Are you a type of gamer who hate complicated games and just want to play where you can shoot and bash something? Well, Killing Floor 2 probably is the game that you have been looking for. Developed and published by Tripwire Interactive in 2016 for Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One platforms. It’s a multiplayer game so that means it will offer you crazy experience bashing off Zed’s head. It’s a multiplayer game where you have the option to play alone or with six of other people.

Killing Floor 2 Review

What’s The Story?

Well, there is not really a single player story campaign mode, so there will be no campaign mode where you play a story. But, the main thing about this game is when the biotechnology corporation Horzine, accidentally unleash hordes of Zed across the Europe. That’s all the little bit story of this game.



This game is a first person shooter game and has two modes, Survival and Versus. Of course, there will be two sides that will kill each other, the humans and the zeds.

Survival Mode

In this mode, there will be options for short, medium, and long survival. The short will last only 4 waves, the medium will be 7 waves, and the length will be 10 waves of Zeds. Each type of run will end with a boss battle. You will also have the option to play fully alone or with some of your friends for better survivability.

Versus Mode

Now in this mode, players are allowed to play humans and Zeds. This is the first time after the first KF game that allows the player to play as the Zed. The game will be played in some rounds, and each time, you will take a turn as humans or the Zeds.


Killing Floor 2 game is unlike any other zombie games you have played. This game can be played for both beginners and experts. The difficulty is something that KF2 thrive as you can see below are the difficulties you can try in the game.

Beginners: For people who have just know zombie game in their lives.

Normal: For people who have once or twice playing zombie games.

Hard: For people who know what Killing Floor game is.

Suicidal: For people who up to a challenge of a lifetime!

Hell on Earth: The Zeds will have no mercy on your soul!

The Zeds


Zed is the star in this game. They are the epicenter of the game. They are divided into three, the small, medium, and large Zeds.

Small Zeds

>> Cyst


The very basic of all Zeds. They are small, slow, and weak enough to kill. They won’t give you too much problem, but still, they are a problem if you don’t deal with them.

>> Clot


Same as Cyst, Clot is also weak Zed that can be handled easily. One annoying thing about this ugly hideous Zed is that they can grab you so you’re stuck while getting gang banged by all the Zed around you.

>> Crawler


You will probably think this is a spider because it’s colored black and crawling with many legs. They are easy to kill even easier if you headshot them. They will melee attack you by jumping straight to you with its legs.

>> Gorefast


Armed with a blade that merges into its arm, Gorefast could be troublesome if you don’t deal with them soon or from far away. They will attack you with its strong blade swing and they are quite hardy to shot down.

>> Stalker


You need to be wary of this Zed because they are transparent around you. They will be quite visible when they are about to attack you and that is the moment you kill them.

>> Slasher


This kind of Zed is strong enough of taking bullets. They will attack you with their claws in their hands, that’s why they are called slasher. They can also grab you and make you stuck, so be careful around them.

Medium Zeds

>> Bloat


Bloat is the ugliest Zed ever exist in the game. They are fat, ugly, and always vomiting around you. Avoid those vomit because it can damage and blind you for a couple of seconds. Bloat will attack you with its knife and if you’re too close they will vomit at you. Don’t shot them in the belly because that is their strong defense. Shoot them in the head fast to take them down.

>> Gorefiend


Remember the little brother Gorefast? This is his big bad brother. This guy armed with a dual blade instead of one. And he has a special attack. They will spin around like crazy and try to hit you with that attack. This guy is too strong to take down with one or two bullets.

>> Husk


Husk is armed with a rocket launcher that fires a fireball straight at you. They capable to launch an attack from far away, sometimes, you cannot see them but you will hear the rocket coming at you and you get burned. This is a dangerous enemy if you can’t locate them. They are pretty strong, but you can easily kill them if you shoot their gas tank behind them.

>> Siren


Rip headphone players. Siren is an annoying Zed with the ability to scream as loud as she can when she is nearby you. Don’t try to fight her up close because the closer you are to her, the louder her scream will be!

Large Zed

>> Scrake


At far away, Scrake may not seem too dangerous at all. But the closer you see him, you will see a chainsaw in his hand. This Zed is typical won’t attack fast, but when you shot them first, he will charge straight at you. Be careful, Scrake is a very strong Zed. You will need a dozen rounds to defeat them. But, nothing will beat Fleshpound next.

