Hay Day is a beautiful farming simulator game that everyone would love to play. This game is not only to fill your spare time but also teach you how to take care of a farm. And the game who came from the same developer and publisher as Clash of Clans, Supercell has become one of the most favorite farming games on Play Store and App Store. So, if you want to play this one, you should check out this Hay Day Review.

About the Game

Hay Day is simulation farming game which came from Supercell and was released for iOS platform on June 21, 2012. And for Android platform on November 20, 2013. This mobile game has been downloaded over a hundred million times just on the Play Store. You will need around 90 MB of free space on your mobile device in order to download this game. Actually, the game is free to play, but there will be some in-app purchase that you can buy by using your real money.


You are assigned to look for the vast old ranch in order to take care of the animals such as the chicken, cow, pig, sheep, horse, and still much more. Also, to plant and harvest some crop like the wheat, corn, fruits, vegetables, and etc. to gain you more Coins. Then, you also need to do some task by fulfilling the orders from the villagers and the people from the town.

As you progress, you will need to buy some new animals and buildings in order to improve and get some new products to be sold. You also need to decorate your farm and expand it so you can place more buildings and decorations on your farm.

The Currency System

This game uses the Coins and Diamonds as the main and secondary currency. The Coins is the freemium currency where you can get it along the game by selling goods that you have. It is used to buy more animals, buildings, decorations and everything that can be used on your farm.

The Diamonds is the premium currency where you can only get it from some event or buy it straight from the shop by using your real money. So, this one is harder to be obtained than the Coins. And this currency can be used to buy some exclusive decorations, unlock more space in your production buildings, fasten up your production, and help you to expand your farm.

Hay Day Game Features

I’m sure that you are so curious about all the features that you can find in this game, right? No need to worry because I will tell you the features of this game that will make you play this game for hours.

Take Care, Develop and Decorate Your Farm

In Hay Day, your main job is to take care of your farm and try to develop it into a bigger farm. Here, you can plant some crops, feed the animals and etc in order to make your farm developed. Also, you can decorate it with hundreds of great decorations to make your farm looks more beautiful.

Join a Neighbourhood and Trade Your Products

Because it is a multiplayer online game so you can join in a neighborhood. It is like a guild, clan or something like that. This feature allows you to join with the other players and help the one who needs a help. By joining a neighborhood, you can have a chat with them and trade all the products you have with the others by asking the thing that you need in your neighborhood.

Roadside Shop

In this game, you can also sell the products that you have in the roadside shop which located in the front of your farm. With this feature, you can sell everything that you want to sell and decide the price on your own. Then, just leave it and there will be someone (the other players who play this game) who buys your products.

Fulfill the Order

There will be some orders from the villagers around your village to send them some products from your farm. The orders can be seen on the board in front of the house and you can fulfill all of the order anytime you want. This feature makes this game more lively and like you are doing the real thing.

Go Fishing

Here, you do not only take care of your farm and produce some goods to be sold. You can also catch some fish in the river. This feature allows you to go fishing and catch the fish, shrimp, and duck. But, you need to fix the boat first before you can go to the river.

Build Your Own City

You can also build a city as a recreation place for the villagers. And you have to serve their orders when they visiting your town. But, you also need to fix the train first because without the train the visitors cannot visit your town.


The graphic can be said as one of the greatest strengths in this game. Besides of its exciting and addicting gameplay, this game also supported with an outstanding graphic for a farming simulator game on mobile. Just look at the great details of the environment, the movement of the characters and etc. They are really smooth. And the graphic is still the same when you zoom it in and out.

Pros and Cons

The gameplay is really exciting because there are a lot of things to do in this game The game is kinda repetitive because you will do the same things all the time
A very nice graphic even it is just a simulator game for mobile Take so much time to get a further progress
Has so many features that can make you stay for hours in front of your smartphone Quite hard to collect a lot of Coins and Diamonds
Easy to play where it only takes a minute to understand this game The in-app purchase makes this game is not fit enough for the children

Conclusion and Suggestion

Hay Day is the best simulator farming game until this moment because it offers you a lot of great things inside the game. So, if you want to play a game with this kind of genre, Hay Day should be your first choice. You know why? Because it won’t make you bored easily. As you have read above, there are so many things to do in this game. That’s why I suggest you play this one right away.


Although it has already become an old game because it was released in 2012, there are still many people playing this one. I am one of those people who still play it. And because of that, the publisher still gives a new update for this game. So, I can say that this game will long last since many players still love this game.


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