Critical Ops

Critical Ops

FPS game does not always belong to PC or consoles. Today, smartphone users also are given the pleasure to play FPS game on their mobile device. One shooter game that stands out in the genre is Critical Ops. A simple online FPS game where you fight between terrorist and counter-terrorist group. C-Ops is the shooter game that is plain simple without any “military support” gimmick added to the gameplay. It’s just a pure shooting skill for all.



If this is the first FPS game for you, don’t worry, this game will show you a tutorial how to play this shooter game. The tutorial will give you a lesson how to walk, shoot, and throw a grenade.

To play this game, it’s pretty easy. The screen will show you buttons to move, shoot, and change your primary and secondary weapon.

Primary Weapons

Submachine Gun:
MP5, MP7, P90

Submachine Guns

Assault Rifles:
SA58, M4, AK-47, HK417, AUG, SG 551.

Assault Rifles

FP6, Super 90.


Sniper Rifles:
Uratio, M14.

Sniper Rifles

Secondary Weapons

P250, GSR 1911, MR 96, XD .45, Dual MTX.


Game Modes

Game Modes

To this day, Critical Ops offers you two modes to enjoy, Defuse and Deathmatch modes. Both of them are equally fun to play and offer different challenges. In Defuse mode, the terrorists have to plant a bomb whether in site A or site B. The counter-terrorist objective is to prevent the terrorists from planting and detonating the bomb.

In Deathmatch mode, there will be no bomb to plant or defuse. But in this mode, the two sides will battle for high kill score. Different with Defuse, in Deathmatch you can respawn every time you get killed.

Rank Games

The rank games offer the same Defuse and Deathmatch but this time you will have an online career that you must build. Play rank games to prove that you’re the veteran to this game and you have bragging rights that you are rank higher than anyone else. In order to play the ranked games, you must already have 250 kills.

Custom Games

If you’re new, and you don’t have enough kill score yet, then you must play the Custom Games. In a custom game, you can browse for game rooms hosted by players from around the world. In this type of game, you won’t get ranked or de-ranked. This best for new players because it’s the opportunity to get better.

Not only you can browse game from another host, you can also host your own game. This best be played with some of your friends. It’s good as practice before you get into the ranked games.



Do you know what makes CS:GO on Steam got famous? It’s because of the use of skins on weapons. In C-Ops, every weapon can be used for free and the thing that makes each player stand out is the skins they use. There are lots of fancy decals you can apply to your weapons. Customizing your weapons with skins can make you look more standout while playing. I think this is what gamers want from this game.

Best Skins For Your Weapons

The smiley “Winky” for your SG 551
The Winky

The ferocious “Kraken” for your MP5

The Kraken

The Beautiful “Ivory” for your MR 96 pistol
The Ivory

Unique “Angry Hands” for your URATIO sniper rifle.
Angry Hands

Flowery “Kind Regards” for your FP6 shotgun.
Kind Regards

How To Get Skins

The game uses Credits as the currency which you can use to get skins from the case on the store. The case you bought from the store will offer you random skins for random weapons. Certain skin can’t be applied to any weapon. They are already designed for each weapon in the game.

What’s Good About This Game

It’s Free

You can not have much complained about a game that is free to play. Based on all the Critical Ops offered to players, they give many good reasons why this game is one of the best online FPS game on mobile. Free games can never be good than this game because of eventhough that it’s free, the fun is equal to any other paid games.

It’s Balanced

Other similar online FPS games may far from being balanced. Any other games might pay-to-win, therefore, there’s no balanced whatsoever. If in pay-to-win game, only the paid players that will dominate the gameplay, in C-Ops, skill is what matters. The skin decal is just a fancy look to differentiate between the rich and the poor gamers.

All weapons in the game are built to balance one another. If you think that a submachine gun is less superior than an assault rifle, then you’re totally wrong. I have tried all the guns in C-Ops and they are all equal, it’s just how you use it against your enemies that matters.

The Graphics

This game used Unity Engine for the visual graphics. It’s not much but it’s certainly pretty good. Furthermore, you can set the quality of the visuals yourself to suit your mobile graphics card so the game can run smoothly.

What’s Bad About This Game


One poor thing about this game could be the lack of variety of game modes and maps. Critical Ops only offers two game modes which are Defuse and Deathmatch. And it only gives five option for the maps like Bureau, Canals, Grounded, Legacy, and Plaza. Maybe if the developer wants to expand this game, they could work on those two cons of the game.


If some people ask, is this game safe for children or not? The obvious answer is no. Such shooter game is too violent for kids and therefore I can’t really recommend it to minors. On the other hand, I suppose adults can take this game little more responsible.

Critical Ops is the best choice for online FPS gamers who crave for fast-paced multiplayer and balanced gameplay. There’s no “military support” or any other fancy gimmick in the game. Just a pure multiplayer shooter game that relies on skills of the players. And that’s all about Critical Ops that you need to know and you really must try it today.


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