What Is Bioshock

There ain’t many games out there that offer great story and gameplay. Bioshock is one of the great game which offers you immersion to the story and thrill from the gameplay. Developed and published by 2K Games and released on August 21, 2007, Bioshock is an horror-action first person shooter game. This game is made for many platforms like Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox.



Bioshock is a horror-action game and based on writing titled Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. It tells the story of an underwater utopian city called Rapture, created by a billionaire, philanthropist Andrew Ryan. Ryan is a great business man who owns Ryan Industries. He is a man who came from Russia and fled the country to avoid all the insanity there to build his new life. In his success, Ryan has the great thinking to build an underwater metropolis called Rapture, a city where no politics, religion, or any government hands will intervene the people’s lives inside.

What was once beautiful utopian city, turns into a hell hole because of Adam, a genetic substrate that can give people super powers. In the alternate time, the player, known only by the name of Jack, survived a mid-flight crash in the Atlantic ocean. Jack, who has survived the crash, seek shelter in a lighthouse which that is a gateway to enter Rapture city. Jack accidentally enter a small submarine and enter the city and find out that Rapture is a destroyed city, a sunken ship ready to be obliterated.

Jack, proceed further into the city and a man named Atlas, asking for Jack’s help to get out the city, escape from Andrew Ryan’s tyranny. Without much choice, Jack helps Atlas to get out of the city and try to reveal what’s really happening inside this once wonderful city. And what he found, is full of horror and horrifying truth.



Don’t judge a game by its graphics, judge a game by its awesome story and gameplay. This game was released in 2007, it uses Unreal Engine 2.5, no wonder that this game looks very simple because this game is so old. But, just a few years ago, a remastered edition was released on September 13, 2016.



Bioshock is a first person shooter game that means you can see the horror without any obstruction. What you will have to face in this game is not monsters or ghost, but the people of Rapture. All the inhabitants are turned into a mindless freak called Splicers. They are the people who lost their mind because of Adam, a substrate which caused addiction like drugs. This Adam substrate can give the people power.


ADAM is a substance retrieved from a sea slug. It’s the material that player can trade to purchase Plasmids from vending machines throughout the city. You can retrieve ADAM from Little Sisters.

Little Sisters

Little Sister

Just as what it said, little sister is a little girl who’s controlled by Andrew Ryan to collect ADAM from the remains of people throughout the city. You will encounter some of these girls through the game and you have the option to Harvest or Free them. If you choose to Harvest them, you kill them in the process and you get lots of ADAM. But, if you choose to free them, they will live and you will only get a small amount of ADAM. Every Little Sister will be accompanied with one Big Daddy.

Big Daddy

Big Daddy

When you met your first Little Sister in the gameplay, you will also meet Big Daddy, a giant person inside of an industrial diving suit who guards the Little Sister. Never expect things to be easy when you head to head with Big Daddy. You will unload dozens of ammunition to kill one of this creature.



It’s the substance that can give people amazing super powers. There is lots kind of Plasmids in the game. Those are:

> Electro Bolt

Hurls a strike of thunder bolt to your enemies that will stun and damage them for a while.

> Cyclone Trap

Throw a small hurricane wind to the splicers so you can watch them all wind up against the wind.

> Enrage

Make your enemies enraged but they won’t attack you. Instead, they will attack each other for you because of this.

> Hypnotized Big Daddy

This Plasmid will make a Big Daddy turn to protect you and guard you against any splicers around. This won’t be forever though because it has limitation. When the effect wears off, you still have to take down the big guy.

> Incinerate

The power of fire! These Plasmids allow you to cast out the fire right out of your hand to burn the enemies.

> Insect Swarm

Unload a swarm of insect to splicers around you and you will make them all running around so it will give you time to kill them off.

> Security Bullseye

This will give you the ability to trick the security cameras to turn against the splicers. When they are caught in the camera, it will raise the alarm and send the turret to attack the splicers.

> Sonic Boom

Blast away your enemies with a powerful air burst. Once they are knocked out, you can finish them with a melee attack using the wrench.

> Target Dummy

This plasmid gives you the ability to spawn a dummy target to distract Splicers that attack you.

> Telekinesis

Telekinesis is the ability where you can pull object around you and you can throw it back to the Splicers.

> Winter Blast

Perhaps, this is the “coolest” ability you will ever know. It’s because you can freeze your enemies and while they’re frozen, you shatter them to pieces with a single hit of a melee attack.



They were once proudful citizens of Rapture until the shortage of ADAM in the city drive them all insane and attack each other for this addictive substance. There are different types of Splicers in Bioshock such as:

> Thuggish Splicers

They are the common splicers you will encounter across the story. They are armed with a melee weapon and tend to rush attack you. They are easy to be killed.

> Leadhead Splicers

They’re called leadhead because they will attack you with a hot lead of a bullet. They are armed with pistols or machine gun. They can be troublesome when you don’t know their position because they will keep shooting you without mercy.

> Spider Splicers

This kind of splicer is the one that you will meet at the beginning of the game when you have just arrived in the city. They are called spider because they can crawl up through walls and ceiling. They are armed with hooks and will melee attack you.

> Houdini Splicers

The name Houdini inspires the name of this kind of splicers. The reason is that they can disappear and appear at random place. Fighting this enemy will have you to keep focus and predict where they will appear.

> Nitro Splicers

Expect them to come with a blast. They will throw explosive grenades at you and blow up in seconds. Predict where they will throw the grenade or you can use Telekinesis to throw back the grenade at them, the result will be hilarious.

Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan

He is the antagonist in this game. All you do in Rapture is watched by Ryan and eventually you will have to face him to get to know the truth.

Atlas (Spoiler Warning)

Frank Fontaine

He is the person that you will help throughout the game, but the truth is, Atlas is Frank Fontaine, the person responsible for the fall of Rapture. He is the one that smuggles illegal items to the city and lead rebellion in the city. But in the end, you have to fight with him to end the game.


When we talk about Bioshock, it is always related to the novel Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. It’s an amazing story that adapted so well in the game. Bioshock offers you wonderful story about how once a great city with great visionary falls apart because of an addiction to one substance, ADAM. The atmosphere in the gameplay really gives the thrill of horror but also full of actions. The horror atmosphere really tense when you’re entering the dark hall and hearing Rapture falling apart.


Well, there is probably no con for Bioshock apart from the simple graphics. But this game was released in 2007 and it’s already 2017, that is decades ago, so no wonder the graphics are so different with today. Apart from the graphic, there’s not a really bad thing about this game.


This game is singleplayer, we all know that single player games thrive with its amazing story and gameplay. And in Bioshock, you get that two things. The story is amazing and full of a plot twist. The gameplay full of a combination of horror and action, making it the best single player game ever made if you’re asking me. That’s all for my Bioshock review today, see you on the game friends.


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