Netmarble, one of the wonderful game developer that offers you the magnificent game you have never seen before. One of the greatest game they created is Seven Knights. In order to make this game more wonderful, we already prepared Seven Knights game guide to help you fight in the Castle Rush. We will explained all the strategy to fight against each Seven Knights. This is the best strategy that we already applied and works like a charm. For further information, just scroll your mouse below.

Things That You Need to Prepare Before Strike the Castle Rush

⇒ Train Your Heroes Until LV 46+5

The first thing you must do is level up all your heroes until 46. If you can power up heroes until +5 it will be better. Why should you level up your heroes until 46? Yeah, you can endure the attack from the Seven Knights. Because the Seven Knights level that you face is really insane!

⇒ Limit Break

limit break

The next thing is about Limit Break. Yeah, the new feature of this game. So, what the function of this system anyway? It’s like an additional status for your characters. Even though your character already maxed level, you can still increase the status by using this system. At least you fill in the defense and HP status, for the attack, just ignore it. Oh yeah, to use the limit break, you need an item called shards. You can get it easily in the Exploration Area.

⇒ Pet


The new feature that implemented in this game. Pet is your additional character in your team. The function is boosted your entire team. Your pet of choice is really crucial for the Castlel Rush. We recommend you take Baby Angel Ruu or Black Spirit Dello.

⇒ High-Counter Rate Equipments are Needed

counter rate

Last things that you need to prepare. Equip the weapon, armor, jewel, or accessories that have a high counter rate in it. The highest counter rate that you can find in this game is around 20% if you combine all the equipment from weapon, armor, and so on, you will get 100% counter rate, it means you can always counter the enemy attack whenever you want.

Castle Rush Guide

The important thing in castle rush is endurance, yeah, even though one of your characters have the highest amount of attack, it’s futile in Castle Rush. What you need to remember in this game is to keep your character alive as long as possible because you will get a better reward in the end rather than all your character already died in the first turn.

Ultimate Guardian Rudy

rudy castle rush

The First Seven Knights that You will face. The defensive hero that make your attack like a worm. You need to watch out when Rudy cast “Defense Protection” skill. Because when he cast this skill, his defense will increase by 80% and your damage will reduce into a single digit. The best thing that you need to do in this situation is to use the skill that has buff duration effect. Last but not least, the “Rush” skill that can make your character become confused for 3 turns.

Recommended Heroes


  • Ace: A good hero that can lower the opponents defense by 50%. The “Blossom Slash” skill can decrease the enemy’s buff duration by 3 turns ( this is the important skill to fight against Rudy).


  • Jupy: Your main attacker. The reason why we choose this hero because of the “Multi Shot” skill. If you combine with the awaken skill, you can deal the tremendous amount of damage against Rudy.


  • Karin: Your Healer and support character. I’m sure some of you already know why we choose this hero. It all thanks to the awaken skill, Miracle of Destruction. With it, you can revive all your fallen member with 100% HP.

* for the other heroes, it’s up to you. If you confuse, you can borrow your friend’s hero.


For the first turn, you can attack normally or using a skill. If Rudy already cast the “Defense Preparation” skill, it’s the right time for Ace to show his power. Use Blossom Slash right away to reduce Rudy’s buff duration. The strategy’s simple, just repeats all the steps above and you will be fine. Karin task in this battle only revives your character when it’s destroyed by Rudy’s hand.

Fodina’s Empress Eileene

eileene castlte rush

The second Seven Knights that you face in Castle Rush. The annoying thing about this hero is the “Celestial Bolt” skill. Yeah, it can give electrifies to suall your characters for 2 turns. Of course not only that to make her become the deadly opponent. The “Thunder Lord’s Fury” skill will kill one your character instantly.

Recommended Heroes


  • Spike: The hero that you must bring at all cost. Why? Because it can protect all your party from the electrify status for 3 turns. Meanwhile, you were protected by Spike, you can use this chance to strike Eileene with all your might.


  • Shane: The next hero is Shane. You need to keep this hero at all cost because this is your main attacker. The worth of this hero only the “SoulSlayer” skill that she has. It can deal 300% physical attack with the chance of deal 500% instead.

* that’s the two heroes that we recommend you. For the rest, you can choose any heroes that you like.


Eileene usually will attack first using Celestial Bolt. If you don’t have any protection with negative status, half heroes will get the effects. but, if you have Spike, don’t worry, your team will be fine without any scratch. Just spam “Soul Slayer” skill and if the awaken gauge already max, you can use the awaken skill that Shane has to increase the damage amount.

Phoenix Incarnate Rachel

rachel castle rush

After the fierce battle with Eileene, you will face calm hero that only attack with the basic attack. We don’t know why but Rachel it’s the weaker of all Seven Knights in Castle Rush. The only skill that you need to aware is the “Blaze” only. Even though the skill not really great, only reduce your attack for 3 turns (one character).

