Hay Day is still the best farming game ever. Released by Super Cell which is one of the best game developers. This game has been played by million people around the world. Hay Day guides have been trending since past years ago. Almost every new player looks for a beginner guide because the game features are really complex compared by other farming game simulator.

Beginner Guide

This is the beginner guide that you have to follow, as a beginner, you need a guide on how to play this game comfortably. As we have stated before, this game is quite complex and could give a little bit confusing for a new player.

Naming Farm

In this section, we are going to teach you about naming the farm. Maybe it is quite simple for you. I can ensure almost 90 % new player know how to do this but do you know that naming your farm with the unique one could give something special to your farm. That is why you have to choose your farm’s name properly.

Naming Farm

Arrange the Object

The first time you play this game, all objects need to be arranged because it is a default setting. You have to save your space because your farm would be very small and do not feel astonished if you are lack of space. For your farm arrangement, you could follow Greg’s farm below. He is available on all Hay Day player. It is easy to meet him.

Farm Arrangements

Basic Guide

After we are talking about “Beginner Guide” in this game. Now, you have to learn the basic guide to managing your farm. We could say that this one is quite same as managing a real farm. The key to your success is your patient.

Earn Diamonds

Diamonds are the main currency of this game because you can do everything with it. However, to earn diamonds are quite difficult as they are a paid currency. Nevertheless, you can earn diamonds almost everywhere in this game. We called it as “free diamonds”. Free diamonds can be earned through logging on your facebook, following hay day fan page, completing an achievement, and following hay day contest on their Facebook fan page.

Like Hay Day Fan Page

Hay Day Fanpage

Liking the fan page will give you extra 5 diamonds. It is really worth to do. Besides that, you can also get the latest news and event in Hay Day game. So you will not miss anything.

Completing Achievements

Complete Achievements

Just like any other game. Hay Day has achievement section which gives you free XP and diamonds when you have done completing them. All you need to do is to open the achievement box then you can see what achievement you can achieve.


Earn Coins

Coins are the second currency of this game. It uses to buy livestock and your farm equipment. To earn coins you can sell your crops, this is the easiest way to implement. The more often you list your crops, the more sale you can get and of course the more money you will receive but make sure you have to calculate your crops wisely, do not sell all your crops. At least, you need to save 2 or 3 each crop. We also have a great guide to earn lots of coins in a matter of a day.


Wheating Method

We call it as planting wheat to earn coins. Why should we plant wheat instead of other crops? One thing you have to remember, wheat has the shortest time to harvest. If you have lots of spare time. It would be suitable to plant wheat as it could give you an outstanding earning!

10 fields = 850 coins per hour & 300 xp per hour

You not only earn coins but also XP from doing “Wheating method”. This one is really great for a new player.


Sell in Roadside Shop (RSS) at Max

RSS at Max

Doing “Wheating method” will fulfill your barn faster. It means you would be lack of slots. To avoid this problem, you have to focus on selling your wheat on RSS. Set it to max amount, do not sell it too expensive and do not forget to advertise it if it is available. You can start selling it 1g each. We know, it is really cheap but if you have a good calculation. It would help you earn some coins and save your silo space.

Sell Unused Items

Sell Unused Items

Bear in mind, your barn & silo slot is limited. You are a new player and you have to provide some slots for a new item. While harvesting your wheat, you can get a random item. And the price is absolutely hundred times then selling wheat itself. However, for the item which use to upgrade your RSS, you have to save it because it is really useful. Meanwhile, unused items must sell immediately to earn decent coins.

Maximize your Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop

A new player would have their own chicken coop. Go buy chicken until the maximum amount of the coop itself. Having lots of chickens will give you more eggs which could be produced by some foods and the price is extremely higher than selling the eggs itself.

Farming Introduction

The key to its success is to plant and harvest as many as possible. In the beginning, you will have 3 farm plots. Then, as we have talked about the “Wheating method” above. You can do that to earn gold and XP. The more you earn the more you grow. When you increase your level you can get a new feature.

Planting Crops

To plant a crop, you can simply select what crops would you like to plant then tap and hold it. Then, Navigate it to the farm plots. when you have done, wait for the harvesting time.

Planting Crops

Harvesting Crops

To harvest a crop, you can simply pick up the sickle. Then hold and move it across your farm plots. It will be automatically harvesting your crops.

Harvesting Crops


That is what we can share with you about Hay Day guide, we have shared a beginner and basic guide to you. We hope it can be useful. Anyway, if you would like to know more features about this game. You check our Hay Day review.


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