Previously, we have given the review and guide for this Dream League Soccer 2017 game. As we have mentioned in the previous articles that this is one of the best soccer game on mobile. Many new players are joining in to play this game although most of the beginners are making a lot of mistakes while playing this game. Hopefully, with these Dream League Soccer 2017 tips, you won’t follow their mistakes again.

Choose a Striker/Center Forward (CF) as Your Captain

The first beginners’ tips that we would like to share is to choose a captain for your team. In the beginning of this game, you will have to choose one of the several available players to become the captain of your team. The candidates are given randomly and have a different position. And your best choice is a player which has a position as a striker. Having a good striker will give you a bigger chance to win matches. Just for information that this game is really hard to play if you do not have a good center forward.

Tips to choose a good captain

In choosing a captain, you cannot choose just because the player has a position as a striker. There are some steps that you should follow in order to choose a good captain for your team. So beginners, let’s check out the steps below.

Look at the Overall Stats of the Player

Each player has an overall stats like on the picture below. And the overall will be different from one to another depends on the abilities that they have. So, make sure to choose the striker with the highest overall.

Do Not Miss the Ability Stats

Choosing the highest overall is important, but you also need to pay attention to their abilities. Some of them may be really good enough and have equal abilities in every aspect and some others maybe just good on a few aspect. It would be better if you have a player which has equal abilities in every aspect because they can help you to win a lot of matches.

Compare Which One is the Best One

Try to compare at least two players on the list and check out which one is better. You need to check from their overall and abilities before you choose one of them. Comparing players will make you easier to choose the best one for you.

Watch the Ads Frequently

watch the ads

As a beginner, Coins are the most important thing in the beginning of the game. But, it is so hard to collect a lot of it. That’s why you need to watch the ads frequently because you will get 30 Coins guaranteed. You can watch the ads on the menu or after you have finished a match. The after match advertisement sometimes can give you more than 30 Coins depends on how much you earn at the end of the match. Watching the ads will benefit you a lot because you can develop your team faster. You can buy more new players, build your stadium, and develop your current players’ abilities.

Choose the Right Formation and Tactic Before You Play

formation and tactic

Make sure to analyze your opponent first before you start the match. Are they stronger than your team or not. Choose the right formation and tactics to face them. As an example: When you have to face a team which far stronger than you, better you choose the formation which is not too offensive like 4-4-1-1, 4-5-1, or even 5-3-2. And also choose the moderate or defensive tactic to make sure that you are not conceded too many goals.

Do Not Hesitate to Heal Your Players

When your players are running out of stamina or being injured, you can use your Coins to make them back to normal. But, healing an injured player will require more Coins than healing a player who runs out of stamina. Just go to the team management and tap on the player that you want to heal. You will see an icon at the bottom-right corner of your screen. Click it and your fatigue player will be healed completely.

Improve Your Players’ Abilities or Buy New Ones

In order to make your team stronger, you should have a¬†good quality player. There are two options to get a player with a good quality such as improving your current players’ abilities or buy a player from the transfer market. But, we suggest you improve your own players because you can adjust the abilities as you like. If you want your players to be a good passer or goalscorer, you just need to increase their passing or shooting ability.

Place Your Player in Their Original Position

Placing the players in their original position also help you to make your team become stronger. They will be better if you place them in the right place. If you place a central midfielder in a center forward position, it would be hard for you to win the match because sometimes this kind of player has a bad goal-scoring ability.

Sell Your Unwanted Player

Sometimes we have a player that we do not want any more to be in the team. So, just sell them immediately to make room for other players to come in. You cannot buy any player if you have reached the maximum number of player on the team. Besides, selling unwanted player will make you get some Coins.

Show Some Tricks to Your Opponent

You can perform and show some of the great tricks in this game by swiping up, down, left and right, and tap the screen twice in order to pass your opponent’s defender. These tricks can be performed while your player is dribbling the ball. Here is the list of what your player will perform when you swipe the screen.

Swipe Up Rainbow Flick
Swipe Down Maradona
Swipe Left or Right Scissor
Tap the Screen Twice Stepovers


Build Your Stadium First Before the Other

When you have a lot of Coins, you must want to splash it all to buy some new players or increase their abilities. But, it is not the thing that you should do first since you are still a beginner. One thing that you have to do first is to build your stadium because its capacity is the one which decides if you can get promoted or not. Each season, you will get a notification about the required capacity to get promoted. If you cannot fill the requirement, you cannot get promoted and have to play in the same league next season. Besides, you will get more Coins when you win a home match.


Those are the best tips for beginners that you should know. If you want to be a good player in this game, you should follow all the tips from us. And let us know if you may have some tips to be shared by leaving your comment in the comment box below.


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