Dream League Soccer 2017 is a popular soccer game which available on mobile. This game is really awesome because the gameplay is really similar to a console soccer game. And today, we are about to give you Dream League Soccer 2017 guide. This guide is suitable for every player, especially the beginners who want to reach the highest league in a very short time.

Beginners Guide

As a beginner, there are some things that you need to learn before you can lead your way to the highest competition. And in order to do that, we give you the things that you need to do first before you do more advanced things.

Improve Your Skills

The first thing that we would like to share in this game guide is the ways to improve your skills to play this game. There are two main ways in order to improve your skills. It is by playing on the training and multiplayer mode.

Training Mode

In this mode, you can learn so many things such as how to shot perfectly, how to defend while being attacked, and much more. You can train yourself freely because there is no opponent that you have to face in this mode. Here, there are some options that you can try to enhance your skills such as free training, free kick, corner kick, and the penalty kick.

Free Training

In this option, you can learn the tricks to avoid your opponents. There are some tricks that you can perform by tapping the screen while you control the ball. Also, you can learn how to pass and shoot the ball because this option allows you to train with the whole of your team without facing any opponent.

Free Kick

You can enhance your skill in taking a free kick in this option. This one allows you to take as many free kicks as you want because you can try it again and again even if you fail to send the ball into the back of the net. As we know, a dead ball situation sometimes can benefit us because we can score a goal from this situation.

Corner Kick

Corner Kick is one of the most often situations where a goal created. So, in order to increase your chance to score a goal from this situation, you can learn how to do it in this training option.

Penalty Kick

Taking a penalty in this game is not as easy as you can imagine. Actually, it is a little bit difficult because you need to swipe the screen to kick the ball to the goalpost. If you swipe the ball too hard, it will go to the sky. And if it is too slow, the goalkeeper would catch it easily. So, you need to make yourself get used with the mechanism of this situation.

Multiplayer Mode

This mode allows you to play against the other players online. You just need to pair your device with your opponent’s candidate with the local wi-fi and you can play together. Or you can join an online competition in Dream League Online and compete with millions of players worldwide. By playing in this mode, you can train your skills against a real and active player which of course, is better than the computer.

Advanced Guide

This is the guide for the one who at least has understood about this game. Here, we would like to share more advanced things that you should know in order to make your team stronger so you can get promoted to a higher division.

Manage Your Team Well

Managing your team well will give a really good impact on your progress in this game. With a good team management, you can win so many matches which could lead to a fast promotion to a higher league. Here are the things that you need to do in managing your squad.

Choosing the Formation

In order to reach the highest level of a competition, you need a strong team. To have a strong team, you need to get the best out of your team member. And to make it happen, you need to choose the best formation for the team. You cannot choose a formation just because it is your favorite one or because it is the most used formation in the real world. But, choose the one which suits your players. As examples:

(4-3-3) Formation

If you have more attacking (forwards) and creative (midfielders) players on your team, you should choose a formation that can accommodate your players like this one. This formation is really suitable for the team with such criteria. Three players as strikers up front and three others as creative midfielders to deliver the ball to the forwards.

(5-3-2) Formation

This one is suitable for the team which has more defensive players like center back, left or right back, and etc. You can use five defensive players into your team if you use this formation. So, if you have more than five defenders but only have a few strikers and midfielders in your team, you should prefer this one.

Picking Up the Executors

Managing the team is not only the formation but also the executors who have the responsibility in taking the dead ball situation like the corner kick, free kick, and the penalty kick. Choosing the right player to take the responsibility is really important because it can give you a greater chance to win a game. So, the best player to take a corner kick should be the one who has the best passing accuracy in the team as well as penalty and free kick taker who should have a good shooting ability.

Build Your Team for the Future

In this section, we will give you the guide in order to build your team to be a strong one. As we know, a strong team is really needed in order to be the best team. And in order to do that, you can do some things as follow:

Recruiting Players

As we know, at the beginning, we only have few players and they are not a really good one actually. So, we need to recruit more players which are better than our current players. And in order to recruit some new recruits, you should examine some things. Here, are the things that you should examine.

The Team’s Need

When you are about to buy new recruits, you should make sure that you really need them. If you don’t need, you don’t have to splash your Coins for such thing because they will be a surplus in your team. Just try to get a player in a position that your team really need the most.

Who Are the Available Players

In this game, you can recruit a player when they are available on the market. When they don’t available, they won’t appear on the list so you cannot buy them until the transfer market is refreshed on the next week (the time is based on the game). But, you should be patient because it doesn’t guarantee that your targeting player will appear soon.

Developing Your Current Players

If you don’t have so many Coins to recruit some new players, you can develop your current players’ stats through the Player Development. Here, you can develop all of your players’ abilities by spending some Coins to increase their technique, distribution, defending, fitness, attacking, and goalkeeping stats. It will take so much time actually, but it is worth it when you can feel the difference after you have developed your players.


That’s all that we can give to you. Hopefully, with the Dream League Soccer 2017 guide that we have given above, you can reach the highest league in a very short time. So, if there is any question that you want to ask, please feel free to give us your question. We will be very glad if we can help you. Just leave your question in the comment box and wait for the answer from us. We will reply it as fast as we can.

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