Final Fantasy is one of the best RPG games ever. The game is available on almost every platform such as game console, PC, and even mobile. And now, the latest version for the mobile platform entitled Final Fantasy Awakening has been released for both Android and iOS. This game is the continuation of the previous version of Final Fantasy Type-0 on PlayStation Portable (PSP). If you have played the game before, you will find some similarities between these two games. So, is it really good to be played? Okay then, let’s check out this Final Fantasy review right away to find it out.

App Details

Developer Square Enix
Release Date 2017
Genre MMOARPG for Mobile
Platform(s) Android and iOS


Final Fantasy Awakening takes place in Orien where you will play with your own created character and try to improve your character’s stats by increasing the level, equipping some items and through rank up. In this game, you can make a team consist of four characters that you can bring to help you in the battle. And you can play in two kinds of modes, the single player, and multiplayer mode.

Single Player Mode

In this mode, you will play through the campaign which has an exciting storyline. Try to clear all the chapters available and find some new characters as you progress. You can add the new character to your team and help you throughout the campaign.

Multiplayer Mode

This mode allows you to play with the other player in a real time PvP battle where you can challenge the others one on one. Also, you can form or join a guild to band together with the other players.

The Differences Between Final Fantasy Awakening and Type-0

As I said before that this game is the continuation of the previous version for PSP, Final Fantasy Type-0. But, are they really the same? So, what are the differences between them? Now, let’s see below.

Online and Offline

The first difference between this two versions is the online mode. In Final Fantasy Awakening, you can play the game with the other players from all over the world because this one is a Massively Multiplayer Online game. But, in the Type-0 version, you cannot do that because there is no online mode in this console game. So, you just can play it alone.

The Main Character

Here, you will make your own character first from some different types of classes before you start the game. You can create your very own character by choosing all the attributes of your character such as the face shape, hair type, hair color and much more.

Final Fantasy Awakening Game Key Features

Outstanding Graphic

When you see this game, you will feel like you are playing a console game on PlayStation or etc. It is because this game uses a full and epic Cinematic Graphic which make the details of this game really awesome. So, although it is just a mobile game, it has an equivalent graphic with the game console.

No More Turn-Based System

As you know, many RPG games on mobile rely on the Turn-Based system. But here, you will not find it anymore because it uses a hack and slash combat system where you can take full control on your character and explore the map to fight the enemies.

Equipped with Some Exciting Skills

There are various skills that you can use during the battle and you can upgrade the skills to increase its power. Each skill has different effects that can help you in the battle. Some new skills also can be unlocked through the game.

Create a Team

This game is quite unique because although it is a hack and slash game, it allows you to form up a team consist of four. The team member can be brought to the battle and also can be equipped with some items to increase their stats like your main character.

Real Time Battle

You can play against the other players in real time battle. You can challenge them through some different PvP modes such as King of Thrones where you can compete in 9 v 9 battle between servers and much more.


Here, you can have a chit-chat with the other players like when you play an MMO game on PC. You can share something about this game or ask for information that you need to know. I think this feature is really useful for a game like this.

Currency Systems

This game uses the Coin and Diamond as the currency systems. The Coin is the freemium one where it can easily be obtained through the game. This thing can be purchased to upgrade the skills of each character and etc. And the Diamond is the premium one where you need to buy it with some of the real money if you want to get it. You can also get it after completing some missions. But, it is not easy to collect it. You can use this one as a trade to get more Coins or Extra Energy which used as the requirement to enter a stage in each chapter.

The Graphic Aspect

As you already know that Final Fantasy has always offered a game with a great graphic quality (except Final Fantasy XV for mobile). So, you don’t have to question this one. This game uses the 3D Cinematic Graphic that I have told before. That’s what makes the graphic looks awesome. The details are also great where the environments look so real and the character’s movement is really smooth. So, you can compare it with the console version.


  • The game has an exciting storyline.
  • Interesting gameplay with a lot of modes available.
  • The graphic quality is really outstanding.
  • Team system is quite new for a hack and slash game.


  • Diamond has more parts than the Coins.
  • Pay to win system can still be felt in this game.
  • The gameplay is kinda repetitive although it has a storyline.

Conclusion and Verdict

Overall, this game is really good especially since it has gained 4,9 out of 5 for its rating on Play Store, just a few day after it was released. So, if you really a fan of Final Fantasy game, you should try this one. Moreover, it can be downloaded for free. And for that reason, I think this game will last for a very long time and more players will join into this game as long as the publisher keep updating the game regularly and bring something new to this game.


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