Just a few days ago, I made a review about Tom Clancy’s The Division Survival DLC. It’s an amazing expansion which gives you a whole new experience playing The Division game. But today, I want to show you some guides you can use to stay alive and complete a Survival match.

Starting Survival Match

Starting Survival Match

To start playing this expansion, first, you must go to Base of Operations and go further to the Terminal Hub. Once you’re in the Hub, you can locate the entrance to Survival DLC besides the High-Value Target NPC. Enter the room and start looking for Survival match. There will option for PVP mode and PVE mode.

>>> PVE Mode

This mode is player versus environment, that means you will play with other players but you can’t kill each other. You only can work together to increase your survivability. I recommend this mode for beginners of this game because you don’t have to worry about other players killing you.

>>> PVP

Now this is the mode only for the hardcore. This mode is the player versus player. Here, you have the option to join forces or kill other agents whenever you meet them in the game. Expect the hardest in PVP because not only you must worry about the environment, but you must also worried for other agents wandering outside.

The Division Survival Guides To Stay Alive and Complete The Mission

– Don’t Go To The Helicopter Crash Site

Most of the guides you found on the internet about this game probably will advise you to go to the chopper crash site. But, I have a different opinion. Getting to the crash site at the beginning of the match is like gambling. You can get to the site as the first player and you can get all the loot like weapons, armors, and consumables. But if you’re unlucky, you won’t get anything because other players have already looted them all out.

Another reason why you don’t need to bother to go to the crash site is that you can increase your chance to die at the beginning of the game. If you’re rushing, you will get reckless and you will get easily being shot by NPCs wandering around the crash site. The best way is that you just free roaming the map and look for loot all over the place.

– Manage Your Temperature

You play as your agent with nothing but a side arm as your weapon. You’re stripped from all your armors that can warm you in the cold weather. Before you go out of the safe house, look for fabric around the place and craft a scarf or hat to have at least one clothes to warm you up. Once you got out of the safe house, there’s an indicator bar that will show you your temperature. The longer you’re outside, the higher your chance to die because of frozen to death.

To combat this, always look out for indoors to take shelter or if you can, find a burning barrel across the map. Have a stop at each fireplace so you can stabilize your temperature and can keep continuing your mission.

– Manage Consumables

Manage Consumables

You will only have 60 minutes lifetime because you’re injured after you crashed from the helicopter and that injury will infect you as the time goes on and will eventually kill you. You can prolong your lifetime with some medicine that you can find with the rest of other consumables

>>> Water

Water is quite beneficial consumables because it allows you to detect items scattered around the map. When you find one, drink it and you can easily detect items for certain amount of times. Once the effect wore off, you must drink again.

>>> Food

Food is very crucial in Survival gameplay, why? Because food will regenerate the hit point you lost in combat with enemies. The trick to locating food is easy, you must look for it in a food market or food stand across the map. Always have food in your inventory because it’s crucial for your survivability.

>>> Medkit

As it’s named, Medkit is used for your health. If you lost almost all segment of your health, use medkit and you can restore all of your health into full. Locate Medkit easily in an abandoned ambulance or in any random box.

>>> Medicine

Medicine is unlike Medkit, it won’t add health to your agent but it will prolong your lifetime from the deadly infection. A good tip for using Medicine is that you don’t use it until you’re reached the Dark Zone.

– Scavenging Weapons and Armors

Scavenging Weapons and Armors

Weapons and armors have the importance as all the consumables. It’s the tool that you used for surviving in the cold surrounded by enemies. If you’re lucky, you can find a loot crate with weapons or armors inside. But, if you can’t find one, you can craft it at the safe house. But first, you need to have weapon parts to craft a weapon. You can find such parts through out loot crates around the place. There are various weapon classes in The Division. They are Normal, Military, Rare, Exotic, High-end. If you want to finish your survival mission, you must at least have the exotics.

All of the classes are different with each other. You can get higher class by crafting the parts for it. All the parts can be easily found in the city. These all go for kind of Armors too.

– Crafting


If you can’t find the equipment that you need, you can craft it. Find the correct part for the items and craft it at the safe house. One critical thing to craft is the Virus Filter. It’s the thing needed to enter Dark Zone. Virus Filter needs some Fabrics and Tools part to be made.

Another thing that must be crafted is Flare Gun. The flare gun is used for calling the extraction at the extraction zone. To craft this gun, you need some Tools and a High-end Division Tech part. The Division Tech part can be earned once you found the antiviral.

– Entering Dark Zone

Entering Dark Zone

When you have already prepared your weapons, armors and Virus Filter, then you must enter the DZ. The Dark Zone entrance will be printed on your map. Expect it to be hard because DZ is the place where strong enemy factions wandering around.

>>> Locating Antiviral

Once you’re entered the Dark Zone, you must proceed to locate your mission objective, the Antiviral. The location of the Antiviral will be shown on your map. Sometimes, the location will be tricky and you must work hard to locate it. But, don’t worry if other agents snatch it because every agent has their own location for the Antiviral.



After you retrieve what is to be your mission, call for an extraction at the designated area. Choose the perfect and safe extraction zone because a hunter will hunt you once you fire the Flare Gun to call the chopper in. I suggest you have extraction at the zone with lots of cover places. I recommend you to extract at DZ02 and locate the extraction above a building. That zone is perfect because it has a lot of coverage zones.

>>> Dealing With The Hunter

Dealing With The Hunter

Now, this is the moment of truth, all your mission depends in this last moment. Once you fire the flare gun, you will attract Hunter, a mysterious enemy that will kill you before you aboard the chopper. Dealing with this guy, won’t be easy, but it’s not impossible.

The first thing you need to prepare before head on with The Hunter is that you must have already prepared your equipment from head to toe. Prepare all weapons and armors and stock a lot of grenades, medkit, and other consumables. The second thing is that when you fire the flare gun, start running to your designated cover. Stay in cover when the Hunter came and start to shoot at you. The Hunter has the ability to jammed all your skills for a couple of seconds. When you’re jammed, just take cover for a while and when the effect wore off, start shooting the Hunter.

I recommend you to use weapons with lots of ammunition like the machine gun because the Hunter is easy to kill if you keep rain him with bullets until he dies. If you attack him only at half of his health points, the Hunter can heal himself with Medkit.

Don’t too rely on turret skills when fighting Hunter because he can hack the turret and it will be used against you. So, deploying a turret will be the last thing you want to do.


So, those are all the guides that you must keep in mind. If you follow my guides and play safe, you can get the mission done. At your first try, maybe it looks so difficult. But, with lots of practice and play smart, you can get to extraction and board the chopper with the Antiviral. In the end, if you manage to complete the Survival mission, you will be awarded Survival Cache. The cache can give you weapons or armors.


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