The newest Resident Evil game released by Capcom. For your information, this one is different from the previous series. RE 7 will focus on the mystery puzzle rather than shooting a horde of zombies. If you are looking the best mystery game, This one can satisfy your gaming needs. To make it more complete we present you the tips how to survive in this game.

Survival Tips

Here, we will tell you the best ways how to survive in this game. There are some aspects you need to know before you proceed even further in the game. If you can master the tips which we give you, the survival rate of your character in the game is 100%. 

Item Stocks

resident evil 7 items

It is already a normal thing in most RE games. Items are your true enemy rather than the zombie. Believe it or not, it is really hard to find the item such as herbs, ammo and so on. Especially ammo is the hardest one. Remember it is not about FPS game anymore but it is a horror mystery game. That is why when you meet a zombie, think about your ammo. Do not shoot if it really needed to save your ammo. You can also use a knife instead to conserve it. Now, you already know items are such a jerk in RE. The good strategy is required to play this.

Watch Your Back

Zombie can come anytime they like. Whether it is from the front or back. That is why you need to watch out your back especially when you walk into a very dark place. Always put on your knife or gun (If you have enough ammo left). If you are just walking around without watch out your surrounding, you will know what will happen to you. We know the game BGM will notify you if something strange is following you. But, it can pop-up anywhere without any prior notice. If you want to keep surviving, just walk slowly but surely and keep your eyes on.

Run When is Needed

When you fight against the zombie which is hard to defeat. Just run away to save your life. Do not act like a hero to beat it because it is really hard. Think like this, your gun is unaffected there is nothing you can do anymore. So, the only solution is run faster as fast as possible to avoid this ugly creature. Do not feel shame about running from the enemy. You can go back again to take a revenge when you get a better weapon.

Collect Certain Items to Upgrade Your Health Bar

resident evil box

The last tips from us to survive in this game. Upgrade your health bar is needed or we can say for sure it is a must thing to do in this game. In order to upgrade your health bar permanently, a specific item is required. Usually, you can find the unknown item in the locked box which requires a key to open. Not only upgrade the health bar but also increase the capacity of your item storage.

Combat Tips

When the combat begins, there is a few tricks you can apply to make the combat easier. Because there is some zombie which requires a complicated strategy like shooting their head in order to defeat it.

Aim the weaknesses of the Zombie


We sure you know the weakness of the zombie is head except for the boss. In order to get the maximum damage, a headshot is required. There are some enemies who cover their head. When they doing so, you need to think how to shoot the head. Relax guys, there must be a way to do it.

Slow Down the Enemies


Zombie is already well known by its slow movement. But, in this game is different. There is some of them who walk quite fast and it is really troublesome. There is a way to slow it down. Just simply shoot their leg to make it quite slow. If you dare, use Knife to finish it off once and for all. We recommend you avoid if the zombie is quite hard to beat. It is only waste all your ammo.

Reload While Sprint

This tips only apply for a boss battle. When you begin combat against it, you need to shoot it down as fast as you can while avoiding the attack. That is the difficult one, especially when you out of ammo. You need to stop for a moment to reload your ammo. This game is different from another shooting genre, you can reload your ammo anytime you want. And the best time to do it when you sprint to avoid the boss attack.

There is no Splash Damage

It means when you use grenade launcher you will not get the effect damage. So, when you use the weapon, just take a position near the enemy. It will increase the accuracy of the gun for sure. Thanks to this, you can plant a bomb near you and lure the zombie.

Safe room is Pretty Useful

safe room

For some people who do not want to battle against the zombie. The function of the safe room is really useful for them. In some are you visit there is some safe room which you can use to take a shelter. Just wait for a while and go out. The zombie will go away without any trace. While waiting, you can manage your item or look at the map which your next destination.

Final Words

Indeed Resident Evil 7 is one of the challenging game out there. You need to have a good strategy when playing this game. If you are a type of people who just breakthrough all the obstacles without thinking. It will be hard to survive in this game. Do not forget there are many puzzles you need to solve in order to move ahead. All the things which you find scattered on the floor or cabinet are the key to solve it. To make the game more complete, we also provide you the review of it. If you are the fans of the horror mystery genre, see it at all cost. Hopefully, our Resident Evil 7 tips can help you to play the game smoothly without any obstacles.


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