Once again Square Enix success to bring out the hidden potential of KH (Kingdom Hearts) game. Through the latest game called Kingdome Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. Yeah, the title is really long and complicated to read. From now on, I will it shorter to KH 2.8. The game just recently released in the beginning of this years. So, are you already play the game? Or you don’t have enough money to buy it? Just kidding guys.That’s enough for chit-chat, just see all the information below about Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue review.

Contents of the Game

In this game compilation, you can play entire KH game from the first one until the last. You’re not playing the PS 2 version, but the PS 3 version, the game is Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 and 2.5 ReMIX. Now, I will explain both games for all of you. What the differences between the PS 2 version. Check it out Below.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5

First one is KH 1.5, this game will include the first KH game, there are Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Re Chain of Memories, and 358/2 Days. Of course, Square Enix not just copy the data of the game from PS 2 to make this one, they implemented new features to enhanced your gaming experience.

The Changes of the Entire Games

  • Be prepared to see the HD graphics (480p, 720p, and 1080p)
  • Feature PS 3 Trophy to see all the achievements from the game.
  • The music of the game gets the remix version.
  • The characters model from the entire game already updated to match the graphics quality.

Kingdom Hearts  Final Mix

kingdom hearts final mix gameplay

  • You will get new abilities in this game. What are they? You will get Combo Master and Zero EXP abilities. Of course, I don’t need to tell you about this one, for you who play KH II must know really well about this.
  • For you who hate about the camera control back then in PS 2, you can now move the camera freely through the right analog stick of your gamepad. It’s very handy guys!
  • The instant features that everyone will like. You can skip all the cutscene in the game if you lazy to watch it. Just simply press the start button and select the skip option.
  • If the previously you using X to input the special command and talk to the people, SE decide to change that method to use Δ instead.
  • The summon option already move to the fourth panel. So, when you want to summon, you don’t need to go to the magic menu.

Kingdom Hearts Re Chain of Memories

kingdom hearts re chain of memories gameplay

  • The changed that I notice in this game only the four new cards that replaced the old card in this game. There are Midnight Roar, Total Eclipse, Two Become one and Maverick Flare, the card it’s from KH 358/2 Days.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

kingdom hearts 358/2 days movie

  • Actually, I’m hoping this one will get a remake instead of KH Final Mix. But, my expectation already ruined after I heard this game only featuring the cinematic movies from the game (2 hours and 50 minutes and fully voiced).
  • You can also read the entire Roxas diary and see all the enemies model in this game. Hopefully, this game gets a remake soon.

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMIX

This game will feature three Kingdom Hearts game, they are KH II, KH Birth by Sleep, and the last one KH Re Coded. Like the 1.5 version, this one also supported the Trophy features and the remastered music. See below to look all the changes from the game.

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

kingdom hearts 2 hd gameplay

  • SE decided to change all the BGM. Actually, they do not change it, only add some touch to the music, so it feels like a different game from before!
  • The next one is the Gummi Ship mission. For you who like to play the Gummi Ship, this is the greatest chance for you to play it again to unlock the new mission.
  • The secret movie that you can find after you reach the ending credit. The movie leads to KH Birth by Sleep plot.
  • Drive Form will load longer in the game. It seems like a bug, but the developer didn’t care about it.
  • I also noticed the Sephiroth Blade’s sound is changing, it’s like from the FF 7 Crisis Core.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

kingdom hearts bbs

  • The enhanced graphics from the PSP version. All the characters model and environments are more details than before.
  • You can control the camera using the right analog stick. Back then, PSP only has one analog stick. So play this game can become quite disturbing.
  • The music is changed, but only in the specific place.
  • Do you love Mirage Arena and like the multiplayer features? Unfortunately, this version still has the Mirage Arena but the multiplayer feature already gets erased. So, you can only play offline with NPC. The difficulty will become harder than in the PSP version.

Kingdom Hearts Re Coded

kingdom hearts re coded

  • Actually, this one is quite similar to the 358/2 Days. Yeah, it will feature 3 hours HD movie to everyone who can’t enjoy Re Coded.
  • You can also view all the battle scene and character’s report from this game. Thanks to that you can understand fully about the game.

Kingdom Hearts II 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue

This is the new game exclusively for PS 4 and the last HD remake of the game. Like always, it features three games at once. For further information about the game, see the list below.

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

kingdom hearts dream drop distance

  • The remake version of the 3DS game. The first features of course about the graphics enhancement. The quality of the graphics improved significantly. Now, you can see the characters details quite well.
  • The control system has already been revoked. Say good bye to the touch screen features because PS 4 didn’t support the touch feature.
  • New types of Dream Eater appear. Last but not least, the enemies also become calmer than the previous one.

Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth By Sleep- A Fragmentary Passage

kh bbs 0.2 gameplay

  • The short game featuring Aqua as the main character. The story will connect to the Kingdom Hearts III that still in development.
  • The world of this game only features the Cinderella but with the few changes.
  • The double flight and double jump also been added automatically in order to make Aqua flight in the sky and jump really higher.
  • This game also uses the same engine like the Kingdom Hearts III. So, the action of the characters and the graphics are really similar.

Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover

kingdom hearts back cover x

  • Like always it’s a movie that tells new parts of KH history. It also tells a summary of the upcoming game which is Kingdom Hearts III. The length of the movie is one hour.


The statement below all based on my opinion. If you don’t agree with my opinion it’s okay. I just stated what I feel about the game. And I will say honestly about it.

The Verdict About Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8

While Kingdom Hearts III still in development, this game can satisfy you while waiting for the main game comes. I think Square Enix did a great job to make all KH game into one bundle, so every player can enjoy all the story and the game without having to buy the CD in separate ways. This game also connects all mystery that shrouded in KH universe, so, if you’re KH fans, I recommend you play this game right away to know all the answer that you looking for about this series.

The Pros

  • A good idea to combine all KH game into one bundle.
  • Nostalgic with your KH characters.
  • The new challenge that really worth your time to play this game again even though it’s already old.
  • The introduction of KH III mechanism.
  • The remake of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance that previously in 3DS console.

The Cons

  • Unfortunately, KH 358/2 Days and Re Coded only served as the cinematic movie, not a game. I’m sure every fan wants to see this game in HD graphics!
  • Practically, it’s  the same game that features little enhancements. Yeah, after they know the features they will get bored with it.
  • There is no dual audio. Yeah, you will stick to English till the end. If you want to play the Japanese version, you need to buy the Japanese version.

Rating: 8.0

” It seems Square Enix want to please their loyal customer by offering this game to them. Of course, the result is really satisfying for the people who love the game”


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