Recommended Heroes


  • Sieg: While fighting against Rachel, what you need is a Hero who has the highest amount of attack. Sieg is the right hero for you to choose. The “Unsealed” skill deal 600% physical damage, can you imagine how much damage that you inflict to the opponent? To make it more awesome, you can use the awaken skill that deals 1000%.


  • Rachel: To make your damage more awesome, you need to bring Rachel along. The “Phoenix” skill can decrease 80% defense of the enemy. It’s a good combination with the Sieg.


There is no special strategy to fight against Rachel. The first thing you must do just spam “Phoenix” skill to decrease Rachel’s defense by 80%. Of course, you already know what the next thing you must do. Yeah, use the “Unsealed” skill to inflict the tremendous amount of damage. If the “Phoenix” already expired just spam it again.

Ancient Dragon Knight Jave

jave castle rush

You need to face a Dragon right after Rachel! Actually is a Dragon Knight not a real Dragon. We really hate this hero, why? It can reflect all your attack by 50% which means you deal 10000 damage, you will also get 5000 damage thanks to his passive skill. Last but not least, all his attack hit all target so, you need to beware of Jave’s attack.

Recommended Heroes

da qiao

  • Da Qiao: Finally the three kingdoms hero can take a part in Castle Rush. The skill “Princess of the Battlefield” can protect all allies from 5-target AOE attacks (3 turns). Not only that but also can make all allies become immune to damage.


  • Shane: Once again you must include Shane in your party to deal the tremendous amount of attack. The reason why we choose this instead of Sieg because Shane’s skill cooldown it’s not long as the Sieg’s skill. So, you can spam “Soul Slayer” all the way quickly.


If you bring Da Qiao, you don’t need to worry about Jave at all, just use Shane skill to deal huge damage. If you choose Dello as your pet, it will make thing easier. Yeah, because your critical damage will increase by 15%.

Death Lord Dellons

dellons castle rush

The death scythe hero that can cast silence status to your entire heroes. It means, you can’t use a special skill or normal skill, what you can do is attacking with your basic attack. Yeah, that’s really annoying. Last but not least, the “Deadly Strike” Skill, this one is really harmful because it can deal piercing damage.

Recommended Heroes


  • Yui: This hero is very useful to protect your entire team from silence status. If you don’t want to bring her, you can use Spike instead.


  • Eileene: The reason why you should bring her along because of the passive skill of this hero. It can increase 60% of all characters attack. This one also the preparation when your character gets the silence status.


Your main hero in this CR is Yui, if she died, just say goodbye immediately. You don’t need any strong character because it’s futile if the hero can’t unleash the skill. If you get hit by silence status, just depend on Eileene passive skill to deal tremendous damage for your hero.

Ice Tyrant Spike

spike castle rush

After the fight against the Reaper, next, you will fight against the tyrant. Of course, the battle will become much harder than before. The skill “Severe Cold Earthquake” can make your character freeze for 2 turns. The annoying one when Spike hit your character in the frozen state, you will get extra damage from it. His normal attack also can make your character freeze.

Recommended Heroes


  • Lania: The mother of Spike. It can protect you from freeze status for 6 turns. You just need to assume her role only to protect you from harm. Yeah, because this hero attack is really weak.


  • Teo: Why you need to bring this hero? Most of you think this one is quite useless in Castle Rush, yeah that’s right. But, when the battle against Spike this one is really brilliant. Teo can revive again after for 3 turns after Spike beat this hero. So, you don’t need to worry when Spike freeze him because he will get revive immediately.


Spike is a simple opponent. The thing that you need to worry about him only the freeze status because it’s really annoying. If you bring Lamia, you don’t need to be afraid. As for Teo, you can use him as the main attacker because he can last long if another hero died. You can also bring other heroes that have a similar skill like Teo.

Hell Lord Kris

kris castle rush

The last boss in Castle Rush (LOL) and the hardest one. Why we so sure about this one? It all thanks to the death debuff that this hero cast. What the death debuff do anyway? It’s simple, you get hit by it and for 3 turns you don’t do anything, you will die instantly. And his normal attack also can reduce the cool down of death debuff by one.

Recommended Heroes


  • Karin: Yeah, Karin is really important here. Not only revive all your characters, her passive skill can protect all teammates from death debuff (6 turns).

dark leo

  • Leo: If Karin already died, you can substitute to Leo instead. He has the same effects like Karin or you can bring both of them to the field. So, you will immune death debuff for 12 turns.


Watch out for the death debuff. This kind of skill really annoying and end your Castle Rush progress immediately. That’s why you need to bring Karin and Leo at all cost. Leo can use “Slaughter” to decrease Kris defense by 80% and the other heroes can use the strongest skill to make Kris give up quickly.


That’s the end of our Seven Knights guide. What do you think about it? It helps you to conquer the Castle Rush and get the good reward? If so, we as the helper really happy about your progress. Keep playing this game to become the badass player in this game! Oh yeah, before we forgot, Are you in love with this game? Feel free to check out Seven Knights Review to find more information about the game.


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