Hey, fellas, we meet again. In this beautiful morning, we have a great news for all of you. What is it? We offer you Fire Emblem Heroes game tips. Here, we give you the complete tips of the game, from basic tips, units tips, battle tips, and EXP tips. That’s awesome, right? If you have difficulties when playing FE Heroes, just come here to solve all your problem immediately.

Basic Tips

Here, for the starter, we will give you the basic tips to make you easier to play this game. Follow the tips to cover the basic of Fire Emblem Heroes.

Nintendo Account

nintendo link

The first thing you need to do in the game is linked your game account to the Nintendo account. Is it important to do so? The answer is yes. Not only you save your game progress, but also you will get varieties of reward, and one of them are Orbs!

Castle Is Really Important

upgrade castle

So, what the function of the castle? For people who recently started the game must confuse about this one. Actually, the castle is your best friends to get more EXP, that’s why don’t forget to upgrade it while you can.

Don’t Forget to Login

You must remember, this is an online game and when you play this type of game, you will get many rewards when you come back. It’s same like FE Heroes, don’t forget to keep coming back, even though you don’t have anything to do in the game, the important one, you get the rewards everyday for free.

Check the Quest Board Regularly

quest board

Why is Quest Board really important? is it worth your effort for doing so? Yeah, you will get many rewards from it, included free heroes if you completed the specific quest. You can easily find the Quest menu on the right corner of the home screen. Do your favorite one to make thing easier for the first time and leave the hardest one for the last.

Speed-Up Battle Animation

This tip really useful, for you who hate the battle animation, you can speed it up. You can simply go to the setting to arrange the battle animation speed. Now, you can save some time in this game, rather than you watching the battle all day long.

Touch the Characters on the Home Screen

fire emblem heroes home screen

If you find one or two glowing characters on the home screen menu, you can click it to get 500 Heroes Feathers. Not only that, characters that have a heart above their head also give you the Heroes Feathers but only 5 (LOL).

Auto Battle is Really Great

We really love this game from the first time we played it up until now. Especially when the new feature called Auto Battle implemented on this game. Yeah, we really happy about the big news. For fellow gamers who feel lazy to move your heroes, you can take advantages of the features instead. We don’t know why, when we commence the Auto Battle, our characters can win without any hard way. That’s the power of Auto Battle guys!

Multi-Summon Heroes

If you’re the type of people who don’t want to waste all the orbs that you already collected, you can follow our lead. Just simply use the multi-summon feature to make this easier. The reason is quite simple, in the multi-summon section, you will save a lot of Orbs, rather than you use the single summon.

Money is not Required

We sure you know in order to obtain many Orbs is through this access. For some people, they can buy it without any hard way, what about the others? Now, we will tell you something interesting, you don’t need to spend your real money to buy Orbs. The summoning rate in this game really sucks, it doesn’t matter how many Orbs that you have, you won’t get your favorite hero. So, before it’s too late, I warn all of you.

Unit Tips

In this section, we will offer you the tips about your units. Check everything you need to know to manage your units well.

Equip Sacred Seals

How to get this item? Is it possible to obtain? Rest assured, what do you think we are? In order to get the Sacred Seals, you can do two things, first of all, you can do the Sacred Seals quest or by battling in the Tempest of Trial. For the quest section, it won’t appeared each month, so, you just need to pray for the developer made the quest for you. Sacred seals are needed to make your hero looks stronger than before. So, be sure to equip it when you get the item.

Heroes Feathers

heroes feathers

The important item to promote your heroes and the hardest one to get it. Actually, it’s not impossible, but, you only get the small amount of it through the Arena mode (Depend on your rank). The function is to increase your unit rarity and the overall status.

Take Advantages of Tempest Trials to Get Awesome unit

Why did we say like that? Because it’s your only chance to get 5* hero for free (guaranteed) and any other items like orbs, shards, and Sacred Seals. If you already collected the points, you can exchange for the prize that you already waiting for. Of course, to get the 5* hero it takes a lot of effort.

Battle Tips

Battlefield is where all the heroes fight against each other. If you don’t know the best way to stay survive, you need to see the tips below to help all of you.

Lure Your Enemies

This game requires your brain to think deeply how to beat the enemies. Even though you already maxed level, the enemy that you face can beat you immediately. That’s scary for sure, so, how to face it? It’s simple, just lure your enemies into your own territory where your allies gather. From there, you can beat the enemies with all your characters.

Know Your Classes Weaknesses

Move in front of the enemy without prior knowledge about the class weaknesses is a suicide.Yeah, your unit will die instantly. Of course, you don’t want that tragedy to happen, right? That’s why you need to know the weaknesses first if you face against sword class, protect yourself with lance class. If you know the classes weaknesses, rest assured! you’re safe guys!

EXP Tips

Raising your unit to achieve the max level is not easy. You need to find a good place to farm your EXP. Below, you will find the greatest tips ever to level up your unit quickly.

Earn a Lot of EXP Through Training Tower

Are you having difficulties to earn EXP in this game? If so, our next tip is you need to go to the Training Tower to get a lot of EXP. Although you need to sacrifice some of your stamina, it’s worth the effort. If you can, just go the to the highest tower to level up your units quickly

Use Shards to Level Up Immediately


Are you not satisfied with the Training Tower? If so, use shards instead to level up immediately. It’s very useful if you want to make your units become level 40 immediately. In order to achieve that, you need to sacrifice a lot of shards in the process. But, it’s worth the effort.

That’s the Fire Emblem Heroes tips. What do you think about it? Is it not enough for the tips? Unfortunately, we don’t have any tips left if you ask more, you can see the Fire Emblem Heroes guide instead or you can check the full gameĀ review. We provide you anything you need about Fire Emblem Heroes game.


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