Do you still play Pokemon Sun and Moon? if the answer is yes, how is your progress? Is it run smoothly? If so, keep up the good work. Today, we want to give you perfect guide to catch the legendary Pokemon (Tapu) in this game. You know right how hard to catch this Pokemon and the catch rate is really sucks. Do not worry, our Pokemon Sun and Moon guide will tell you everything that you need to prepare to face against the legendary Pokemon in this game.

How to Find The Legendary Pokemon?

Here, we give you the details how to find each Pokemon. Actually, it is not really hard to find the Pokemon, but if you are not careful, you tend to miss the chance to find one. The Tapu Pokemon only appears if you already beat the Pokemon League.

Tapu Koko

tapu koko

This is the easiest one. You will automatically meet this Pokemon after you finish the Pokemon league. You need to be patient in this part because you will watch the long movie of your victory in Pokemon League. After you meet with Lilie, she will ask you to go to the “Ruins of Conflict”, in this ruin, you will meet with Tapu Koko and the battle commence.

* You don’t need any requirements to unlock this one, just watch the event is enough.


  • Discharge
  • Agility
  • Electro Ball
  • Nature’s Madness ( Z-moves)

Tapu Lele

tapu lele

The water and fairy type Pokemon. In order to meet Tapu Lele, you need to go to the Ruin of Life. To reach the ruin, you need to pass Memorial hills and Akala Outskirts. There is some puzzle inside the ruin, but you can easily solve it.



  • Extrasensory
  • Flatter
  • Moonblast

Tapu Bulu

tapu bulu

The most annoying legendary Pokemon. You need to prepare a long travel to meet Tapu Bulu. First of all, you need to go to the deepest part of Haina Dessert. After you reach the end of the desert, you will find the ruin of Abundance. Here, you will find one of the Z- Crystal. Pick it up before you fight against Tapu Bulu.


  • Zen Headbutt
  • Megahorn
  • Skull Bash

Tapu Fini

tapu fini

The last legendary Pokemon. You must go to the Poni Island to meet this one. Do you remember the ruins of Hope? That is your destination. Once again, you need to solve the Machamp puzzle, it is not that hard, you can quickly solve it without any problem. In the end of the ruin, touch the status to summon Tapu Fini.


  • Muddy Water
  • Aqua Ring
  • Hydro Pump

The Preparation Before Catch the Legendary Pokemon

Before you encounter the Pokemon, there are some things you need to prepare. Do not forget to check out your money before you buy the items (LOL).

The Pokeball Type


We recommend ultra ball, this is the best ball to catch the Pokemon. You need to prepare a lot of money to buy the ball. At least you need to have 50 balls.

Healing Items

heal itemsFor the healing items, Full Restore and Max Revive are enough for all your Pokemon. We know these items are expensive as hell, but, in order to face the powerful Pokemon. This kind of item is needed.

Your Pokemon Level Must 85+

Go leveling up a bit if your Pokemon under leveled. The best place to level up your Pokemon quickly is by entering the Pokemon League. Yeah, the Elite Four gives you the best EXP for your Pokemon, we know you need to watch the long cutscene again after you beat the Pokemon League, but you need to bear it.

Learn False Swipe and Bad Status Move

pokemon sun and moon tm

Why False Swipe? Even though this move is really weak, but it is very useful to catch a Pokemon. This move ensures you to leave 1 HP to the target Pokemon. So, it will increase the catch rate of legendary Pokemon. To make it more perfect, you can also learn bad status move like Thunder Wave (gives the enemy Paralyzed effect).

The Steps to Catch the Legendary Pokemon

Here, we will guide you thoroughly how to catch the legendary Pokemon, if you failed to execute our plan, it seems your luck already run out.

How to Catch Tapu Koko?

  • The first thing you must do in this battle is using the ground move. The reason is simple, Tapu Koko is strong against Ground that is why for the starter you need to unleash this one if you use another move, you can kill this thing instantly. Remember, you come to catch this one, not to beat it.
  • After you reduce the HP at least half, it is the right time to unleash your second move which is Thunder Wave. If you are lucky, you will make Tapu Koko in paralyzed status.
  • If you succeed to launch the bad status, use False Swipe right away to reduce Tapu Koko’s HP into 1.
  • Throw your Ultra Ball immediately (Keep throwing your ball until you catch the Pokemon)

How to Catch Tapu Lele?

  • It is same like Tapu Koko, what you need to watch out is the Moon Blast move from this Pokemon. It can kill all your Pokemon instantly. Fairy type is really annoying, but if you prepared everything, you can rest assured.
  • Don’t forget to restock your healing items and Ultra Ball, because if you do not have both items, your dream to catch this Pokemon will be over.

How to Catch Tapu Bulu?

  • You need to watch out the Megahorn move. Tapu Bulu will spam this move regularly. As soon as possible, give the bad status effect to silent this Pokemon.
  • We do not know why, Tapu Bulu will unleash the Z-move at the early turn, heal your Pokemon immediately. ( It is not guaranteed Tapu Bulu will use the Z-move on the first turn, but to countermeasure against it, you can equip Focus Band items that make your Pokemon leave 1 HP)
  • If it is hard for you, immediately use the Master Ball to catch it. (You need to remember, you can only get 1 Master Ball)

How to Catch Tapu Fini?

  • First of all, you must realize this Pokemon have the ability Aqua Ring. The ability will let the wearer restore the HP by 60. There is no method to prevent this one from happening. So, just relax and face it calmly.
  • Remember, False Swipe move it is not effective against this one thanks to Aqua Ring ability.
  • For Tapu Fini, we recommend you buy 50+ Ultra Ball and keep praying to catch this one as soon as possible.

Do you success to catch the legendary Pokemon? If so, we really grateful our guide can help you to catch all of them. Are you not satisfied with a guide? See the review about the right away


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