Hey guys, how are you today? It seems you are in a great condition to start your day. Previously, you already read Hay Day review from us. What do you think about it? Is it a good game, right? We sure you decide to play it immediately. Oh yeah, this is the greatest chance to present you the tips that might help you play the game. If you want to become the best farmer in this game and earn many coins in a quick way, keep your attention to the Hay Day Tips.

Coins Tips

coin tips

We all know very well how hard to get coins in this game. Some of you must feel this one a lot when playing it. That already becomes the common problem for Hay Day players. But, from now on, you can get coins quickly. Is it real? Of course, it is. You need to see the details below.

Use Multiple Account Method

multiple account

When people play games like this, they usually do not aware to use their account like this. There are two ways you can do by having multiple accounts. Before we begin to reveal the secret, you need to create a new account. If you already have multiple one, choose one of them which you want to sacrifice. Let us begin the plan, in your main account you can sell your crop with a high price, and your secondary account will buy the crop. You can also do many various tasks to support your main account. If you are sure can manage the multiple accounts without any problem, why you do not try it to become the best farmer?

Selling Anything You do not Need

It is normal to sell your stuff if you do not use it anymore. This tips also apply in Hay Day game. Remember, your barn has limited storage. So, sell your useless items is a wise idea. You can also take advantages from Production Building. This is where the place you create your stuff to support your farm. Believe it or not, rather than you sell your wheat, milk, and egg. Just sell all the items where you produce from the production building. The rarer items you sell, the more coins fill in your pocket.

Newspaper is Your Best Friend

hay day newspaper

Some of you must not notice about this one. All you know about the newspaper is your best friend to buy cheap stuff. That is you can take advantage of it. We recommend you buy all the cheapest stuff from it. And then resell it again to gain the max price of the items. For your information, the newspaper is your best place to buy discount items. It is not a bad deal, right?

Opening Mystery Tool Box

mystery box hay day

Sometimes you will notice toolboxes lying around your field. In order to open the box, you need to offer some of your Diamonds. “Do not try this method if you have low in Diamonds”. The mystery box itself contains a lot of coins if you ready to sacrifice your Diamonds. Of course, it does not mean you will get the coins. You will also get various items which you can sell to your shop.

Farming Tips

farming tips

After we done about the coins problem. The next problem arises is about farming. All of you must think about the best method to manage your own farm. Here, we already prepared all the tips you may follow.

Hire Farm Helper

farm helper

If you already reached level 33, Rose and Ernest will come to your farm as the helper. Both of them happily help you to manage your own farm. If you do not have much time to play this game, depend on the helpers is a must. Remember, Rose and Earnest will not come to your farm automatically, you need to go to their farm first to order them. Thanks to them, you can manage your own farm effectively. Of course, it is free. That is why when you unlock this feature, use it immediately.

Greg’s House

greg's house

If you do not have crops left what can you do in this game? Of course, you cannot do your farming activity. That is why you can go to Greg’s house. He will sell the basic crops which you really need. Not only the crops but also another item which useful for your farm. Now, you already know what you need to if you do not have any crops left.

Plants Your Crops At Night

Everyone already knows manage your own farm in this game takes a long time. So, before you go to sleep, choose the crops you want to plant that take a long time to complete. After you already set it, just leave it until morning. When the sun rises, you will see the magical things. All your crops will grow instantly. We recommend you plant crops which take a short time to complete in the morning. When you play this game at night, your field will empty and you can plant the crops which have the slower growth rate.

Decorate Your Own Farm

hay day farm decoration

While you wait for your crops, why you do not decorate your own farm? Of course, decorating your own farm will take a long time and it is fun in its own way. After you complete, you can show off to your friends. If you want to become the best player in the game, manage your crops it is not enough. You also need to pay attention to your own farm.

Expand Your Farm

From level 22, you can expand your farm. This is the great news for all of you who want to plant more crops. Before that, you need Land deed and Mallet to expand your beloved farm. You can easily get the items from mystery boxes, Roadside shop, and town visitors. We recommend you keep both items. Do not sell it because it is quite rare to get. We know there are many ways to get the items, but the drop rate is quite annoying. For unlucky people, you need to cautious about this.

Hopefully, the Hay Day tips above can help you to play the game efficiently. For people who previously confused to play this game, we are sure this tips can help you to understand about the game mechanism. To make it more complete check out the guide also.


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