Dream League Soccer 2017 is one of the best soccer games which available for mobile. This game can be downloaded on Android and iOS platform. It is quite popular among the soccer game fans where it has been downloaded more than 50 million times just on the Play Store. The game is really exciting and you must love to play it because of the cool features that this game has. So, without much further ado, I will give you the information that you need about this exciting soccer game in Dream League Soccer 2017 review.

App Details

Developer First Touch Games
Publisher First Touch Games
Platforms Android and iOS
Release Date World Wide February 26, 2016
Genre Sports
Mode Single and Multiplayer

About the Game

Dream League Soccer 2017 is the updated version of the previous sequel Dream League Soccer 2016 which so popular at that time. The game is similar to the format that FIFA Ultimate Team has. Here, we cannot play the team that already exist like Manchester United, Chelsea, Barcelona, and etc. But, we can build and manage our very own team. This game also has the license from FIFPro, an International Federation of Professional Footballers so they can use the names and faces from official players. That’s why it can use Diego Costa’s and Aaron Ramsey’s face as its game cover. This game is free to play although there are several in-game purchases that can be bought by using real money.


Dream League Soccer 2017 allows you to build and manage a team named Dream F.C. with some random players within. Here, you can really do whatever you want with your team. You can change the club’s name, the team’s kit and logo, and etc. Your task in this game is to bring your club to the highest division with some objectives that you have to achieve on each season and you will start your career from the lowest one. There are six divisions in total, they are the Academy Division, Division 3, 2, and 1, Junior Elite Division, and Elite Division. So, you will have a long journey to reach the highest division.

The Features of Dream League Soccer 2017 Game

The gameplay is absolutely stunning for a mobile game. But, it is not the only good thing in this game because there are some great features that you can find in this soccer game like…


In this game, you can really build and manage your own team because you can choose and buy the players that you want to be added to your team. This feature can be found on the main menu and you can buy the players with the Coins that you have got. Actually, it is so easy to buy a player in this game. But, the market only offers some players randomly in a week. That’s what makes you difficult to buy your targeting players.

Multiplayer Mode

There is a multiplayer mode in this game where you can compete and test your skills against the other real players. You can play against your friends by pairing your device with a Local Wi-Fi or play together with millions of people and compete in an online league in Dream League Online.

Player Development

You can also develop your current players with some Coins you have in order to increase their skills such as Technique, Distribution, Fitness, Attacking, Defending, and Goalkeeping skills. You can increase all those aspects to make your lame players become a good one.

Build a Stadium

This feature is really exciting because you can build your own stadium and change its name as you like. You can increase your stadium capacity in this feature because your stadium capacity will be used as the requirement when you move to a higher division.

Team Customization

Here, you can customize your team’s logo and name, kits, the player’s number and boots color. The good thing is that you can use the real team logo and kits by using the download feature which located in the Edit Logo and Kit section.


Dream League Soccer 2017 has a quite good graphic actually. As I said before that this game has the FIFPro license. That’s the reason why they can use the face and name from the official players. But, it is not what you can expect actually. The face of the players is not really clear like the one that we used to see in FIFA games. So, they are not really similar to the real players face. But, the environments like the field, stadium, and etc are really good for a mobile game.

The Good Things of This Game

There are several good things that we have found from this game. For us, it is good but in your opinion, who knows?

Free to Play

Some good games out there must be purchased by real money before we can download it. But, Dream League Soccer is really different. Although it can be categorized as a game above average, you don’t have to spend our money to download it. This game can be downloaded for free from the Play Store or App Store.

Can be Played Online and Offline

When the soccer game like FIFA require you to use the internet connection, this one can be played both online and offline. Actually, you can play it fully offline without any internet connection. The online feature only applicable for the Multiplayer mode that we have explained above and when you are about to buy an in-app purchase.

Has the FIFPro License

It is really rare a mobile soccer game has a license of FIFPro. Only FIFA soccer game for mobile who has this license. This game is the only other soccer game which has this license besides FIFA.

Equipped with Many Features

This game has so many features that will make you enjoy while playing this game. We have mentioned all the good features of this game above like player transfer, multiplayer mode, team customization, and much more.

The Bad Things of This Game

Besides of all the good things, there are some bad things that this game has. Here are the bad things that we have found in this game.

The Duration of the Match is Really Short

The first one is the game time while we are playing a match. Each match is only about five minutes. And unfortunately, we cannot change the duration like we used to do in FIFA or PES. Sometimes, it is quite hard to score a goal or even win a game in a short time like that.

The Transfer System is not Challenging

When we are about transferring or selling a player in FIFA or PES, we have to do a negotiation first. And sometimes it takes a long time until we meet the deal. But here, you just choose the player you want and just spend your Coins if they are available in the market.


Dream League Soccer 2017 is a really good game to play for all ages. It is so exciting and addicting to play because it has a good gameplay that won’t make you bored. So, if you like a sports game, especially soccer, you should try this one because it is one of the best soccer games on mobile at this moment. And if you need a guide for this game, just check out our article Dream League Soccer 2017 guide Immediately.


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