FE or also known as Fire Emblem is a phenomenal game that released by Nintendo for their beloved console. Yeah, the company didn’t want to release on the other game console besides Nintendo, especially Sony console (Yeah, because they become the rival in the console war). But, in order to make FE game heard by all people around the world, they decided to release the game on the mobile platform, the lucky system that gets this game is Android and iOS. As for Windows phone, it’s unfortunate you can’t enjoy the game on that device.

Fire Emblem Heroes Information

Release Date February 2, 2017
Developer Intelligent System, Nintendo EPD
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Android and iOS (Windows not available)

What Makes this Game Different From the Nintendo Console Version?

It’s an Online Game

When the Fire Emblem on Nintendo console doesn’t have an online feature (Only multiplayer features) Fire Emblem Heroes is a special game that requires an internet connection to play it. If you don’t have any internet connection you can’t play it, it’s different from the console version, you don’t need to connect to the internet in order to play it.

Need an Update Before You Play the Game

If the console version also gets an update, but even though you didn’t update the game you can still the game, it’s different with Fire Emblem Heroes, you need to update the game before you can continue your journey.

Cross-over Between All Fire Emblem Series

The big differences it’s about the character list in this game. FE Heroes features a huge amount of FE characters from past series until the new one. Unlike the console version that online features specific depending on the game title. Of course, FE Heroes will feature more characters in the present if Nintendo releases the new one, the latest one is Fire Emblem Warrior.

Your Characters Still Alive Even Though He/She Already Died

The next differences are about the characters that go to the battle. If the console features dead character can’t be revived anymore, in this game, even though your character died, you can still use it for the upcoming battle.

There Are No Characters Class in this Game

FE Heroes is a simple game that everyone can enjoy. Why? Because you don’t need to change the character class to become stronger, just merge allies is already enough to make your character stronger and level it up to 40 (Max Level). So, forget about the master seal to upgrade your character job (LOL).

Stamina System

It’s a normal thing for mobile phone right now. The stamina system is the limit how many you can enter the stage. You can refill it with the stamina bottle that you can get for free. The console version didn’t have this kind feature which is really handy.

The Features of Fire Emblem Heroes

So, what will you find in this Fire Emblem Heroes game? Before you download the game, you need to find out the features of the game right here right now.

Story Maps

Main Story

story modeFE Heroes features the story mode that divided in Normal, Hard, and lunatic. As for now, You can 12 Chapter of Fire Emblem Heroes story. Each time you clear the stage you will be rewarded with 1 gems.



In this section, you will discover additional story to the stage. You just need to clear three maps in this section. And you can also get gems as the result if you succeed to clear the stage.

Chain Challenge

chain challenge

This is the challenging mode for sure. Why? Because you will play the stage in a row. And the evil one is your characters HP won’t be restored, so, you can’t attack recklessly in this mode.

Squad Assault

squad assault

It’s same like the Chain Challenge, but this one is more devastating. Yeah, each time you complete the map section, you can go to the next section but your one hero will get captured and you need to choose the new one to replace it.

Training Tower

fire emblem heroes arena


The best place to train your character. If you have trouble leveling up your character, this is the best place for all of you to increase your character level quickly. There is tenth stratum that you can try. Of course, the last one is the hardest one and the stamina that is used also increasing.

Voting Gauntlet

voting gauntlet

The next interesting features are about the Voting Gauntlet. Here, you need to choose which faction that you want to belong. After you choose the faction, you will need to clear some map and get the points. In order to win in Voting Gauntlet, the faction must have the highest score. And you can’t use your heroes in Voting Gauntlet, yeah, your heroes will generate randomly.

Arena Duels



In this mode, you will face against the real player that play this game. Aim for the top! that’s the motto of this place. You will earn an interesting reward if you get the points. The reward depends on the point that you get. The higher points of your assets mean better reward will come for you.

Arena Assault

arena assault

The new feature that exclusively for the advanced player. This mode requires multiple heroes and you need to win 7 times in a row. If you lost just once, you will meet the game over screen right away. That’s why you need to think thoroughly how to pass this kind of ordeal.

Special Maps

arena assault

It is no different with story maps, but special maps have a special condition in order to clear it. So, what kind of rules that you should obey in this place? Find it by yourself. You can also get exclusive characters from this special maps ( it means you can’t get the character for the summoning method).

Tempest Trial

tempest trial

You will do a battle in a row to clear the maps. Your allies also won’t restore their HP in the next map, but you can try the easier difficulty if you can’t win it. In the end of the stage, you will get a score and this point is used for exchange the reward. The more points that you get the better reward you can claim.

About the Battle Systems

About the Maps


Your battle stage it’s some kind of map. You can move anywhere you want. There also terrain field that you need to be cautious. Why? For example, you find the enemy standing on the sea, your normal hero can’t reach it without the helping of flying horse or Pegasus. And in the forest area where you can find many trees, it will make a unit that ride horse will become slow down (the unit can only move one space away). There also some obstacles in the map like you need to crush the wall before you can proceed.

About the Battle


The battle is not really different from usual FE series. Before you can attack, you need to move to the closest opponents melee type character can only attack one square only so, when your opponent two square away, you can’t reach it. It’s different from the mage, cleric, and archer. These units can attack from two square away.

Weapon Triangle System

weapon triangle

This game features the weapon triangle system. I’m sure you notice the gray color in some characters, it mean the category of the weapon that character wield is neutral. For further information you can see the picture below how the type of weakness works.

Special Skill

special skill

Your character can unleash the skill if you fulfill the requirements. You need to wait for skill cool down to reach 0 in order to unleash the skill. If you confuse you can see the character portrait and he/she have a number in it, that’s the skill cool down. you can also use the assist skill to make the cool down decrease faster.

Assist Skill

assist skill

An additional skill that supports either on allies and for the character itself. If you can take advantages of this skill, I’m sure you will become the battle God in this game. You can also inherit skill to get the strongest skill for your character.

Weapon Skill

weapon skill

Next one is about weapon skill. This one is an exclusive skill that you can find only in specific characters. Not all characters have it. Of course, the effects it’s really different, that’s why it’s worth the time to collect the unique character that possesses unique weapon.

The Graphics Quality? Is it Worth to See It?

As we know, the quality of FE games not really good. The awesome one is on the 3DS console. But, I think it’s not enough, the 3D design on 3DS console still rough and the details it’s not that great. This game is different, it’s using 2D art style but the quality of graphics really outstanding. The details really perfect. You can see the characters clearly as the sky!

Verdict About the Game

I’m sure this game can pleasure all the FE fans. I’m also as the die hard fans really love this game. If Nintendo keeps this up and always update the game, I’m sure all users will keep coming back to the game.

Final Score: 8.5

“Even though the game is really simple, you will love it very much. Through the simpleness, it can deliver a powerful impact to the users who play it. If you love strategy RPG game and you want the simple one, this is the best game that you can get”


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