Endless Frontier is not a popular game that everyone should play. A classic RPG with an idle system is a really unique thing because you enjoy playing the game whether you are online or not. The game keeps running for you. Today, I would like to share the game guide about building a strong team within a day.

How to Build a Strong Team

I am sure you are curious about what tips to build a strong team in a matter of a day. This guide actually is the simplest one because some beginner could not miss this chance to build their team.

Enjoy the First Gameplay

Enjoying the gameplay is a must but you have to follow all the system. Do not spend your diamonds to buy a single hero because you can achieve it by using your medal. Diamonds are really important to expand your heroes & artifact slots.

View Ad to Gain Double Speed

This one is really time saver as your game will be run faster than the usual. You just need to go to “Shop” and click on “Items” then you can click “x2 game speed for 20 minutes”. You just need to click the “ViewAd” button then gotcha, you have just got double speed in your game.

Double Speed Game

Play Until Reach Stage 50 and Revive!

After you reach at Stage 50, you can use “Revive” button where you can find it under “unit”. Do not spend your time to wait to gain your gold then upgrading your hero. Just upgrade it until you can reach lv 50.

revive endless frontier

Do not Miss Any Chest

When you are playing this game. There will be chest spawned randomly. You have to focus on opening the chest to gain whether it is gold or diamonds. The chest is quite small so your eyes must focus while searching it.

Open Chest

Only Upgrade Your 5-6 Star Troops

This is the team building guide. You have to remember that you should spend your medal wisely because it is not easy to find medal if you are new. So, upgrading your 5 or 6 stars troop is a smart choice because they are the main role of your team. Skip focus on 1-4 stars troop because they are nothing. 4 Star, can be used in Tower of Trial but not at all stages.

Secret Guide for New Player

Here we will give you some secret guide as a new player. Sometimes, this game a little bit confusing if you are new because of the complex feature of this game. You can do

Enter the Dungeon After First Revival

At your first revival, you have to enter the dungeon because it gives you some resource to buy and upgrade an artifact. The artifact will help you boost such as your unit attack, unit defense, reducing quest time, increasing gold quest and so on.


Enter Dungeon

Buy and Upgrade Artifacts

Keep in mind, you should not buy all artifacts on the shop because your artifact slot is limited. So you have to be wise while buying an artifact or upgrade it. As a first time, I recommend you to buy artifacts which can reduce quest time and increase your gold quest. It is really helpful to fasten your game progress.


That is all our Endless Frontier new player guide, we hope our tutorial can help you play easily. Now, you can be wise while playing this game. Do not do any mistake in this game because it will hamper your game progress.


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