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Just a few days ago, I made a review about Tom Clancy’s The Division, an amazing multiplayer RPG shooter game developed and published by Ubisoft. The game tells about a devastated Manhattan because of a virus epidemic that spreads across the island. To tackle the crisis, the government decided to activate the Directive 51, a government act to call out the Homeland Security agents/The Division agents to maintain order in the city and save what remained.

The Survival DLC

Survival DLC

Survival is one of the three DLCs that Ubisoft released for Tom Clancy’s The Division game. All the three DLCs are Underground, Last Stand, and Survival. But, here I will only talk about the Survival DLC.

The Story

An antiviral just finished developed by scientist but that thing is lost inside the Dark Zone of New York City. You will play as the agent of the Division who must go to the Dark Zone and retrieve the crucial antiviral to fight off the deadly Dollar Flu. But, things have never been easy for the agents. Manhattan is on lockdown because of a major snow blizzard and even worse, when the agent is about to get to the Dark Zone, the chopper they ride in got a crash and all the agents are scattered throughout the city. The objectives just got more complicated now. You do not only have to retrieve the antiviral, but you also must survive the freezing-cold blizzard that happening.

How To Start Survival DLC Mode

Well, first of all, make sure you already purchased this DLC from Steam or any other game market. To play this mode, you must have already established the Base of Operations. Once it was established, head to the Terminal Hub down in the basement of the BOO. You will find Survival entrance beside High-Value Target NPC. There’s a room with all radiation suits stuff. Start the match and wait for players to start.


Gameplay Survival

If you have already know how The Division played, then you will quickly understand how this DLC played. Even though, there are few critical differences in how to play Survival mode. Survival DLC is a mode where you will play only one round at a time. There will be two modes to play this, they are PVE and PVP.

PVE Mode

In this mode, you will play with other players but you can’t shoot them when you meet them in the city. In the PVE mode, you can join forces with others so your survivability chance is increased.

PVP Mode

Now this is the mode for the hardcore players. In this mode, you will play with other players and you have the option to join forces with them or you can go rogue and kill other agents for domination.

Starting The Game

You will start Survival with your usual agent but this time, your agent is stripped from all the equipment you have in the normal gameplay. Your agent is “naked” when you start the game because you have just survived the helicopter crash and you will get up in some random building. You will start with no armors and armed only with a side arm.



This mode is all about surviving the cold weather and retrieving the antiviral. There some aspects you need to keep looking at to stay survive and I will explain it all below.

> Temperature Meter

New York City is now in a blazing snow blizzard, cold is your first enemy. Don’t get too long outside because your agent can freeze to death. To stabilize your temperature, you must locate “hotspot” throughout the city. Find a bonfire or if you see an empty barrel, you can light it up with fire and you can warm yourself. Even better, if you can find the indoor entrance, get in there and stabilize your temperature. If you want to have more endurance in the cold, you need to find some clothes.

> Consumables

Your agent will also need to eat consumables like food, drinks, and medicine. You need food to replenish your health if you’re damaged. You need drinks too easily locate things around your agents. And you need medicine to suspend the infection level in your wound when you’re crushed from the helicopter. I forgot to mention that you only have about an hour to complete the mission before your infection spread and kill you instantly.

> Scavenging Weapons and Armors

Even though the city is in a stormy blizzard, expect the worse. There will be some enemy factions wandering around which can kill you. To combat all the bad guys, you need to locate yourself some guns and armors just like you do in the regular gameplay.

> Crafting

One of the most important in Tom Clancy’s The Division Survival mode is to craft stuff. Crafting stuff can be done in the crafting station which you can find in every safe house throughout the city. Craft stuff like armors, clothes, weapons, and much more other stuff.

Retrieving The Antiviral

Retrieving Antiviral

Once your agent already survives the early game and you’re already prepared from head to toe, you’re now must retrieve the antiviral. The Antiviral will be located in the Dark Zone, but before you enter DZ, you need to craft filtered mask so you’re not get contaminated.

Entering the Dark Zone, you can see on your map the location for the antiviral. Locate it and retrieve it. After you have done all that, you must call for extraction in the designated place on your map. To call for the extraction, you need flare gun which you can craft in the craft station.



Once get the antiviral in your possession, get to the extraction, call the chopper and wait for it. But, never expect it to be easy because there will be one fearsome Hunter. The Hunter is a mysterious faction that only appears in Survival DLC. This mysterious AI will try to stop you before you extract with the antiviral. Kill the hunter before the helicopter land to extract you.


Well, those are the things you will get from the Survival DLC. I think it’s a pretty good DLC. Lots of new content were added to the game and it gives you the intense feeling when you survive in the cold world of Manhattan. It really depicts the realism of survival. I rate it 9/10 for all the intense feeling I got from the gameplay.


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