Persona 4 Golden one of the fantastic game that everyone loves to play. I’m sure your one of them, right? Now, for you who still play this game, do you know about Margaret? Yeah, the one who sits beside Igor in Velvet room. Actually, you can fight her, is it for real? The answer is yes, it makes you remember about Elizabeth from Persona 3, right? So, what the requirements to fight her? Just see all the information that you need below.

The Requirements Before You Fight Margaret

In order to fight against the hardest boss in this game, you need to complete some requirements, what are they? Just see the list below to find more information about it.

Finish the First Playthrough and Get the True Ending

get the true ending

Before you fight against her, you need to beat the game once and get the true ending (this is a must, if you get normal ending instead, you need to redo the game from the beginning).

How to Get True Ending? See the Requirements Below!

When you reach the event in the Hospital room. You will find Namatame, here, you will be given many choices. You need to answer it right or you will get a bad ending immediately. Here, all your party member will discuss to throw the evil Namatame inside the TV, here is the right choice that you should choose:

  • Just choose any option.
  • Wait a second here….
  • We’re missing something.
  • Namatame’s true feelings.
  • Something’s bothering me
  • We’re missing something.
  • Calm the hell down.

*For the first option, just answer randomly, any choices that you choose it’s not affected.

Finish Empress Social Link

empress social link

You need to finish the Margaret social link (Empress). But, you need to do it before you complete the Magatsu Inaba dungeon, if you miss this chance, just say goodbye to meet this boss.

3/20 is the Important Date!

margaret event

Don’t you ever miss this date. Because it’s the important to trigger the event to face against Margaret. After you meet with Izanami, quickly enter the Velvet room to Get Invitation Card from her. She will ask you to meet her on the top of the floor in the Heaven Dungeon. Go there immediately, if you just leave it and go to the last dungeon to face Izanami, your chance will be lost forever to fight the hardest boss in this game.

Things That You Need to Prepare Before Fight Against Margaret

About the Persona

There is some Persona that really fundamental in this game. But, the most important one is Trumpeter and Yoshitsune. Why? Because for Trumpeter, you need Debilitate Skill and Yoshitsune, you need the skill called Hassou Tobi for the eight-time slash attack.

Two Important Personas You Should Mind

Yoshitsune yoshitsune



Hassou-Tobi (The main attacker in your team, the 8 hits attack really devastating). Delibilitate (it can decrease all the opponents status
Power Charge ( in order to make your attack more powerful, you need this skill, it will double the attack of this skill) Salvation / Mediarahan ( Fully restore the HP of all party member and cure status ailments
Arms Mastery¬†(It’s really useful to reduce the usage of your physical skill) Spell Master (To reduce the cost of MP to use the skill)

*You don’t need to follow all the skill, but, the three skill that we mention is really crucial in the battle

The Party Members That You Should Bring

You need to bring Yosuke, Chie, and Kanji. These three are fundamental to beat Margaret. Don’t you ever bring Yukiko and Teddie at the same time because you will get beaten easily by the fire and electrify attacks from her.

The Characters Level

characters level

The suitable level to fight against her is at level 80+. At least, all your characters already get the last skill of their Persona. If you already reach that level, you won’t have any problem ( At least, you can endure her attack).

Equip the Ultimate Weapon

ultimate weapon

Equip the ultimate weapon for all character can make things a little bit easier in this game. But, before that, you know the way to get the ultimate weapon? If so, I will tell you about it, you can fight against the Reaper to get ultimate weapon. How can you find it easily? Just see the guide below.

How to Find the Reaper?

kill the reaper

  • Go to the Yukiko Castle and climb the stairs until you reach the 5th floor.
  • After you reach the 5th floor, use Goho-M and save your game in the entrance.
  • After you done with it, go to Yukiko castle again and check the map again. If you see 4 chests, it’s the time you need to be ready, because one of them is the Reaper.
  • You just need to repeat the steps after you use the Goho-M. Oh yeah, if you only see three treasure chests, you need to exit and go inside again. Because if you only find three chests you will lose your chance.

The Steps to Beat Margaret

margaret battle

  1. The first turn you need to use the debilitate skill. The others character can also use support skill like Matarukaja, Marakukaja, and Masukukaja. In the very first turn what you need to is really simple, just use the support skill.
  2. For the second turn, it’s time for the attack. We recommend you use the physical attack like Primal Force (Kanji) and Brave Blade (Yosuke). if you decided to bring Chie you can use God’s Hand. For Yukiko just use guard command to minimize the damage.
  3. Margaret will likely to attack with the high-level magic attack in the third turn. The damage’s really high and one of your characters will likely to die from the attack. But, you can rest assured while Yukiko still standing. Next turn just heals all your characters with Mediarahan either from MC (Main Character) or Yukiko.
  4. What you need to remember is don’t forget to cast all your support skill again if already expired. Just remember don’t use magic skill to attack because the damage it’s not really high, it will only waste your precious SP.
  5. Don’t forget to bring an item to help you if your healer already down. You need to be ready because every character must change their role if needed. This is the hardest fight in this game so, you must be ready. Although, Margaret it’s not really hard as Elizabeth from Persona 3 still you need to be cautious about her!

margaret status

The Difficulty: Hard

“That’s a normal thing in Shin Megami Tensei series that present you the hardest boss. By facing Margaret you can test your skill within this game and it’s a good experience for you to know your weakness. Also, if you a challenge, this is the boss that worth your time”


So, what do you think about Margaret? Yeah, she can become the hardest boss if you don’t fight it carefully. Personally, we also get beaten a few times before finally, we win against this beautiful woman. There are a lot of things that you need to prepare while fighting her. We hope the developer still interpret the fusion skill from the previous game, but, on the surface, it’s not what we hoping for. It’s kinda cool actually, the fusion skill of Satan and Helel that can deal 9999 damage to all targets. If you want to prove yourself to become a better player in the game, fight against Margaret can become your solution to make you become the strongest. That’s all about Persona 4 Golden guide, hopefully, it can help you to beat Margaret immediately!


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