Platform: PS Vita
Developer: Nihon Falcom
Publisher: Aksys
Release Date: 30 June 2017 (English Version)

About the Game

It seems Falcome still PS Vita as the handheld that still has a hope left to shine more. That’s why Nihon Falcom released Tokyo Xanadu on Vita. Actually, the game already launched in 2015 (Japanese version), but Falcom recently decided to take this game to the west. The game combines between the genre of Persona and Ys series into one game, as the result, it’s created Tokyo Xanadu.

The Storyline of Tokyo Xanadu

How about the story? Usually, people who play JRPG game must want to have a good storyline that can make them forget about the time that they already spend hour an hour to play the game. That’s enough for the chit-chat, let’s move to the storyline. Hmmm….the story it’s okay, it’s your generic one actually. The story is about that takes place in Moriyama City, in 2005, the city befalls a great earthquake and many people get trapped in the incident. But, later on, Moriyama rebuild the city and all the citizen can live happily. The protagonist is Tokisaka Kou who found out the strange phenomenon when he meets his classmate, Hiiragi Asuka who enter the mysterious gate after he finishes work late night. Out of curiosity, Kou also enters the gate that he found out full of monsters, now, it’s the time Kou know the truth about something that he wants to know. With his other classmate, later on, he must uncover the Eclipse secret.

The Gameplay

I will divide the gameplay into four section. So, all of you can know the depth of the gameplay of this game. Are you curious about it? Just see the list below.

City Exploration

morimiya city map

Here, you can do anything related to Persona stuff. What is it anyway? You can explore all Morimiya city and enjoy the beautiful scenery. City exploration usually related to find additional Eclipse, strengthen your Soul Devices, mini-game, friendship episode, and doing a quest. Don’t forget about buying healing items because it’s quite important.

Dungeon Exploration

dungeon exploration

The game will focus on dungeon exploration or I will call it Eclipse from now on. It’s like the dungeon traveler game, you need to explore the dungeon from beginning till the end. But, there are some aspects that you need to know about the dungeon exploration.


tokyo xanadu dungeon rating

When you explore the dungeon, you need to inspect everything thoroughly. Why? Because you will be given a rating after you finish the eclipse. If you get a good rating, you will get experience for your soul point and your courage parameter will also increase. In order to get the good rating, you need to collect all the treasure chest, destroy all the barrel if possible and hit the enemy with elemental weakness.

Types of Greed

types of enemies

  • Normal Greed: You can easily destroy the greed with normal attack and special attacks. It’ not really problem actually. But, there are some of them who really annoying. The annoying one is the greed who can spin around because it’s really hard to destroy.
  • Greed (Force Field): You only find this one on the later stage. What makes this one quite annoying is the greed will have some kind of force field, and you can’t hit it with your skill. Of course, your normal attack still works but the amount of damage can make you sad for sure. The only way to destroy the force field, you need to use the charge attack.


tokyo xanadu soul point

Before that, I mention a soul word. Actually, what is it anyway? It’s the factor for the unlocking the ability of your X-Drive. The higher you soul level, you can get different abilities. Now, to get the soul exp, you need to get the best rating while exploring the dungeon.

Battle System

If you usually play the game like YS, this one has the similar feel. The game using action RPG genre in order to make the battle fast pace. Now, there are some aspects you need to be cautious.

Types of Skill

shooting skill

  • Shooting / Stinger Skill: the long ranged attack. There are two types, but Kou is different from others characters because his stinger skill only reaches mid-ranged attack, but the strength is quite high.

aerial skill

  • Aerial Skill: In order to activate the skill, you need to jump first and then use the square button to execute the command.

heavy skill

  • Heavy Skill: the charge attack that has a powerful blow to the opponent. In order to unleash the skill, you need to hold the square within a sec, and you need to release it. Don’t get surprised by the damage guys (LOL).

Special Attacks and skill

x strike

  • X-Strike: The powerful attack that will cost you one X strike bar in order to activate it. Every character in the game has different types of X drive effects, so be sure to take advantages of it.

x drive

  • X-Drive: The special skill that every character can active by pressing the down d-pad. It’s like a special buff. Oh yeah, you can unlock additional buff when you increase your character soul level. In order to get the experience for the soul level, you need to get a good rating while exploring the dungeon.


There are four mini-games in Tokyo Xanadu. What are they? See the explanation below.

Place: Morimiya Memorial Park

tokyo xanadu skateboarding

  • Skateboarding: The first game is skateboarding, you will control Kou on the skateboard. You don’t need to feel conflicted, the mini game is really easy, you just need to move your analog left or right. Oh yeah, be sure not to bump into anything because your speed will drop constantly. There is a big reward that awaits you in the end.

Place: Houraichou Game Center

gate of avalon

  • Gate of Avalon: The game is similar like Trail of Cold Steel. If you already play it, I’m sure you already what you need to do about it. The rule of the game it’s really simple, the one who has the more card in the hand is the winner. There is also a special card that can you use to make your opponents give up (LOL).

Place: Houraichou Game Center

explosive fishing

  • Explosive Fishing With Dark Prince Rean: In order to play it, you need a 10 cash. The fishing game is really simple if Rean already reacts, you need to pull the rod. Of course, it’s not complete yet, you need to hit the button correctly in order to reel the fish.

Place: Houraichou Game Center (Available in Chapter 5)

mishy panic alisa

  • Mishy Panic: The last mini-game, it basically a whack a mole mini-game, if you ever play it in the real arcade you must know about it. You will control Alisa and hit all the mole that appears on the hole.

The Graphics Quality

After you satisfied about the gameplay aspects of the game. I will move to the next section, it’s about the graphics quality. Hmmm….what can I say about this one is using the same graphical engine like The Legends of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel. Of course, you remember that game, right? If you ever play it, you will feel deja vu about the graphics. It’s not really bad, but it can be better if developer seriously pays attention to the graphics aspects.

About the BGM

BGM or also know as background music is really important in a game. Can you play the game without hearing the BGM. I’m sure you get bored immediately even though it has a good gameplay. Like always, Falcom is the master of BGM, the music in this can really pump your heart to the max. If you heard the BGM, you won’t regret any single bit, trust me, guy, I never tell you any single lie!


Tokyo Xanadu is a fine game that you can enjoy on your PS Vita. Although the gameplay is pretty generic, it can still make you enjoy the game. As for me, I’m really enjoying the game to the max, I’m sure if you fans of JRPG like me, you know what I mean. Just bear with the repetitive gameplay but, you will be rewarded with a good story. Yeah, there is a surprising element in the storyline, if you curious you can play the game right away. That’s all the Tokyo Xanadu game review. Hopefully, it can help you to choose the best game on PS Vita Handheld.

Score: 7.5

“A good game that everyone can enjoy. Even though the gameplay it’s pretty generic, you can still enjoy the good storyline”


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