Endless Frontier is a great combination between RPG and idle/clicker game that every people would love to play. This game was released in 2016 by one of the Korea’s leading mobile game developers, Ekkorr and is available for mobile devices which adopted the Android or iOS platform. This game is quite different with any other idle games out there because it offers a lot of things to the players such as the Guild system and PvP mode which we never saw before in this genre. Not only that, there are still so many things that we can find in this game. So, just check out Endless Frontier review below for more information.


Endless Frontier has a unique gameplay where we will play in a lot of stages (+9000 stages) and form a good team along with our journey. The stages will become more difficult each time we have cleared one and go to the next stage. That’s why we have to add more team members/units to slay all the enemies and upgrade their level to increase their power. In order to do it, we need to use the Gold that we have gathered after killing the enemies and from the quests.


The quest is the best way to gather the Gold which is the main currency system in this game. There are so many quests that we can unlock and each of it has a different price that we have to pay in order to unlock it. The number of Gold that it will produce also different one to another. The more expensive the quest, the more Gold that we will get from them. Each quest also can be leveled up like the units. By leveling the quest, we will gather more and more Gold.


There are so many units that we can recruit into the team which comes from different races such as human, elf, undead, and orc. Each unit has a different and unique ability depends on their rank. The higher the rank that they have, the greater the power they possess.

Revival System

This system allows us to increase our units strength when they are not able to defeat the enemies who are getting stronger and stronger on each stage. We will also get some medals that can be used to buy some new units depends on the stage when we do the revival. After using the Revival system, we will start our journey from the beginning again and all the quests and units that we have upgraded will be reset back to level 1.


Besides of having a long journey while playing through thousands of stages, we can also play in 5 different Dungeon which available on certain days. Each Dungeon has their own boss and there are some levels that we can clear. If we can clear it, we will get a reward based on the level that we are in and it can be used to buy and upgrade the artifacts (will be explained later). But, make sure to pay attention while playing in the Dungeon because there is a ban for certain units to enter it. So, the banned unit will not appear in the fight although we have brought them to the team.

The Schedule to Enter the Dungeon

King Slime Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
Horn Toad Monday, Thursday, Saturday
Hammer Mole Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
Orc Flower Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
Dark Hermit Sunday, Wednesday, Friday


The artifact is really useful because it can help us a lot in this game. Each artifact has a different effect such as to increase our units strength or to reduce the time required for the quest to generate Gold. These artifacts can be purchased by using the reward that we get from the Dungeon. But, we need to choose the artifact wisely before we purchase it because we can only have five of them in our slot.


We can play one vs one against other players in the Battle to test our units might and show who is the best. This mode has four different types that we can play such as Battle Arena, Daily Ranking Battle, Tower of Trial, and Outland Battle. Each type will give us a different experience of a PvP battle.

Guild System

As we have mentioned, there is a Guild system in this game which allows us to form or join forces with other players in a guild to take out all of the evil enemies or even our rival’s guild. This system is rarely applied in an idle game. And so far, this game is the only one which applies the Guild system.


Although this game has a very addictive and exciting gameplay, it is not a guarantee that it has a good graphic as well. We can say that the graphic of this game is moderate because it still uses the pixel graphic when the other idle games already using the 3D graphic which more interesting to see. Also, the display of the characters are too small so we cannot see them clearly if we do not take a look closer.

The Good Things

There are some good things that we found from this game. And below here, we have given all the good things that we meant about.

⇒ Easy to Play

This one is very easy to play. We don’t need to think too hard in order to manage the team or think about the strategy because they run automatically. Also, we only need one finger to tap the screen.

⇒ Easy Money

In this game, there is no one would say how to get Gold easily because it is already so easy to collect it. Here, we will gather the Gold automatically without doing a lot of things except clicking the screen.

⇒ Lots of Characters

Endless Frontier game has more than 100 unique heroes from different races that we can add to the team and level up.

⇒ Many Stages to Clear

As we have mentioned that this game has more than 9000 stages which will make us busy for a long time.

The Bad Things

Besides all the good things that this game has, there are also some bad things that we found from this game. So, just check out the information below.

⇒ Unimpressive Graphic

We have stated before that the graphic of this Endless Frontier game is not as good as the other idle games out there. That’s why this aspect become one of the bad things that exist in this game.

⇒ Repetitive Gameplay

Sometimes the gameplay will become so boring because of too much repetition in the game. We will do the same things all the time because the gameplay is so simple.


Overall, this game is really good to play. Although the gameplay is simple, it offers us a lot of things to do, especially with the existence of the Guild system and Player vs Player mode which makes this game more exciting. So, if you are a fan of an idle game, we highly recommend this one because it is the best idle game for mobile. And don’t forget to check out our guide for a new player before you try this game.


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