Clash Royale is still the best game ever. Many people love to play this because it is always updated with new features and troops. In this article, we are going to share how to reach Legendary Arena in just 3 months. We have tried the method and it works! The key of this method is to stay focus.

Newbie Guide

As I mentioned above, this absolutely works for a newbie. If you have been in Challenger, We thought you do not need this guide. However, you can still learn a couple thing that is really important for all players if you really would.

Deck Set

What deck are you playing on? Have you balanced it very well? The first thing to understand, you have to know what player you are on? Are you an aggressive player? Balanced player? or passive player?

Aggressive Player

An aggressive player should build their deck with low Elixir cards. This mode really helps you a lot to push your enemy without giving them any mercy. We will show what deck which suitable for an aggressive player.

Aggressive Deck

The key in this situation, you have to push in two lines mode. If your enemy deck contains various cards from low to high Elixir cards. You need to eliminate the low Elixir cards. Then, your enemy will be difficult to defend their tower. First one, you must use the lowest Elixir card, you can start with Goblins. Let see what your enemy send their card.

Remember, you have to bait them carefully. First one, you must use the lowest Elixir card, you can start with Goblins. Let see what your enemy send a high Elixir card. Then you can attack the other line. Send out Ice Spirit (front) and GoblinĀ Gang (back). Then see what will your enemy bring. If they bring another card. Surely, they will out of Elixir and you can start throwing your Goblin Barrel.

Passive Player (Play Patiently)

Almost 80 % people who play Clash Royale, they play patiently. However, this one could be a boomerang as you will follow your enemy flows. This would be hard and surely, your winning chance would be low. However, we have a good solution to build up your deck.

Passive Deck

The key to playing this deck is to wait what your enemy will bring. Usually, it takes lots of time because your enemy might also do the same thing. We ever play as a passive player and We and our enemy were not sending out our card until double elixir came. LOL.

So, let make it short, if you want to play as an initiator. You have to play with your low Elixir cards. Then, let your enemy push you. After that, you can start defending your tower. Placing golem is the nice thing. Where the golem would be backed up by another troop behind.

Save Your Gems

Most players do a mistake where they do not save their gems in the beginning. They play so rush by exchanging gems into gold or maybe buy a chest with gems. If you really want to spend your gems, you can wait until you reach Lv 8 as you can access the tournament.

Join Clan but do not donate too much

Join Clan

Joining clan is the important thing in Clash Royale game. However, you should beware while donating your troops. Make sure you have a good calculation between how many receiving and sending troops. If you are sending too much. It will make your progress to reach Legendary Arena quite long. You have to make only a little donation as your clan requirements listed.

Set an Alarm

If you really care about this game. You could set an alarm of which the chest would be ready to open. We know this kinda annoying for you but we can ensure almost 90 % people who play Clash Royale, they always forget about opening the chest. It means, they waste their time a lot. Trust us, this method really works as a time saver.

Advance Guide

After we were discussing newbie guide above. Certainly, almost every player who played this game knows about it. Now, you have to check out what will we discuss on this advanced guide. It should be worth to read!

Gain Gold Effectively

The important thing currency of Clash Royale is gold. Why does it not vote for gems? Because gems are nothing, they are really hard to earn. You can earn gems only by opening chest but gold can earn anywhere. In the other hand, having lots of gold will give you an easy way to upgrade or buy a troop. So how to earn gold effectively?

Max Battle

Do not waste your battle slot until it reaches the max because if you calculate it properly, you can earn hundreds gold in a matter of day better than just opening a chest.

Donate unused cards

Do you know donation can give you additional gold but you have to make sure that you only donate unused card? We suggest you donate rare card as it gives 50 gold instantly.

Follow the Classic Tournament

Classic Tournament

If you are looking at the latest picture. Maybe you were thinking that we have played this game for a long time where actually it has not. We often play in tournament mode to gain gold. The more gold you earn, the great you are on building your deck. Do not forget to remember out tips of saving your gems wisely and only follow classic tournament because it is the main source of earning gold and some epic cards.

Magical and Super Magical Chest

Here is the secret that everyone should know, it is about Magical and Super Magical chest which is really difficult to get. It could be the hardest part of playing Clash Royale. Some rumours said that receiving this chest is only a fortune. Not all player could receive it but we will reveal the algorithm now.

Play on the ground

Do not be so rush to increase your arena level. The lowest Arena you are on, the easiest Magical and Super Magical chest you can get.

Lose until 20 times

This is the main secret, the more you lose, the more you earn a high chest. At least, you can get a giant chest. Do not feel odd if you saw a player who gives their winning to you. They just send out their troops else where because they want to lose.

Do row donation

We have told before about do not give many donations that will make your progress long. Nevertheless, if you do it in a row. It can give you Magical or Super Magical chest. We have been trying this method 3 times and never failed.

Empty all your chest

If you currently have the remaining chest to open. Go open it but do not earn any single chest anymore. Make sure all your chest slot is empty and you will receive either Giant, Magical and Super Magical chest.

Final Words

I hope you love what you have read here and you can implement our Clash Royale Guide, we have determined it from newbie to advance because we would like to guide your properly. If you have any question or any additional information to add. Do not be hesitate to comment below.


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