The main reason why people still plays Pokemon game is about the new Pokemon. Surely some of you feel like that when you anticipate the game. The latest works from Game-Freak is Sun and Moon series. How far do you go in this game? Do you already meet the strongest Pokemon that you dream of? If it is not, we can help you to fulfill your wishes to get the strongest one. We already made a list of the most powerful new Pokemon in Sun and Moon series. Without further ado, the list below can help you choose the best one for your team.



The Dragon and Fighting type Pokemon. You already know how powerful the Dragon type Pokemon is. That is why you do not need to doubt this Pokemon power. If you are having difficulty to choose a dragon type in this game, we recommend Kommo-o as your dragon Pokemon. You can also add moves like Draco Meteor and Dragon Claw to make it stronger.

How to Get it?

You can find it in Vast Pony Canyon. You will not meet Kommo-o but you will find its initial form, the named Jangmo-o.



If you are looking for a grass type Pokemon, Decidueye is the best choice for all of you. What makes this Pokemon so special because of the move called Spirit Shackle. It has 80 attack power and 100% accuracy. In other words, this move always hit the target. For a starter Pokemon which you choose for the beginning of the game, Decidueye is quite satisfying.

How to Get it?

There are two ways to get this Pokemon. First is you choose as your starter Pokemon or get the Pokemon through the online feature.



Of course, it is not complete if we are not included legendary Pokemon in this list. We decided to choose Solgaleo over Lunala. The reason why we choose this one because of the Dual types which are Steel and Physic. This is the first Pokemon who combine this types. The unique move like Sunsteel Strike which has 100 attack power. We sure you already know what will happen if opponent’s┬áPokemon hit by that move, right?

How to Get it?

Because this is a legendary Pokemon we talking about, of course, the developer of the game already prepared the special place to catch it. Altar of the Sunne is your destination to meet this lion king.

Ash Greninja

ash greninja

Previously in the Pokemon X & Y Greninja is quite a weak Pokemon. Its different in this game. This frog Pokemon can utilize its power to the maximum. The power even matches the legendary Pokemon. The move like Water Shuriken already powered up and it more deadly than ever. If you have difficulties choose a water Pokemon, Ash Greninja can be your water Pokemon partner.

How to Get it?

You need to have a demo version either Pokemon Sun or Moon. In the demo version, you will start by using Greninja as your starter Pokemon. We sure you notice there is a difference between usual Greninja. Yeah, the battle bond ability let you transform this one into Ash Greninja. Remember, only Greninja who have the Battle Bond ability who can transform into its new form. After you finished the demo, you can transfer this Pokemon to the full game.



This Pokemon can change into 18 alternate forms. Based on our opinion, Silvally is the most powerful Pokemon. Why? It can change into any type of Pokemon. You need a special item called “memory” to transform it. If you have a plan to catch the legendary Pokemon, bring this one to your party is a must. it can withstand any attack with the solid defense power. Do not forget the Multi-attack which can change the type of attack.

How to Get it?

Unfortunately, you cannot get Silvally immediately. You need to evolve Type: Null first. In order to get it, you need to go to the Aether Paradise. You do not need to catch is because you will get the Pokemon as a parting gift.



The bug type Pokemon. If you think bug type is a weak Pokemon, you must change your mind right away about this fact. In a glance, this one similar like Drapion, what makes it different only the body color. But, you need to be cautious with the First Impression move. This is the ridiculous move because it can only use on your first turn. In order to cover this one, you can depend on Liquidation which can deal powerful strike and reduce your opponent’s Pokemon defense.

How to Get it?

You need to evolve Wimpod at level 30. That is the way to get Golisopod. You can meet Wimpod at Route 8, Poni Breaker Coast, and Poni Wilds. We do not know why the catch rate of this Pokemon is really low. You need to prepare a suitable Pokeball like Bug ball to increase the catch rate.

Zygarde Complete Form


There are three types of Zygarde, 10%, 50%, and complete form. The complete one looks like a giant robot rather than a Pokemon. The most amazing thing about this one is the huge amount of HP. If you compare the HP amount with another Pokemon, Zygarde complete form is the winner without a doubt. Land’s Wrath is the signature move which can attack all types of opponent’s Pokemon. There is no escape for flying when Zygarde unleashes this move.

How to Get it?

You need to collect all the Zygarde cells. If you already collected 10 of them, you can head to Aether Foundation where you can assembly the cells to get Zygarde 10% form. If you want to get the complete form, 100 cells are required. So, happy hunting to get it guys!

New Pokemon in this series is quite powerful. Moreover, there are some of them who can face against legendary Pokemon without any problem. Oh yeah, we also have the tips to catch Totem Pokemon in this game. Check out Pokemon Sun and Moon guide to help you to obtain it easily.


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