Robots game recently becomes really phenomenal. We are sure you are one of the fans of it. Recently we found a great robot game again on Play Store after Super Mechs. Do you know about War Robots? We are sure only some of you who heard about this game. That is why we provide the review about it right away.

About the Game

War Robots is an action game developed by Pixonic in 2014. This is one of the greatest robot game available on the smartphone. The reason is the graphics which is using 3D technology rather than 2D what makes this become the greatest. This game both available on Android and iOS. Actually, the gameplay is really great but we do not know why is not really famous. For your information, mobile gamer tends to play a game which can make them relaxed and refreshed. Not a game like this one who makes them think deeply the best strategy to win.


war robots gameplay

If you are looking for a great action game probably this one is the best. When a battle begins, you will find a huge map which you need to explore to know about the terrain of your surroundings. Do not ever think about charge onto the enemies without thinking. It is a suicide because your robot movement is quite slow. Especially when you play the game for the first time. Not only that but also when your robot gets a damage on the leg and arms, it will slow down your robot and cannot participate effectively in the battle. There are a pit stops in each area which you can use to recover your robot

Game Mode

There are many modes in this game which you can try right away without unlocking it. This is a great benefit for the smartphone game. Usually, when you play an online game like this on mobile, you need to reach specific account level in order to unlock it. But, this one is different.


This is the main mode of this game. There are two types of matches here, Capture a beacon or kill all the enemies. Of course, the easiest one is to kill all the enemies. Capture the beacon is quite hard. Because your opponent will guard it all the time. You can launch a sneak attack to get it actually. It is required a good strategy to execute that kind of attack. First of all, your robot will spawn in the specific point of the map and begin the stage (Applies for both game modes). Each player will have their own spawn point, so use it to recover your HP all the time when you need it. This is a team battle, you need to work together with your partner to achieve the victory.

Beacon Rush

war robots beacon rush

Actually, this is not really different with Domination mode. This one specializes in Capture the Beacon. What makes it different, you can choose the allies you want to add for your party. Not only choose the allies but also you place them on any map that you like. So, it does not matter if they do not start on the spawn point. Actually, this one is like a double-edged sword which can kill your allies quickly if you place it near the enemy base camp. Keep your eyes open all the time.

Custom Matches

We think this is the best mode which this one offer. it will let you choose a map and the game mode. This is a great mode for the player when they play this for the first time. Do forget, this one support multiplayer gameplay. Do you what it means, right? You can play with your friends. Unfortunately, you will not get any gold or silver from it (The currencies of the game). Because of that, this mode will disable all the repair damage. This is the most suitable for training and have fun with your friends.


war robots hangar

The last game mode on the game. This one becomes your base camp to take care your own robot. Here, you can customize the weapon and upgrade all you want without any limit. You can also find a daily mission which you can complete to earn a great reward. Be sure do not miss this great chance. For your information, you can change your robot frame to look cooler than ever. The robot frame you obtained for the first time is really lame. Also, it easily gets destroyed by the enemy.

Graphics Quality

The graphics look like a PC game. The 3D quality is top notch along with the great details of the environment. You will not regret to see an outstanding graphics which make you melt. We give a thumbs up for the developer for the graphics quality. They can produce the magnificent scenery in this game.


  • It is a great robot game to play on mobile.
  • Customize your own robot is really fun.
  • The multiplayer mode is awesome. Especially when you play it with your friends.
  • Realistic damage. It means when your robot gets the damage on arm or leg, they firepower will decrease rapidly and hard to move around.


  • Like usual smartphone game which needs an In-App-Purchase to get something quickly. For free players, you will need to work harder.
  • If your smartphone RAM is quite low, it will be hard to handle this game. At least you need 2 GB of RAM in order play this game smoothly.
  • It is quite hard to collect silver and gold. You need to play it regularly and complete the mission within the time limit to obtain it.
  • There is a bug in the Beacon Rush mode. Sometimes you will spawn to a different place from your spawn point.


Are you looking for a great robot game? If so, you already find it here. War Robots review can enrich your knowledge about this robot game. You will find many modes which make you addicted to this game even more. The customization also becomes the main factor to make you play this all the time.


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