Killing Floor 2 is not the typical zombie game you might ever play. It’s a zombie game which requires skills and cunning strategy to deal with the hordes of Zed. This game will challenge you to your limit. If you are the kind of player who wanted to go all solo through the hell in this game, at least check out this ultimate Killing Floor 2 tips before you jumped in.

Choosing Perks

This is the very first step to prepare yourself for what’s coming. Picking the correct perk will determine how long you can survive. If soloing is your style, then you must think about the perk with the capability of carrying loads of ammo and deal huge damage. The ammunitions will be very important because you will face lots of Zeds and you will need them as many as you can have. Below are some recommendations for the best perk in Killing Floor 2 for a solo run.



The SWAT perk is pretty good for a solo run. The perk weapons are mostly fast fire-rate weapons and it can hold plenty of ammo. When you have already leveled up this perk to the max, you will have the various options of skills that you can apply. I would recommend that you choose Heavy Armor Training, Close Quarter Combat Training, Ammo Vest, Assault Armor, and Rapid Assault.

The Heavy Armor Training will make you immune from cloth grab. The Close Quarter Combat will give more damage to your pistol and knife in case you’re running out of ammo. To have more bullet preserved on you, the Ammo Vest skill will give you more of that. The Assault Armor will give you, even more, armor level so you will be almost invulnerable. And for the Zed Time skill, The Rapid Assault can benefit you because you will keep firing without having to worry about the ammunition.


Demolition Perk

When using Demo, you can easily blow off a horde of Zeds even before they close to you. This perk is very useful for a solo run because you can easily take down massive hordes in one or two shots of explosives. The best skills that you can choose are Bombardier, Extra Rounds, Sonic Restraint Rounds, Armor Piercing Rounds, and Destroyer of Worlds.

The benefit of the Bombardier skill is that the perk weapons will have a significant increase in damage, making it effective and deadly for killing Zeds. The Extra Rounds will give additional explosive ammo for your perk weapons. One thing that is very useful is the Sonic Restraint Rounds which will make your explosive rounds keep explode even there’s a Siren’s scream around it. The Armor Piercing Rounds will add more damage if you shoot Zeds in the head or any other vital area. The Destroyer of Worlds will be the ultimate skill that Demo has. This skill gives your explosive bullet a radiation damage that will inflict damage over time.


Firebug Perk

Firebug is all about fire. Fire will be your friend and use it to deal with numbers of Zeds that surrounds you. Pick Bring The Heat for the skill that gives you 35% more damage of the perk weapons. The Barbecue skill will burn the Zeds 150% longer than it used to be. With Napalm skill, the burning Zeds that make contact with other Zeds will also get burn with long lasting time. At the level 20 skill, choose Firestorm skill because it can increase the range of attack of your perk weapons. And, for the ultimate ZED TIME skill, Pyromaniac is the one that you must choose. The reason is that it gives your perk weapons unlimited ammo.

Learn The Difficulties


There are four levels of difficulty you can choose in KF2, they are Normal, Hard, Suicidal, and Hell on Earth. For new players or intermediate player who want to go solo, it’s best that you pay heed to the detail of each difficulty below.


The Zeds walk normally, low HP, minimum damage, and lots of Dosh per wave. You can take them all down quickly and without so much work. This is best for every newcomer from level 0-5.


Some Zeds are walking but sometimes they run towards you. Here, they are quite tough and deal adequate damage. Getting the Dosh will be a little bit smaller. This difficulty suits for a player with the level of 5-10.


Most of the Zeds are running fast, more HP, and deal lots of damage. Buying armor from the dispenser is critical for survival. Recommended for players around level 15-20.

Hell on Earth

All Zeds are incredibly fast, very tough, and they will always charge you. Some of them will also attack you with a special attack that you might not have seen in the lower difficulty. Dosh will be something rare here, so save as much as you can for the perfect perk weapons. This difficulty is best for players with level 25.

Dealing With Zeds

A different approach is needed to kill Zeds because they come in three different types, the small, medium, and large Zeds. There are some tips that you can take note if you don’t want to end up being overwhelmed by them.

Small and Medium Zeds

Small Zeds

Dealing with these types of Zed must be done in a quick and efficient way. They will come at you in large horde and the best way to deal with them is by using a weapon with fast fire-rate like the SWAT perk has. Headshot all the Zeds with the SMG for quick execution. Or, if you want the alternative, the Firebug perk will also do some good to annihilate a horde of small and medium Zeds.

Large Zeds

Large Zeds

Now, the method to kill the large ones is going to be different. Using SMG weapons on Scrake and Fleshpound will not do much damage because they are very tough depending on the difficulty. The best way of killing these two giants is by using Demo perk. It has the perk weapons that can deal huge explosive damage. The big damage from the explosion is very useful to deal with a raging Fleshpound.

Mastering a Map

If you want to finish a solo run, it will take sometimes because you need to keep practicing. The best way is to practice by keep playing on one map so you can master every inch of the map. The best and the easiest map to get a grip on is the Burning Paris. It is the map that is quite large and easy to be memorized. The path is pretty big and you are able to predict where all the Zeds will coming from.

Keep practicing on one map so if you fail, you can always try and try again until you really get the grip of the map and you will not get boxed by those flesh-munching monsters.

Boss Round

At the end of the wave, you will eventually face the boss. Facing them will require full attention and never ever slipped out of focus. There are two bosses here (Hans Volter and Patriarch) and each of them need a different approach to be defeated.

Hans Volter

Dr. Hans Volter

The Volter will attack you with SMG, gas bomb, and melee attack. The SMG attack is not the one that you need to be worried, but it is the gas bomb that you must pay attention to. The bomb will inflict lots of damage, so be sure to know where the bomb will be thrown and avoid the blast area. He will also take away your HP when he grabs you, so, be prepared when he starting run towards you. The best way to deal with him is by keeping the distance and use a long range weapon or the one with huge damage.

The Patriarch

The Patriarch

The Patriarch is a big monster armed with mini-gun, rocket launcher, and a tentacle. The mini-gun and the rocket attack can deal a significant amount of damage to you. Pay close attention when he is about to launch rockets because it can almost instantly kill you in Hell on Earth Difficulty. He also has the ability to disappear and grab you from afar with his tentacle. The best opportunity to kill him is when he disappears because that is the moment where he is so vulnerable to attack. It is best to use high damage weapon when facing this guy.

Final Words

So, those are some of the solo tips for killing Zeds in this game. Although Killing Floor 2 is a co-op game, but it is a great challenge and achievement if you can survive the Hell on Earth difficulty all by your own. The key is never lost focus because the Zeds will come from all directions and there will be no safe spot for you.


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