A car often used for racing. That is why there are so many racing games out there. Actually, it is not the only thing that it can do. A car can also be used for a combat. It is that you will find in Crash of Cars. This amazing game is quite similar to the like of Twisted Metal game on PlayStation 1 and 2 where destroying other player’s car is our main target. Now, to get more information about this game, just check out Crash of Cars review below.

App Details

Publisher Not Doppler
Release Date April 10, 2017
Genre Arcade
Size 187 MB
Price Free (in-app purchase is available)



Crash of Cars is a 3D arcade game and it is all about crashing and destroying each other to get a lot of crowns. In the very beginning, we will be served with a short tutorial about how to control the car where we just need to tap the left or right of the screen to turn the car’s direction and it will run on its own (automatically). And if we want to go backward, we just need to hold both sides of the screen.

During the combat, we will meet arsenal of weaponry such as cannon, rocket launcher, laser, and much more in which we can use to arm ourselves and blow up our opponents. This game is able to be played both online and offline. We can still play this game although we are out of internet connection.

In online mode, we will compete against the other real players to become the winner while in the offline mode, we will face the computer-controlled opponents. But, we cannot underestimate the AI opponents because they are not as lame as we can expect. The opponents here are quite smart where they will hunt the one with the most crown during the game.

There is no story behind this clash or reason why we are destroying each other. The only thing that we will know is just playing, winning, progressing, and acquiring new cars, that is it. The gameplay is just that simple.

Game Modes

This game now has two kinds of modes and we can choose which mode that we would like to play. Each mode has a different way to play and below here, we would like to explain it a little.

Crown Mode

In this mode, we just need to collect as many crowns as we can and stand as long as you can. We can get that crown by beating the other opponents. Once we are beaten or explode, that means the end of our game and we will earn some Coins from the number of the crowns that we have collected during the game.

Eight maps are available in this mode such as the mine, narrow, and fortune harbor. We just need to choose one of it and we will be joined the other players automatically so we do not need to wait for the others to come.

Private Match

This one is a new mode in Crash of Cars game. Here, the point is still the same like in the Crown mode. There is only one difference between these two modes. In Private Match, we can create our own room and play with our friends only. But, we can add some bots to make the game more challenging.

Game Features

Crash of Cars has a lot of features that make the game more interesting to play. And below here, are some of the features that we are talking about.

Six Map to Choose

In order to get into the battlefield, we have to choose a map first. Here, there are six maps that we can choose such as the playground, desert, and much more. Each map is different from one to another. So, it is not just the theme which different, but the whole thing on the map.

More than Thirty Unique Cars to be Unlocked and Collected

Lots of cars are available in this game so we can unlock and collect them all. The car has a unique design such as the truck, container, school bus, ice cream truck, SUV, and even tank are here. Each car has a different rank or class which differentiate into four classes, common, rare, heroic, and legendary. The higher the class of the car, the better the ability it has.

More than Thirty Cool Skins to be Applied on Our Car

In this game, we can change our cars’ skin by changing its old skin with the new one. We can get the skin by buying it from the store. There are a lot of skins that we can choose start from the standard, premium, elite, and special skin.

Weapons Upgrade

We can also upgrade the weaponry that we will find in the match. Upgrading the weaponry is really helpful because we can destroy our opponents much easier. The damage of each weapon that we have upgraded will be increased according to its level.

Missions to Clear

There are three missions that we can complete on each day. The missions are quite challenging because we have to do some things like collecting 10 crowns in one game, hit 20 enemies in total, and still much more. When we clear each mission, it will give us 15 Coins for free as the reward.


The graphics of this game is really great and so colorful. Each battle map has its own theme such as the moon, water park, jungle, castle, and much more. The cars also have a unique design that makes this game more enjoyable to play.


The background music sounds really good and suits the game. The weapon and explosive sounds are so realistic. It is like the real sound that we heard in the battlefield. Furthermore, the cars’ sound is different from one to another which is very good because it will not make us bored to hear just the same sound for every car.

Final Words

Crash of Cars is an exciting arcade game that is easy and addictive to play. Overall, it is good to be played because we can spend our spare time and relieve our stress by destroying other player’s car. So, do not forget to try this game after you read our review.


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