Yesterday, I have just reviewed Critical Ops, one of the best online FPS shooters on a mobile platform. It’s developed by Critical Force. This game is absolutely great because it offers a balanced and skill-based shooter. No gimmick of military supports like drone surveillance or area bombing. Just a pure counter terrorist vs terrorist group.

Critical Ops may seem too hard for people who are new to FPS games. But, with lots of practice, even the beginners can rank up pretty fast with the perfect tips. Here, I want to tell you some great tips getting good in C-Ops.

Play In Custom Game First Timers

Custom Games

I’ve shown in the last review that Critical Ops has two ways to play, the Custom Game and the Ranked Game. You might familiar with the rank game from CS:GO where you play to show people your rank.

I know that most of you probably want to jump straight to the rank game because you want to brag about your rank. But, the game will not let beginners get in the rank game because you need to have at least 250 kills to enter. This is a good reason because for a new player it is best that he/she play in a custom game where if you lose it does not affect your rank later.

Check Your Ping Level

Check Your Ping

One thing most important in a competitive online shooter game is your internet connection. Always check your ping level while you play because it’s a vital part to get smooth gameplay. I’m sure no players would be happy if while they play, they got lag and disconnected from the game because of the poor internet quality.

Focus on One Weapon

Focus on One Weapon

It’s a privilege that every weapon in this game is free to use without any unlocking or purchase system. But, with that kind of free access, you can get confused about choosing which gun is better. To cope with the problem and get better in the game, you must focus your gameplay on one main weapon only. Doing so, you will learn how to have control over the gun and therefore you can make many kills.

Each weapon offered will have different characteristics from each other, but all of them are equal in deadlines. For example, a submachine gun deals less damage than any other types because they already exceed in fast fire-rate. A shotgun or sniper rifle deal huge damage but slow fire-rate. Meanwhile, the assault rifle is the balance of them all. A decent damage and fire-rate. Choose which weapons you prefer and keep playing with it until you get a grip.

To give you a better view, I will show you some analysis for the weapons specifications so you can choose which one to use as your focus.

>> Faster Firerate

If you wish to focus on a weapon which has great fire-rate, the choice should be on submachine guns. A weapon like MP5, MP7, and P90 should be on your list. Keep in mind that SMG weapons have great fire-rate but short range effectivity. These weapons will not do much good if you shoot something far away. If you want to be SMG player, then you should know your role is close quarter combat.

>> Dealing Damage

If you want to be the all-rounder and deal more damage, then assault rifles or shotgun are the choices for you. The assault rifle and shotgun are different in lots of ways.

>>> Assault Rifles

Weapons like M4 or AUG are a perfect all-rounder for beginners. It is perfect because it offers decent fire-rate and deals more damage than the SMG weapons.

>>> Shotguns

The shotgun like Super 90 is the beast of all weapons. One shot can instantly kill enemies. You should never thought that it will be easy to use a shotgun. You should know that the Super 90 is not automatic so you must keep tapping to fire. I wouldn’t suggest shotguns for new players because the handle of this weapon requires lots of practice.

>> More Accuracy

If you are the kind of players who crave for deadly accuracy, the sniper rifle is for you. There are two snipers you can choose, the URATIO and M14. The Uratio is a bolt-action sniper rifle, that means you fire once before you cock it again. While the M14 is the semi-automatic rifle.

Both of the rifles offer precise accuracy. But I would suggest the M14 for new players because it’s easier to handle plus it is semi-automatic.

Don’t be a Camper

Avoid camping at any cost! Camping will not worth your skill because all you do is just wait for enemies to pass by and kill them from behind. That is really not a good way to be a hardcore FPS gamer. Keep moving, locate your enemies, and face them like real gamers. Death is just the phase that every veteran has to cross. From dying, you can learn your mistakes and try to avoid it again in the future.

Memorize Maps

Memorize Maps

There are five maps in this game. I know that sound very limited choice. But this comes with good benefits. How? It’s because the small variety of maps you can memorize them all quickly. If you know all the layout on each map, it will give you ahead of other players. Memorize all the perfect place for cover, blind side, and where the enemies usually come out.

Customize Sensitivity

Edit The Sensitivity

You will play this game on your screen and it is very different with controller or keyboard and mouse. The pleasure of controlling your gameplay may depend on the sensitivity you set. Set them according to your gameplay style. Customizing the sensitivity is a small but impactful way to improve how you perform in the game.

Customizing The Layout Buttons

Edit Buttons Layout

Some of us may get disturbed because of the buttons layout are not in the place that we want it to be. Do not feel upset because you can always change the layout in the settings and place them the way you like so you can get comfort while playing.

Final Words

To get good in such competitive online shooter game, patience and practice will be paid off in the future. There’s no instant way to get better in every online game. Learn a lot by doing a lot. Through many deaths and reading this Critical Ops tips here, I hope you can be a good player from the beginners’ tips here.


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