantages of it while you still have the chance. From there, you can plan a counterattack to the enemy. That is the thing you must do at all cost. Also, your opponent cannot attack your robot while inside the respawn point.

Capture a Beacon

war robots beacon

For the player who can defend their beacon, they become the winner in this game. For your information, a beacon in this game like a red signal which you need to defend at all cost from the enemy attack. Capture or defend the beacon is already become the main mission of War Robots. For that reason, you need to work together with your team. Divide all your team member to the area where you need to defend the beacon. As for the rest, attack the enemy’s beacon.

Useful Guide

Before we end the session, we have a useful guide which you can follow right away.

  • Beacon rush is the best mode to obtain a lot of gold. In order to get it, you need to capture the beacon right away ( At least 3 of them)
  • There are many supply boxes scatter around the map. Be sure to check out your map to know the item whereabout.
  • Always look at the map to find the enemy base camp. Also, you can see an incoming enemy attack from it.
  • Purchase a robot from the shop is a good idea. You will get a high rarity robot from it along with bonus parts which you can use to upgrade your beloved robot.


What do you think about War Robots guide for beginners? Is it helpful to enrich your knowledge about this game? If the answer is yes, we really happy about that. After you understand the mechanism behind this, there is nothing you afraid of anymore. Last but not least, if you want more information about this one, just click the review right away.


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