Seven Knights is a turn-based strategy game for mobile which came from the South Korean giant of game developer and publisher Netmarblie on October 14, 2015. This publisher is known for their works in creating a lot of great games such as Grandchase, Marvel Future Fight, SD Gundam Capsule Fighter, the once phenomenon LINE’s Get Rich, and the number 1 game in Korea, Seven Knights for Kakao (the Korean server of Seven Knights). This game has gained so many player’s attention since its first release, especially the fans of a game with this kind of genre because the game is so interesting and exciting to play. And today, I will give more information about this game in Seven Knights review.


Seven Knights is a 3D hero-collecting RPG game where you will join Evan and Karin in an adventure to save the world of Aisha and Asgar from destruction. You can collect more than 500 heroes with unique special abilities and make a great team consist of five where you can power up and rank them up to be a better hero. And you can bring your team into some different mode which available in this game such as Adventure, Castle Rush, Raid, Arena, and much more.

Here, the game will run automatically where the hero will launch their basic attack without any command. But, you can manage which skills of your heroes that you want to use first. Or you can let the computer do it for you by activating the Auto Skills. So, all of your heroes will do everything without waiting for your command.

Seven Knights also featured with a lot of equipment that you can get through the game. The equipment like weapon, armor, jewel, and accessory are used to increase your heroes’ stats. And you also need to rank them up by using the elements to increase their rank and raise their stats. So, it is your duty to make all your heroes become stronger by equipping them with good equipment.

Types of the Elements

Earth Element Defensive Hero Type
Light Element Support Hero Type
Water Element Magic Hero Type
Dark Element Universal Hero Type
Fire Element Offensive Hero Type


This game uses three types of currencies, they are Gold, Rubies, and Topaz. The Gold is used to upgrade your heroes or items and you can get it from many ways in this game. Then, there is the Rubies and Topaz which are the premium currencies. The Rubies are used to buy some new costume or summon the hero from the summoning shop. And the Topaz is used to buy the costume as well because you will need both the Rubies and Topaz to buy it. Then, it can also use to remove the equipment on your hero. But, these two currencies are not easy to obtain although you can get it from the game.

Game Modes

As I mentioned above, there are so many modes in this game. So, you won’t get bored so easily while playing it. And below here are the modes that you have to know.


This is the first mode that you will play when you follow the tutorial. In this mode, you have to clear all the chapters available. Each chapter consists of 10 up to 20 stages (depends on the chapter). You will fight against some enemies and gain some Gold, item, or even a hero from there.

Celestial Tower

This one is where you gain some nice and useful reward that you can use for your heroes. Here, you have to fight the enemies on each floor and try to beat them to go to the next floor. The difficulty of each floor will be different because the higher the floor that you reach, the harder the enemies that you will face. Besides, you can also collect free Gold from the Gold Mine which also located in this mode.


Wanna fight a dragon? This is the right place to do that. Here, you will have to bring your team to fight the mighty dragon. The goal is to defeat him and get its horn and scale which can be used to craft some item. You can bring up to two teams in a single raid. Your progress will be saved if your heroes are not able to kill the dragon. So, you just need to play it again until the dragon really dies.

Castle Rush

It is the mode where you cannot kill your enemy because you will face one of the Seven Knights members on each day. And your goal is to try to get the highest score. Of course, there will be some reward after you do that, but, you need to join a Guild first or you cannot play this mode.


This is the mode where you can test your heroes might because you will fight against the other active players’ heroes. In this mode, the process will run automatically so you cannot do anything except watch your heroes battle. And there is the league which will place you depends on the trophies you have. Each time you win, you get some trophy. Then, each league will give you a number of Rubies and Topaz every Saturday.

The Requirement of Trophy to Enter a League

Bronze 1100+
Silver 1400+
Gold 1700+
Platinum 2000+
Diamond 2400+
Crystal 3000+
Challenger 3600+
Master 4300+
Legend 5000+
Champion 5500+

Special Dungeon

A mode to get the element to rank up your heroes. You can get it every day and each day you will get a different type of element. But, on Saturday and Sunday, you will get an item and tons of Gold respectively as the reward. And you will also get the Awakening Shard to Awaken your hero after you clear the daily dungeon.

Guild War

Guild War is similar to Castle Rush where you cannot participate it if you still don’t have a guild. This mode allows you to team up with the other members of your clan to fight the other clan. Two chances are available for you to attack the enemies and try to get three stars. Then, it will be accumulated with the stars that your comrade have gathered.

Tower of Abyss

Tower of Abyss is almost similar to Celestial Tower. Here, you are tasked to defeat the enemies on each floor to collect the Star Point. This Point then can be traded for some useful items such as weapon or accessory.

World Boss

You will fight against the boss for a week and collect the World Boss Point to be traded with Boos Jewel or Boss Item. There are four bosses available for each week start from Storm Wing, Iron Devour, Gu Mo Ong, and Dark Crown Prince. Each of them has different abilities and difficulty depends on what kind of heroes that you have.

The Other Features

Below here are the other supporting features that you can find in this game. The existence of these features makes this game more exciting. So, what are the other feature that I meant about?

Awakening Hero

This feature allows you to awakened your heroes. It means that you can make your hero go through to the next level. By awakening your hero, you can make them reach the level 46 and of course, it will increase their stats massively. But, you need to have and use the shards that you have collected from the special dungeon to do this.

Awakening Item

Awakening item is just the same with the awakening hero actually. But, this one is for the item such as weapon, armor, jewel, and accessory. By doing this, the ability of your item will increase as well. And you also need the awakening shards before you can awaken your item.


Pets can be added to your team to increase your team’s buff. Some of the pets can give you additional health. Some of them can give you an increased damage and etc. So, they are really useful to make your team better. Amazingly, they cannot recieve any damage and won’t die during the battle.


This game uses the animated graphic with a colorful and sharp color. Also, it is supported with the great details on the heroes, monsters, environments, and the effects when launching an attack or skill. So, the graphic is really outstanding.

Pros and Cons

There are so many stages to clear The game is just repeating the same things
Hundreds of heroes available Automatic combat system reduce the player involvement in a combat
Great animated graphic Takes so much time because the existence of so many modes
Has an interesting storyline There is an involvement of money inside the game to buy the currencies


There are some good and bad things for each game although not every good game can be so good enough and vice versa. But, Seven Knights is a really good RPG game because it offers you with a lot of things to do and various heroes that you can collect and build. This game is worth to be played especially because you can download it from your Android or iOS device for free.


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