It seems Nintendo like to please their loyal customer. Yeah, one of them is this game, in order to let everyone knows about Fire Emblem series, Nintendo launched this game for mobile devices. Why they released it on mobile devices? Because all people have this. So, it makes easier for Nintendo to introduce their popular game. That’s enough for the chit-chat, my sole purpose in this article is to give you Fire Emblem Heroes guide. After you read the guide, you will know what you need to do in this game to create the strongest characters

The Complete Guide to Become the Strongest Characters

Below are the requirements to create the strongest characters in the game. We sure everyone feel the same to have the best one. That’s why we provided this guide for all of you who want to achieve the strongest characters in this game!

Balance Your Party Member

manage your team

In strategy RPG, you need to have a balanced party member. It means all characters can support each others. There are many aspects of building a strong team. But, in this game, you only need to choose the balanced class for your party member. What we mean by balanced class is you can include all the varieties of class in your party. For example, you can combine sword, lance, axe, magic altogether, rather than you focus on sword class. If you do that, it will destroy the balance of the team. If you still can’t decide which class that suitable for you, see the class list below.

Class List

Sword: the balanced class, both attack, and defense are equal. It’s suitable for beginners and advanced player.


If you want the class that has a high attack power, choosing the Axe class is the right answer. Not only that, this class also have a huge amount of HP.


This class excels both in speed and defense. For the attack is neutral, not really good but also not really terrible.


Do you want to trigger a double attack? We recommend you use this class at all cost. To determine your class can use a double attack, you can see the speed status, if the status higher than opponent, it can trigger a double attack. The best class for this job is Assassin without a doubt.

Magic (Red)

The magic users in this game or also known as a red mage in the usual RPG game. This magician excels in fire magic. The merit to have this class in your party is you can attack from far away (2 squares).

Magic (Blue)

After we done about the red mage. It’s the time for the blue mage to come. Don’t be fooled with title blue mage, this one can’t unleash water magic, this class use lightning magic instead.


This is the special class in this game. We thought is an archer class, but the game named it the colorless. This one is actually same like the magic class because it can attack from afar, but this class equipped with a bow instead of the tome.


For you, the veteran player in Fire Emblem game must know dragon it’s a sacred being and the most powerful unit in the game. Yeah, Dragon also makes an appearance in this game, but, it’s not really the strongest one actually because there is some blade that can exclusively kill this thing in one hit. Other that, Dragon class is a solid unit for your party.

Our Recommendation

That’s a huge class roster in this game. We sure you confused to choose which class the best for you. As for us, we choose sword, lance, colorless, and magic class for the main team. The reason is quite simple, you will get a solid team by following our method.

Class Weaknesses

The next one is about each class weaknesses. Not all class in this game is strong enough to beat all opponents in one map. Each of them has a weakness that you must cover. Previously, we said you can’t include all sword class in your party, we sure you already know what we mean by that, right? Oh yeah, the class weaknesses don’t apply with the colorless unit. See the picture below for more information.

types of weaknesses

As you can see from the picture above, sword beat axe, and the axe beat lance and so on. the colorless unit is the neutral type, so it doesn’t affect the class above. For magic (red), this class weak against magic (blue). The dragon class only weak with the special weapon (Only some characters have this kind of weapon).

Training Tower

training tower

In order to create the strongest characters in the game, you need to train all your character to reach the max level. For your information, the max level in this game is 40. And the best place to train your hero is the Training Tower. There are two purposes why you need to come here:

To get a lot of EXP

Train your hero in the story mode is only waste all your Energy. Even though in the story mode cost you less Energy than the training tower, it’s not really worth the effort for doing so. We know you need to sacrifice a lot of energy depend on the tower section that you want to enter, but as the compensation, you will get the tremendous EXP for your characters.

SP Farming

The other reason why you need to enter the Training Tower is to farm a lot of SP. Is it that important? Yeah, because if you don’t have a lot of SP, you can’t learn a new skill for your character. Also, if all your characters already maxed level, it’s impossible to farm SP except in training tower.

Our recommendation

If your unit strong enough to finish the tenth stratum, you can go there directly, because from there, you will get a lot of EXP. Rather than you waste all your Energy to enter the lowest tower.

Inherit Skill

inherit skill

The next thing you must do is to inherit the skill from weaker character to stronger character that you have. Even though you already get the legendary unit, it won’t be complete if you don’t inherit the skill from another unit. It’s a good idea to combine the skill to make your unit stronger than ever. Oh yeah, we sure you confused when you can’t sacrifice others 5* unit to get their skill, don’t worry just unlock the hero first in order to get the skill. The unit is automatically locked if you get rarity 4*-5*.

Our Recommendation

The skill like Sturdy Blow ( attacks and speed +4 when unit initiates a combat) really helpful if you can find it. You don’t need to use the Sturdy Blow only. You can also use a different skill that has similar effects.

Sacred Seals

sacred seals

The additional skill that you can add to your characters. If you get this one, you need to equip it quickly to the strongest characters you have. We sure you notice there is one skill slot that always empty, no matter what you do, you won’t get the skill. Actually, that slot is for the Sacred Seals. There are two ways that we know to get the Seals, the first one is by doing the quest or when you reach the specific score in Tempest of Trial.

Our Recommendation

You can use Sacred Seals that can increase your HP and Defense. Not only that, the skill Renewal is really helpful if you use it right. Why? Because it can recover your HP by 10 for every 4 turns.

Merge Allies

merge allies

To make your character stronger than ever, you need to merge your allies. When you merge two allies (Same characters), the one that chooses to enhance will get the increased status and SP. You can do it until ten times, so, when you get same characters again, don’t forget to merge it. For you who don’t know this function exists, you can go to allies menu, and tap the advanced growth to see it.


If you follow our method, you will get the strongest heroes that you dream of. We recommend you follow our method to get the great result. For the first time, it’s quite annoying because you will waste all your time to play this game to raise all your heroes, but you don’t need to care about that, if you want to get something good, you need to be ready to sacrifice some of your time. Last but not least, we also make Fire Emblem Heroes review. Feel free to check it out if you want to know more information about this game.


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