The popular smartphone over the past years. Everyone who loves mobile game must know about a game called Coin Master. The unique game which exclusively released on mobile. So, what kind of gameplay which offers you? Is it interesting? Find out the review of it on our website right now. All the review here is based on our opinion and we already played the game before.

About the Game

The developer also the publisher of the game, Moon Active did really well bring this game to the Android and iOS. The unique gameplay which this one offer is really superb. Thanks to that, all the players shift their attention to Coin Master. In our opinion, this game is really good and make you forget about the time you spend playing it. This one already downloaded by millions of people all over the world. This is quite an achievement. Do not worry, it is still getting the constant update from the developer.


Without a doubt, the first one is about gameplay aspects. At the first glance, it is quite boring when you look at the trailer or the gameplay on Youtube. We cannot blame you for thinking like that. But, before you try it for yourself you will not know how great this game is. Here, we will divide the gameplay from three aspects from the machine, Steal others village, Raid and Pet.

The Slot Machine

slot machine

Your main activity in this game without a doubt is to spin the slot machine. There are many commands you can execute from the slot machine. Now, pay attention below the instruction for the commands which you get from it.


If you get three hammers on your slot machine, it means you can attack another player’s village.


We sure you already know what the function of it. Your village is protected for the other player for one attack. Even though you spin the slot machine again the effects still remaining before the player attack your village. So, do not worry the shield effect is replaced by another one.

Pig Icon

You can steal a lot of coins from your friend’s village. The chance to get the pig face is really slim. But, if you get it consider you a lucky person.

Coins Icon

The last one is a coin icon. We do not need to explain what will you receive from this icon, right? Per coin, the value is 1000. Moreover, if you get three of them, the reward will rise even more. Be ready to become the richest person in this game.

Steal Your Friend’s Village Coins

steal coins

The fun activity from the game is about stealing the coins. If you want to make other’s player poor, this is the best method to do. You have 3 chances to steal the coins. The amount you get is random, so pray regularly to get the mass amount of coins. Do not forget, this rule also applies to another player. So, you need to be careful. Even though the only thing you can do to protect your village is only getting the shield effect from the slot machine.

Attacking Your Friend’s Village

attacking village

If you get three hammers in the slot machine. It is the right time for you to attack your friend’s village. You can also get the reward which is coins. But, that is not the real benefits. The real one is your friend cannot attack another village. It is quite awesome especially if you only have a few friends. You can relax stealing your friend’s coins while they are cannot do anything about it. This is the right time to plan all the evil things from your mind.

Pets System

the pets

The new update from the developer. The pet system in this game really makes the game more fun than before. It has many functions such as give your coin boost (Get more coins from stealing and attacking others village), protect your own village, and extra chance in the slot machine. Before that, there are some requirements you need to fulfill in order to get the pets. Choose your best supporter right away.

Graphics Quality

There is nothing special. But, the 2D animation from this game is quite awesome. The art also quite details. The graphics really simple yet beautiful. If you are a type of gamer who likes simpleness, this game really suitable for you.

BGM (Background Music)

The BGM itself is quite good. It really supports the game quite well. Especially when you begin your attack to another village, the beat from the BGM is really good to support the situation. We do not have any complaint about this one.

Pros and Cons

The game offers you the unique gameplay The Spin chance only 5. You need to wait half of the day to wait for the cool down.
It is really enjoyable to make fun of your friends (Stealing and attacking) The chance to get the pig icon and hammer icon is really slim.
You do not need to use IAP (In-App-Purchase). The main currency of the game which is coin is easy to get. You need a luck factor in this game. Believe it or not, if you feel today is your worst day do not open the game. Because it will affect your performance in the game.
Makes all of you addicted when playing it. Mostly about the attacking and stealing. You cannot do anything if you do not have any Spin chance on the slot machine. Make this game become unplayable.


Final thought About Coin Master

Indeed game like this is a unique one. But, after you play for a while, the weaknesses of this game appears. Other than that, this one is perfect to fill in your free time. Hopefully, our Coin Master review can help you to understand the mechanism and all the aspects of the game. If you really like this game, do not forget to buy the In-App-Purchase. Do not take it on the wrong way, it is only to support the developer to make this game more awesome than before.


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