Smartphone game really popular right now. And one of them is Super Mechs. It is nominated become the famous one Play Store. We are sure you are one of the fans out there. Because of the popularity, we decided to make a review about this. Is it that good? Only you who can find the truth through our review.


The gameplay is really simple, you will battle one on one using a robot (Mechs). There are many commands you can execute for your robot. Even though you only battle one opponent, you need to be cautious all the time. You do not know what kind of counterattack your opponent does. In order to defeat the enemy, you need to reduce its HP to zero. Remember, each of your guns has an ammo, as for the laser it uses an energy system. You need to have a good strategy to save up your ammo. The movement of the robot is quite slow which is really annoying. It will hard to avoid enemy attack. Do not need to worry, you can upgrade your Robot to move quickly.


super mechs customization

Here, you can fully customize your robot from the head, body, arm, and leg. Of course, you can also change the equipment. It is not funny if you cannot do it. In order to get the robot part either you hunt it on campaign mode or arena. Do not forget about your robot weight. If it over the limit capacity, your robot will move slower and the power of the gun will be half. The default weight is 1000 KG. Later on, you can upgrade it.


super mechs upgrade

If you feel powerless against the enemy’s robot. It is the sign you need to upgrade your own robot. It will cost a huge amount of coins depending on the upgrade. You can also enhance your robot weight. As for the first time, we suggest you focus on increasing your weapon damage. Ignore all the robot parts because the weapon is the most important thing in the beginning.

Game Modes

For you who curious what kind of mode await you in this game, just check out all the information you need below.


super mechs campaign

The main mode of this game. There are seven sections and each of them contains four area you must complete before move further. Also, there is some area which you have to beat many robots at once. It is quite difficult because you have limited ammo. You need to be ready to see a rain of bullets pour down onto your robot. A good evasive skill is required in order to become a master in this mode. You can also bring an item such as healing modules or the one which can reload all your ammo back.


super mechs arena

The challenging mode and the greatest one in our opinion. After you touch the Arena icon, you need to choose three option, there are 1V1, 2V2, and 3V3. If you want to test your strength, just choose one on one battle against a real player to test your might. You will not face against the real player regularly, sometimes it changes into NPC robot. It all depends on the connection though. If you have the bad one, it will force you to battle against NPC. If you manage to win in the Arena, you will earn a great reward from it. That is why you need to do the best.


super mechs clan

This game also has a clan. The function is same like a Guild. You can build your own or join another one. Usually, when you want to join the strongest clan, you need to fulfill the requirements. There are many conditions you need to clear such as your character’s level and your robot power. For some of you who want to create the clan, it will cost around 5000 coins. This one is really important because you can find a shop here which sell an exclusive item. Not only that but also you can participate in the clan battle.

Graphics Quality

We are sure there are some of you who do not like the graphics very much. This game uses a 2D graphics engine. It is quite old and does not fit the image of today games quality. But, as a good gamer, we cannot only see the graphics. There are still many aspects what makes this one really great. Overall, the graphics are quite awesome. The details are really outstanding if you pay attention into it.

The Good

  • A unique shooting game using a robot
  • Many customizations. Create your own unique robot right away
  • Requires a lot of strategies to play. For example like your ammo capacity, you need to think how to overcome any problem with limited ammo.
  • PVP, this is already a good reason why most people play an online game. Become the strongest one by beating your opponent.

The Bad

  • IAP (In-App-Purchase). This is a good reason why most people hate smartphone game right now. The price is really expensive, only some people who can buy it. 
  • The Arena system sometimes is not fair. You will face against an enemy which stronger than you.
  • It is quite hard to get the parts. The drop rate really annoying. The best place only in the Arena which you can get it regularly.
  • There is a bug in Campaign mode. The only solution either you uninstall or restart the game again.


4 out of 5

For a robot game, this is absolutely the best one in Play Store. But, there are some factors what makes this game really annoying”

Final Thoughts

If you are looking the best robot game on the mobile device, Super Mechs is one of them. It offers all the player complex gameplay. Through the complexity, you will enjoy the spectacular experience. The reason why many people play this game is about the PVP mode and customization. It is really enjoyable to see your own robot creation. That is all about Super Mechs review. Hopefully, it can cure your curiosity about this. See you all again on the next game guys!



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