When Begin a new Pokemon game, we will confuse which one is the best starter Pokemon for our team. Most people will stuck in this part and cannot do anything. Actually, it is better if you have three of them. But, it is impossible if you do not have any friends to trade it. That is why we decided to create Pokemon Sun & Moon guide to choose the best starter Pokemon.

Starter Pokemon

Like always, this game will present you 3 Pokemon as the starter. We will give you full details about the ability along with starter evolution. Choose your dream Pokemon right away.


The first one is rowlet the bird Pokemon. Actually, we are a little bit surprised about this Pokemon. Because this is the first time for flying Pokemon becomes a starter. This miracle never happens before. So, you do not need to catch any birds Pokemon again in the beginning of the game.

Evolution Line

pokemon sun and moon rowlet evolution

Rowlet (Grass/Flying) » Dartrix (Grass/Flying) » Decidueye (Grass/Ghost)

Recommended Moves

  • Leaf Blade: This is a good move for grass Pokemon. It tends to deal critical hits. If you are lucky, this move you can beat opponent’s Pokemon in one turn.
  • Brave Bird: As for the flying type, Brave Bird is the best one. Even though Half of HP become the sacrifice, this is the most powerful flying type move.
  • Spirit Shackle: The ghost type move. This is exclusive move only for Decidueye. What we like from this one is about the accuracy reached 100%. It means this attack cannot miss.
  • Giga Impact: Unfortunately, you need to look for a TM (Technical Machine) in order to get it. This Pokemon cannot learn the move except you use TM to learn it. Giga Impact is the most powerful normal type move. It is up to you wants to use it or not. This one only a precaution if you find a strong Pokemon.

The Reason Why You Should Choose This Pokemon

We think Rowlet is a good starter Pokemon. It all thanks to the dual type which are grass and flying. This is really helpful when you begin your adventures for the first time. Most trainer will use bug or grass Pokemon in the beginning. That is why flying type move is really recommended. After you reached final evolution which is Decidueye, this Pokemon will shine even more. Not only obtain high power boost but also the type will also change into Grass and Ghost. Say goodbye to the normal Pokemon type because their attack cannot affect Decidueye.


This Pokemon is kinda cute. This is not an appropriate image for a fire type Pokemon actually. But, for the attack power, this is the strongest starter Pokemon for sure. Let us see what this cat capable of.

Evolution Lines

pokemon sun and moon litten evolution

Litten (Fire) » Dartrix (Fire) » Incineroar (Fire/Dark)

Recommended Moves

  • Flare Blitz: The powerful fire move. This one will leave a Burn status to the enemy’s Pokemon. Although it is not 100% the chance is quite high. As the compensation by using this move, your Pokemon also get the damage (Half HP).
  • Outrage: When we level up this Pokemon, We do not know this one can learn a Dragon type move. Of course, we keep it immediately. Outrage indeed the best Dragon type move. Do not forget the side effects from using this. You will be in confused state after using it for 2-3 times.
  • Cross Chop: The third move without a doubt is Cross Chop. Any normal type Pokemon you face will get destroy immediately because of this. Unfortunately, the accuracy of this move is quite low. So, the chance hitting the opponent’s is quite low.
  • Darkest Lariat: An exclusive move only for Incinerator. If you are looking for a best dark type move for this Pokemon, Darkest Lariat is a perfect choice. You will get it automatically after you evolved Dartrix at level 34.

The Reason Why You Should Choose This Pokemon

We really recommend this Pokemon for your starter. Not only have the powerful attack power but also can learn varieties of the move. Can you find a Pokemon similar like this? Of course not. Fire and Dark type is a good combination to face against the Elite Four in Pokemon League.


The seals Pokemon. We are sure you already know the type of this one. It is a water type. This Pokemon specializes in magic attack or also known as a special attack in this game.

Evolution Lines

pokemon sun and moon poplio evolution

Popplio(Water) » Brionne (Water) » Primarina (Water/Fairy)

Recommended Moves

  • Sparkling Aria: Rather than Hydro Pump which has low accuracy. Sparkling Aria is the best water type move. Although the attack power not really high is already enough to beat fire type Pokemon.
  • Moonblast: When your Popplio evolve into Primarina, you will get powerful fairy type move which is Moonblast. This is the best move when you fighting against Dragon type.
  • Misty Terrain: This is the support move you must learn at all cost. It increases your special defense for two stage. In case you find a powerful Pokemon, this one is the best choice to defend against it.
  • Hyper Voice: The reason why we choose it because it can remove buff of enemy Pokemon. The attack power of this move is quite high. You do not need to worry anymore as long as you have this.

The Reason Why You Should Choose This Pokemon

For the first time, we can choose Fairy type as the starter. For you who do not know, this type is the newest one in Pokemon universe. First introduced in X & Y series. If you decide to choose Primarina as your partner, you can counter any Dragon type move because it is weak against Fairy type.

Final Words

We are sure you already decided which the suitable starter for you. For all of you who want to get all the starter, you need to have two 3DS consoles in order to transfer the Pokemon. Another solution is to ask your friend to do it. Last but not least, we have a special present for you. It is about catching the Tapu Pokemon. If you have difficulties against them, we already prepared the guide. Just see it to solve your problem.


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