>> Fleshpound


Now, this is the Zed that you must terrify of. When a Fleshpound comes to the party, they will scream terror at you. They are slow like a tank but when they are charged, there will be nothing to stop them to get to you! Fleshpound is the strongest Zed in Killing Floor game. They are armed with a dual drilling machine in their hand. Nevertheless, they have weak point, it’s located in their hearth. Shoot it while he is charging at you and you can kill him easily.

Boss Round

At the very end of your round, you will have to defeat the boss. There are two bosses in KF2, they are Dr. Hans Volter and The Patriarch.

>> Dr. Hans Volter

Dr. Hans Volter

He was a doctor at the Horzine Biotechnology corporation but he went too far and now he became one of the freaks. This guy will be armed with blades, automatic rifle, and a poison grenades. The annoying thing about this boss is that he can suck out your health point when he is charging at you.

>> The Patriarch

The Patriarch

Patriarch is the old boss from the first Killing Floor game. But in this sequel, he has been upgraded and armed to the teeth. The Patriarch is armed with a missile launcher, minigun, and a tentacle that can grab you. The dangerous thing about this boss is that he can be invisible after you attack him and he will reappear when he is about to charge you.


Instead of different classes, this game uses Perks to differentiate between classes. There are nine Perks in this game and each of them has their own specialization.

>> Berserk


This perk gives you an advantage when you using a melee weapon. As in the picture above, they can be armed with a variety of amazing melee weapons. The Berserk has the upper hand as he can put more damage to Zed with its melee weapons.

>> Commando


Like a real commander of a unit, this perk can arm with all great assault rifles. This perk will do great for attacking hordes of Zed, thanks to its fast fire rate weapons.

>> Support


As it said, the Support perk is the perk that can give support for the rest of the team. They have the ability to give bullets to teammates. Armed with a shotgun, they are great for close combat with hordes of Zed.

>> Demolitionist


Never mess with Demoguy because they will blast you out with their amazing explosive firearms. Demolitionist will be a great perk for playing long range fight. You can blast them all Zed before they can ever get close to you.

>> Field Medic


You might think there will be no healer in this game because each perk has the ability to use health injection to recover health. But, Field Medic here is to ensure you that when fighting Zed, you will stay healthy and happy. They have miraculous ability to heal you with a medic gun.

>> Firebug


Although similar with Demolitionist, Firebug deals with fire only, not explosive. All Firebug weapons can spit fire into all the Zed. The most awesome weapon this perk has is the Microwave Gun. It can instantly disintegrate Zed, making it the best weapon choices in Killing Floor 2.

>> Gunslinger


Do you want to kill some Zed, Cowboy style? Well, the Gunslingers perk is the best choice for you. This perk allows you to use all the classic pistols from the western world like 1858 Revolver, .500 Magnum Revolver, Dessert Eagle and much more. All of them weapons can be dual equipped making it double the fun.



If you want to get tactical with the Zed, pick the SWAT perk and start shooting the Zed tactically. The SWAT perk relies on high fire-rate weapons so that it can mow down Zed pretty quickly. Choose from great variety of weapons like MP7, Kriss Vector, to the high tech P90. It’s killing Zed but in future tech style yo!

>> Sharpshooter


Sharpshooter is the perk for you who wants absolute precise accuracy. Kill some Zed with a deadly headshot from high accuracy weapons like Winchester, M14 EBR, even a Crossbow! Shoot Zed from far away so they don’t even know what hit them.



Dosh is life, Dosh is love, Dosh is everything! You need it to purchase guns in the weapons dispenser. Every Zed you kill, it will give you some Dosh, and you can spend it in the dispenser to purchase weapons of your perk. Manage it wisely because it’s your vital resource. You won’t survive with it. Like I said, Dosh is life!

The Pros

This game can offer you hours of fun whether being solo, play with friends, or play together with strangers in the online match. The game even offers you to create your own custom game with your own custom map so you can have a Zed-killing experience like never before. The first Killing Floor game never offers such great features, that is why this sequel is a big hit for zombie action fans.

The Cons

Nothing is perfect mate, KF2 also has some of the imbalance like the Versus mode where it can be hard sometimes as the humans to survive and it’s too easy for the Zed team to annihilate the humans. But, apart from it, this game still rocks.

Final Words

Killing Floor 2 is the game for you zombie fans. Killing a bunch of Zed with deadly weapons nonsense is a fun activity to do. Go nuts with some of your friends together or if you just want to go ape sh*t alone, you can do that! Just prepare your adrenaline because it will be hell on Earth when fighting the hordes of Zed.


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