Not Doppler, the publisher of this game did really well to introduce a new genre of racing game. Here, you will not race against another competitor but you will destroy each other by using your high-tech car. Attach a powerful weapon like gun and missile to power-up your car. To make your Crash of Cars gameplay more perfect than ever, we provide you the best guide which helps your progress in this game.

Weapon Guide

Here, we will tell you the best weapon which you can attach to your car. Remember, even though you have a powerful one it does not mean you become the best immediately. There is some aspect which can lead you to victory. For example is the item effect. Below is the best weaponry to support your car in the battlefield.

Front Cannon

front cannon

The first item which you get when begin your adventure in this game. Do not insult this cannon. Although this weapon is quite weak in the term of power, the effect is quite powerful enough to destroy another car. This one will shoot four cannonballs in every direction. If you upgrade it, the amount of the cannonballs are increased rapidly. This cannon is really wonderful, especially when you are a type of racer who like attacking more.


crash of car boost

The important function of this item allows you to escape from danger. Especially when you find a powerful opponent which you cannot beat face to face. Boost will give you a speed booster to run from any opponent. There is also an alternative to use the booster such as ram your car to the opponent’s car. As the result, they will get a powerful blow which can destroy them in one hit.


You will see some kind of white object when you equip it to your car. It will active for a short period of time. To increase the remaining time of the shield, an upgrade is needed.  This one will protect you from the damage such as cannonballs, missile, laser and so on. Not only that but also when your car accidentally falls off into the water or cliff. You need to be cautious if the enemy has a weapon which can freeze your car. There are no other ways to unfreeze it. The only thing you can do is only wait for a while.


When you activate this one, a white portal will appear in front of your car. If you enter it, you will teleport a few feet away (straight lines). It works wonderfully when you teleport behind a group of enemy. You can instant kill all of them from behind. To make it more perfect, the front cannon is the best one to do the job.

Land Mine

crash of cars land mines

If you can master on how to use this weapon, it will become your best buddy in the battlefield. You need to have a good timing when using this one. It will not explode immediately after you put it in the ground (2 secs required). Do not forget you will also get the damage from the explosion. That is why run as fast as possible after planting it in the ground.

Arena Guide

crash of cars arena

Arena mode, this is where all the best competitor appeared. If you are not careful, you die instantly without any prior notice. Do not need to worry, we already created the guide which can help you to win. This is the right time to show your true power.

Stay Away From Crowds

Do you notice an arrow which indicates the opponent’s car? If you see that, do not go there yet before planning a strategy to beat them. If you insist to charge the opponent, we sure your car will become the sacrifice. The good plan is required such as bring a teleporter and front cannon to beat them right away without leaving any trace.

Master the Control of Your Car

When you find an enemy which has a good weaponry, we sure you confused and scared what you must do to avoid it. The best option you can do is to master the control of your car. Learn how to stop and reverse your car. This is quite important guys to avoid all kind of obstacles ahead. Timing is also crucial to do it.

Select the Best Weapon

Before you enter the arena. Check out all the weapon which installed on your car. If you confuse which one is the best one, just see the weapon recommendation above to help you choose the best. For your information, this one becomes the important factors to achieve your victory in the arena.

Do not Forget to Upgrade Your Weapon

There are some people who feel lazy to upgrade their own weapon. Of course, we do not blame you for doing that. It is a normal situation where people forget to take care their own weaponry in this game. Here, we notify you to upgrade your items in case you forget about it. Upgrade it until level 5 is enough to destroy all the opponents.

Keep Practicing

Everyone must know practice is a key to victory. Of course, it is applied in this game. We manage to become the top in Arena because we keep practicing. Do not do it with NPC, a real player is more helpful. Just asked your friend to help you. You can learn a lot from it. NPC will only have one pattern, they will follow you anywhere and shoot. If it is not hit the target they will do all the same trick all over again. But, if you face against the real player they will not do that.

Final Words

Playing this game is quite a bit tricky if you do not know the mechanism. That is why we offer you Crash of Cars guide. Hopefully, this one can help you to win in the Arena and choose the best weapon for your own car. Last but not least, if you are interested to know more about this game, just check out the review of it right away.


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