Once again Square Enix spread their popular game through the mobile phone. At the first glance, this game similar like Final Fantasy Type-0. Yeah for people who already played the Type-0 must think this one is the exact copy of that game. Actually, it is not true, for the storyline is same but for the gameplay is different from the predecessor. Here, we are not talking about the game details but we offer you the Final Fantasy Awakening beginner guides to help you play this. For people who already stressed about this, just see the guide

Class Guide

There are three types of class in this game, there are Windblade Warrior, Fire Gunner, Ice Magitek Knight. Each class has their own advantages and disadvantages, see the details about the class below.

Windblade Warrior

windblade warrior

This class basically a warrior class. If you want to inflict high physical attack damage, choosing this class is the best one for sure. Do not forget the “Cursed Blade Skill” that can delay opponent’s skill. We recommend you choose this class for the beginner player because this is the easiest one to control.

Fire Gunner

fire gunner

The intermediate class, it will be hard to handle because this one using a gun to attack from afar (The attack from gun weapon tend to miss). The notable skill “Fire Gunner” can attack all your opponents in range and deal massive damage to all of them. We do not recommend you to choose this class for your first playthrough. Based on our experience, when we chose this class, the first problem that we encounter is about the accuracy, we tend to miss when attacking the opponent, that is why you need to train yourself before choose Fire Gunner class.

Ice Magitek Knight

ice magitek knight

This one simply a mage class, but what makes this different from others mage is this one only using an Ice magic. All skill from Ice Magitek Knight can freeze all the enemies within range. You can choose this class in the beginning rather than Fire Gunner. The reason is quite simple, it is easy to control and the freeze skill really helpful. One warning from us you need to be careful when the enemy surrounds you when you choose this class, there is a chance you will die instantly because defense status of this class is really weak.

Equipment Guide

The next guide is about the equipment. There is some stuff you should mind in this section. Why? Because if you follow our ways, there is a chance you will become the greatest player in this game.

Enhance Your Gear

enhance gears

Enhance your weapon regularly if you have enough money. Do not think, leveling up your characters is enough, gear also has an important role to make your character stronger. Level limit of your gear depends on your account level. So, do not confuse when you cannot enhance your gear level further.

Gear Resonance

gear resonance

If you want to enhance your gear even further, the help of Gear Resonance is required. In order to activate the Gear Resonance feature, you need to reach a certain level. For the example, the first activation of this feature is level 10. The following status that gets increase is ATK, DEF, and HP. Be sure to take advantages of this.

Eidolon Guide

Eidolons already become the trademark of Final Fantasy. It is a sacred monster which you can summon in battle by filling in the Eidolons Gauge. The guide we provide here is to choose the strongest Eidolon for your team party.



The first Eidolon that you get. In our opinion, Odin is quite stronger for the first Eidolon which you get. His skill can deals 5819 high damage to the opponents (Ignore defense). To make it more perfect, bleed status also applies to hurt your enemy even further. For the starter, this one is a good choice.



This fire monster is almost same like Odin. The only difference is Odin deals Bleed and the Ifrit deals burn damage. Choose this one if you meet an enemy that weak against fire attack.



Once again, it is the exact copy of those two above. Not only that, Shiva is really hard to get. Actually, it is not hard. You need to become VIP 11 which means you need to recharge your Diamonds until you reach VIP 11. Be ready to sacrifice a lot of money to get this Ice Queen.



The best thing about this rock monster is a buff status which grants all allies defense shield. For short amount of time, your allies protected from the enemies attack. If you are a type of people who play defensive, choose this Eidolon to suits your playstyle.



Amor Break is what makes this one amazing. The skill can reduce all your enemies’ defense which is great if you combine with a buff skill that can increase your allies attack power. Can you imagine the damage? Yeah, it will beyond your imagination. This evil monster really suitable for you who like to kill your enemy instantly.



Last but not least, King of Dragon or also known as Bahamut. The strongest Eidolon of all. If you can get this one, you can relax. All your enemies die instantly without a doubt. Oh yeah, paralyze skill from Bahamut also quite deadly. If you ask which Eidolon you should choose, the answer is Bahamut.

Battle Guide

When you are not paying attention to your surrounding it can lead you to destruction. That is the motto of Final Fantasy game. So, in order to battle efficiently, the guide below is needed.

Enemy Types

There are two types of enemies you need to be cautious. If you do not want something bad happens to your allies, you need to study more about the enemies.

Shielder Class

This kind of enemy really annoying. You should depend on your quick reflex to avoid the shield. Yeah, if the opponents launch the shield, you will get knocked back. It will be hard to attack this opponent face to face, use ranged attack if possible. Do not use a melee attack or you will face game over screen.

Magitek Armor Class

final fantasy awakening magitek armor

The most frustrating thing about this enemy is the huge amount of HP and the fire rifle. You will get shot down repeatedly, as the result, you cannot move freely. Once again, ranged attack really useful. If you can avoid quickly, just use melee attack instead to decrease Magitek’s Armor HP within a second.

Use Special Skill Regularly

When the yellow gauge on the right corner already filled, unleash it as soon as possible. Is there a good reason why you should active it? The answer is yes, the main reason is to fill the Eidolon gauge. We do not know why, the special skill in this game is not really devastating, amount of damage is same like normal skill.

Summon Your Eidolon When Fighting the Boss Stage

You already know the way to fill in the Eidolon Gauge. But, what about the timing of the summon? We recommend you summon it when you find the boss that can deal bad status like freeze you for some time. In this state, you cannot do anything. That is why this is your Eidolon turn to attack the boss.

Currency Guide

The last guide from us is the currency of the game which Diamonds. Some people must hate this kind of thing. It is important, if you ignore it, do not blame us what will happen.

Save Up Your Diamonds

There are two main reasons why you should save up your diamonds. The first one is to summon your heroes. The second one is to buy Hero Shards. Since the game still new, There are many events that can give you free Diamonds instantly. Do not forget to take this chance before the events expired.

Choose the 10 Times Summon


Do not choose the 1 times summon. Even though it gives you 50% off, it is not worth the effort. Choose the 10 times summon instead. By choosing it, you will get the higher chance to get the legendary characters.

Everyone must realize this kind of game really complicated, especially Square Enix who made the game. Yeah, this developer already famous with the complicated things that they offer to all players. this is the time to say goodbye, before that, click this link which contains the review of this game. If you love the guide, you will also love the game review.


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